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  1. I think we need to forget the abortion that was celebration - maybe M just didn’t care as she was on tour when it was put together ? ??
  2. She can do what the fuck she wants - she isn’t driving the car so who cares ? All I care about it the first reissue announcement ?
  3. I know - imagine the pages of bitching when they announce just the artwork ??
  4. Sad that all her tours post confessions were not great throughout but that’s just my opinion - I blame Kevin Antunes ?
  5. I’m assuming money wise she isn’t worried about music sales - let’s face it she has enough dosh now never needing to work so these re-issues will just top up what she has already . I imagine the deal she brokered with Warner’s has also been paid in advance and it’s just a matter or royalties now from the eventual physical releases and streaming . The only issue now is how they will be promoted to not just hard core fans but casual ones - I know Prince purple rain reissue sold a lot ( I think it even made the top 10 of the billboard 200) which is pretty good going when you think about it ? It would just be nice to have some kind of update i think .. anything ?
  6. What is happening with this 50 #1s - she’s gone very quiet on it ? Maybe it’s been shelved ?
  7. Yeah people have such great taste in music now don’t they ? What’s the most watched video on YouTube? Baby shark or something ?
  8. StilL no news then on the first release from Warner’s - that’s all I care about now and not her face ….
  9. Let’s hope not or maybe there are demos with no vocoders on would be nice ? ?
  10. its still quite staggering how quiet M and her team at warners have been so quiet on these since last August - i really hope the wait is worth it ... she has time to make 3 minute videos for crappy trap remixes but cant review give us anything else ??
  11. Can we just move on from this remix please and focus on the upcoming releases even though we have no fucking news yet ?
  12. It’s a shame this meaningless chart us the only one she can chart on now seeing at its only based on DJs etc
  13. The DJ probably thought you were stupid to suggest such a shite song ?
  14. Hopefully a billboard hot 100 entry and U.K. top 40 then maybe ? ?
  15. Does this site still allow people to dump all their fan made crap in it ? That’s something I won’t miss when this forum closes but I will miss everything else ?
  16. If she puts as much effort into the reissues as much as she has this then I’m worried for the box sets- if we ever get on the track of them instead of these lame 2 minute remixes ?
  17. Yes and 19 years later it’s still shit - one of her worst songs and albums ?
  18. Thank you - it’s like we can’t criticise anything anymore - are we a woke forum now ? ?
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