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  1. if the Paris footage is ever found i just hope its not edited by nathan rissman and danny tull - they serioulsy need to go back to the drawing board with their headache inducing editing - they ruined the last release for me :((
  2. WTF ? is this her new single then ? did i miss something ??
  3. Both iconic and masterpieces(Long gone golden age of her music video peak :(( ) Rain clinches it because i prefer the song more to BS xx If i was to do a time capsule of her 20 best music videos these would both be in it
  4. I think this is the holy grail of Madonna releases ? the Paris footage however is apparently lost and probably sitting in a warehouse marked as "Exorcist II" and will therefore never be opened :(( I don't see why we cant have the RIT Paris show on blu ray ?I dont believe the theory that only certain songs were filmed due to "changing the reels !?? " That footage is only 13 years old and must still be somewhere easily accessible in her archives plus the real HD version of the confessions tour - but we all know they wont ever be released until she croaks it ? she needs some back up projects to generate money for her kids once she is gone - its a shame Prince didnt have any kids as they will be millionaires judging by the stuff thats going to be coming out
  5. The duet didnt happen for a reason so i'm glad its just a "nearly happened" song - to me they will always be the king and queen of pop despite the fact they are very different personality wise ? I think hes a better singer than M but i think M has evolved way more visually and musically - look at her shows compared to his ? what always bugged me about MJ was that he repeated himself a lot ? he always sang thriller, billie jean, beat it, smooth criminal the same on every tour ? I miss him terribly though(nearly as much as i miss Prince) To me when an artist has that legendary status they dont need to duet ? they were too big to collaborate on a song - the Prince duet to me was also a failure for the same reason. Im not a fan of any of M's duets except the ricky martin one but thats mainly because i love orbits gorgeous production - i hated the britney and justin duets :((
  6. that remix is epic - i wish we had a cd/wav digital version of that ? it starts to distort towards the end but nevertheless a great remix - the best remix since stuart prices jump extended album version - i love it when they remix the album versions with instrumentals )
  7. Watch her opening scene in whos that girl film(where shes sitting in the chair at her parole hearing) its so big it nearly falls off her upper lip !!
  8. I admit it’s a bit sneaky but if you guys love madonna so much then you will pay the £30 for it from import - how many other Madonna blu rays will you buy this year ? It’s not like she recognises the format and puts one out every month 🙄
  9. Anything by Herb Ritts especially from the TB,WTG & LAP eras - i also like Mondino's shoot for the face magazine 2000(Music album)
  10. Sorry but why would i make this up ? i dont care for Pink anyway ? I cant find the video but call me a liar if you want then - who cares ??
  11. I remember a few years ago she was talking not very nice about her though - i think her words were " I think im more talented than Madonna - But Madonna is a good business woman" - i guess shes changed her opinion of her then ?
  12. and lets not forget the terribly bad 5.1 mix which a lot of people dont seem to have made a lot of noise about ? unless you guys dont have home theatres 5.1 or higher set ups ?? no vocals from the centre speaker but spread over the 2 front speakers ?? wtf ?? did Kevin Antunes fall asleep when he did the 5.1 mix on this ? just shocking for a blu-ray release !!
  13. Sorry but this is one of those releases that i tend to look for the skip button on my remote - i love the take a bow bonus and even TOAC does make me chuckle - as for the show i still hate the editing(namely on iconic mostly) but my biggest gripe is how poor the interludes and some of the song choices(holy water, BIM, CS, ) but that being said im glad we at least have a document of this tour especially when other artists that i love don't even release their tours anymore on home video(Gaga, janet, Prince) And without sounding like a broken record im still chessed off that we didnt get the iconic backdrop as im desperate to see that in full too - especially the scene where she is surrounded by the Marilyn clones )
  14. Bet your mum loved that then ? Lol
  15. i dont think I Want You(Despite the nice music video) would have been a hit commercially as it was a very slow and moody song ? The right choice was "You'll See" and im glad she stuck with that - i dont think One more chance should have been a single either as its a very weak song imo but hey ho we are talking 20 years ago now As for LDLHA i like the video remix a lot more than both the album and STR version but i dont understand why she cut it from the Blu-ray and i suppose we will never know now ? :(( My only thought it she didnt like her vocal but surely she could have re-sung it in post production ??
