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  1. How definite is Rescue Me then ? its like one of my favourite M songs - i have never heard her mention the song- there was no video and it seems too obscure for an interlude ? Is it definitely in the setlist ? )
  2. I cant believe she's doing Who's That Girl - if it turns out Rescue Me is in the set list aswell i might have to actually go and see this tour - those are my 2 favourite songs from her heyday ) I just hope we will get more live sounds this time and not those awful backing tracks ? And also why does she have the backup singers on stage ? you never hear them ? You hear them quite clearly on the vt, wtg, ba and girlie show tours ?
  3. Lets hope its not Kevin Antunes using his shit backing tracks though ? I want live musicians please M ???
  4. I find it ironic that she complains about ageism and yet she seems to only associate herself in dating and socialising with young people ? Is that not ageist then ??
  5. Unreleased stuff ?? Wow !! Plus he must have my most wanted instrumental - Rescue Me too ? ) Great article
  6. Can someone explain to me how she can get to number 1 on the dance charts and not even make a dent on the Hot 100 ?? It just baffles me ?
  7. -What do you think of this album as a whole? A lot of what's been said already - its an unusual mix of amazing plus mediocre songs(I think Rebel Heart is also suffering from this now after a few more listens) I think the fact that it was rushed also shows a lot too- Superstar was the worst song on the album. -Which songs clearly stand out, 3 years later? Falling Free and Some Girls(I loved Orbits 9 minute soundcloud mix the most though and was disappointed it didnt get a better quality version released) I still think Falling Free is one of her best ballads -its up there with Drowned World, Live To Tell, You'll See and Rain as her best vocal takes i think - the instrumental is heaven to listen to- its a song i never get tired of listening too which is a real testament to a wonderful timeless song - utterley gorgeous production imo -Has your opinion changed over the course of 3 years? No i still think the same -What do you think of the promo/singles choices/aesthetic? Worst single releases and videos of her entire career - embarrassing to watch especially tutr and ggw with the awful dancers - i did love the kid capri remix of Masterpiece though ) -What did you like, or dislike, about the MDNA Tour? Very rarely watch the blu-ray of this show due to the over editing - mostly feels like watching a music video and not a live show- cant stand the backing tracks she uses now and no real proper musicians or singers either - seems to still be using them on the Rebel Heart promo tour so not a good sign for the upcoming tour which i cant afford to get tickets for- overall it was a disappointing tour - didnt flow very well - the nkm backdrop was stunning - jml was cringey to watch though but i love the remix used and love spent was pretty cool - hung up was low point of the show
  8. Why bother with any singles at all now ?- they wont get played by radio as she is not "Cool" enough for all those teenagers who would rather listen to Taylor Swift or Bruno Mars - The album is already tanking after a week - i was so excited for this era but i think its gonna be a dud just like the MDNA era - i hate to say this and being a fan for nearly 30 years i think she's finished now and will just rip us off with expensive concert tickets and not bother with any new music -i live in the UK and she is charging nearly £200 each ??? i would love it if she released her old albums remastered with unreleased tracks and finally give us ba, rit, vt dvds or blu-rays and just call it a day - if BIM gets released as a single(Her worst song ever) it will be fitting last single for her :(((((
  9. I would choose Arioso Time Stood Still Like A Flower Be Careful Ghosttown Paradise Love Spent(Acoustic) Joan Of Arc(Acoustic) Heaven The Power Of Goodbye Forbidden Love(Confessions) Falling Free No Substitute For Love If You Forget Me Masterpiece
  10. I live in the UK and im pretty devastated she only achieved number 2 :(( it was like when Beautiful Stranger and Ray Of Light only reached No.2 in the singles chart - i was pissed because they should have been No.1 guaranteed - i think the UK have not been supportive of her at all the last few years - im pretty sure that Ghosttown will be ignored too no matter how good the video is - i mean to open up behind Sam Smith is pretty embarrasing - his album has been out for ages now so who is still buying it ? Very depressed fan right now :(( I'm not sure how she is doing in the US but im sure that will be another disappointment - i heard she was competing with a TV show soundtrack ????
  11. Did anybody notice the Maverick Logo on the Cds ? Havent seen that on her CDs for a really long time ? I thought Maverick had actually folded ? Or was bought by Warner Bros ?
  12. I dont think its just teens who buy songs ? And i think its safe to say the album will sell the most in its first week - no.1 im sure in US and UK and then it will drop the next week ? She doesnt seem to have that staying power in the charts like she used to - i would love Ghosttown to be a massive No.1 single as i think its amazing and im so happy shes gonna release a ballad for a single too - Its been too long - I think its her best Ballad since Youll See ) But sadly as shes not singles seller it will be missed which is a real shame
  13. I live in the UK and im kind of shocked how her popularity has dropped in the last few years especially her chart positions since 2009 ? I guess living for love will drop out of the top 40 today after its disappointing number 26 entry last week :(((
  14. Sorry but the intro to Ghosttown sounds more like Live To Tell to me ?? Love both songs though )
  15. Still pisses me off to this day that she never did a video for Rescue Me -its one of my favourite tracks ever - i know it was used on japan commercial where she is riding an elephant - bizarre though -
  16. Really surprised no one has mentioned Joan Of Arc ???? Fucking gorgeous song - man those back vocals gave it so much more love and i love her vocal on it - to me this and Ghosttown are the best songs on this album just like Falling Free and Some Girls were my 2 favourites from MDNA To me the most disappointing thing about this album is its too much r 'n' b sound again which i still dont think suits her ? Electronic and pop is her sound and i think the production was really missing something on a lot of tracks too - the song writing was better than MDNA i thought though but this album sonically is not as good as Ray Of Light or Music but its definitely gonna be a grower Iconic i cant decide if its been destroyed or elevated ?- i hate rap music but i actually like the rap on this - its just the beat part that speeds up in it sounds terrible and cheap ?
  17. Im excited for Grammys and Brits - i just hope we are getting some decent videos for this era not the shite we got for MDNA - we need stylish ones not rushed ones where she is hanging off teenagers and wearing next to no clothes :((
  18. I wish for just one week she would allow fans access to all her audio and video archives and we could purchase files from it ? She would make an absolute fortune ? I would go straight for the unreleased tracks like Warning Signs,Love Attack, First Is A Kiss then move onto the instrumentals like Rescue Me, Like A Prayer, Spotlight - ths would surely stop all these collectors from selling files at high prices ?
  19. Great article - You missed off True Blue as a relevant album i think though ? It produced her highest charting singles of her entire career plus includes one of her most iconic videos Open Your Heart. To this day i still think that album has stood the test of time - songs like La Isla Bonita, Papa Dont Preach, Open Your Heart and Live To Tell(I still think Ghostown is very similar to Live To Tell especially that haunting intro) are still widely played on the radio. As for this being her year ?? That's debatable(1990 is still for me her most memorable year) - one thing that seems to let her down over the last 10 years and im not just talking about the music(The music IS still good) - IMAGE !! She needs to fire her stylist and start dressing more glamourous, she shouldnt be wearing leotards and skimpy outfits and trying to hang off young people as if they are gods or something. Also for the tour which im sure will be soon please bring back proper live music and no more backing tracks please ? We want the live drums, guitars just like we used to get on the vt, wtg, ba and girlie show tours. Too many concerts now have lost that "Live" sound imo. Looking forward to the Grammys and the Living For Love video too- hope shes going to put some better effort into the videos this time too - long may she reign too
  20. Whats the 25th Blond Ambition tour anniversary showing? is this finally coming to dvd then ? )
  21. I loved this song as soon as i heard it - i think people criticise it just because its a cover of an iconic song(nothing to do with Madonna or her voice imo) - i love orbits production on it too and was so happy he leaked the instrumental this year as it completes the music instrumentals too - i even personally asked him to leak it via his facebook page so it must have done some good )- i always loved the richard humpty vission radio mix too plus the remix videos were great with all that extra footage that wasnt included in the standard video.
  22. Great videos but come on gmayl ?? Jesus that was terrible :(( i was always pissed she never did a video to one of my favourite tracks ever - Rescue Me :(((
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