  16. I think as hardcore fans and fans like me who have been for 30 years we are going to be picky ? That's what makes us fans ? she is never going to please everyone but just because people make comments doenst mean they dont have the right to ? this is after all a forum for OUR opinions ? Its not going to stop us being fans at the end of the day - to me this tour wasnt perfect and not perfect by a long shot but im still grateful she has the energy to do them and at least we have a document of the tour unlike other artists who dont even seem to release concerts on blu-ray any more(Gaga, Prince ,Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson are in my list on that one)
  17. I'm very much waiting for the full backdrop to leak(I'm still pissed it hasn't been included on the blu-ray - would much rather have that the other extras on it :( ) I did get my japan blu-ray today and i quite like TAB as an extra even if its only 4 minutes long and i did laugh watching the backing singer mouthing Babyfaces back vocals ?? wtf ???
  18. Of course all the media are saying this album is a flop after selling 4,000 copies ? Like it was ever going to sell like Adeles album ??
  19. Finally got the blu-ray and cd today haven't listed to the cd but here are my thoughts on the blu-ray which i watched in full (feel free to rape my answers !!) the good - deeper and deeper, rebel heart, la vie en rose, unapologetic bitch - the menu - i enjoyed toac but felt it was way too much cut down and like the mdna tour it was too grainy ? fuck knows why ?? the bad- why has no-one mentioned how terrible the 5.1 dts-hd master audio is ??? there was no sound from the centre channel ? no music - no vocals ??? wtf M ??? it also sounded way too much right channel front and right ??? the worst 5.1 mix i have ever heard ? her vocals should be isolated to the centre channel surely ?? i still hate most of the editing especially in iconic ? i was literally looking away - i dont why she uses this slow, fast quick cutting Michael Bay school of editing to me the songs just dont flow very well - it didnt really start for me until deeper kicked in ? messiah - definitely the worst part of the show - completely uninspiring - it could have been any song but why choose that ? the sex interlude was also terrible ? she really dropped the ball on the interludes on this tour - nuns ? again she has done this before i jsut feel the show lacked any real flow and theatricality - its no Confessions and certainly pales in comparison to BA and the GS Live ?? again and i have said this many times ? why does she have back up singers and a drummer when we never hear them ? to me its too much backing tracks again and too much focus on this and not the live sound - thats why i loved la vie de rose - it was just her singing with a musical instrument - no backing tracks - it was nice to have a pure live sound im sure lots of you will disagree but being a fan for 30 years i just think the show overall was a big letdown and i just feel shes run out of ideas now which is a shame as her tours have been great up until Confessions but have declined in quality when she dropped Stuart price - im not a fan of kevin Antunes at all - sorry :(((
  20. Well its certainly been edited well but its from an amalgamation of different dates so to me its not a true performance ? For me the best version of LAP is still the truth or dare version - nothing tops the dancing an intensity of that performance
  21. I ordered 2 copies of the japan blu-ray so ill be selling a copy on ebay as soon as i get it )
  22. Exactly my point earlier and who is generally a bigger artist out of the 2 ? Its not hard for M to include some kind of backdrop instead of having to pay greedy collectors for them instead ? im still waiting for a HQ of the RIT Bedtime Story backdrop(one of her best videos this side of the millenium) but i guess its dead and buried with the RIT Paris show
  23. So im the only person pissed that yet again we got no full backdrops on yet another shoddy home video release ? I dunno why people have the horn for TOAC as it was a pretty low point for her anyway and her voice was pretty wank too so im not surprised we are only getting 15 mnutes of it ?
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