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  1. Her voice is tired, even in interview she sounded bit ill... it was dark performance to dark for the occasion. And I still think her Ray of light with Kravitz on VMAS was much much worse than this.
  2. they say she will say something tonight from the green room in second semi-final, true?
  3. Adrian

    There's the third one for Holiday, you're missing there....also all three available as 3" cd
  4. Adrian

    I never liked stadiums or big arenas, they look great on tv but if you are really there (not in the front row, not in the fan pit, not in tha VIP section but waaaaay behing) it's very dissapointing - you hardly see anything and let's face it she is more visual artist than vocal genius. I belive in this theater tour, I think it's gonna be one of her best shows ever. It's gonna be MADAME X MUSICAL. It will be great if there will be NO screens, backdrops and other distracting visual elements. Just her, dancers, lots of costumes and great scenery (remember Blond Ambition or Girlie Show) now that would be on point, at least for me.
  5. I remember from 2003 til now, reading fans discus new material, with every album same story over and over. Everyone "hates" it but then it "grows on them" they buy all CD and vinyl versions of them and some follow her 30 dates on tour even they do dislike her music for the tour... I still remember drama when she went on STicky and Sweet tour and one of the biggest fans in the forum wanted to return tickets because he disliked all the mash-ups she has done to songs for the show (listening clips on youtube) - so it happens all over again. Let her do her thing. Time will show if is art or crap. I think we should be grateful she is still ALIVE and makes new music, goes on tour. She can play safe and try to please "most" but we don't love her because of that nor she would be what she is.
  6. Adrian

    Rescue me works great with Like a Prayer as a mashup... just saying
  7. Adrian

    Rehearsal pictures look amazing
  8. Adrian

    So I got nostalgic other night and I watched my childhood favorite Superman III movie, and then I saw this character... and I began to laugh... lol
  9. Madonna does not need haters, she has enough fans to do that... just saying
  10. So this is her as a CHA CHA INSTRUCTOR.... remember how many other personas would be on this record! There's always drama with Madonna fans, everyone likes different Madonna...some like her 80's, some like Dita, some dancing queen, some political Madonna or provacative. So it's always hard to please all Madonna fan. If Madonna fans were more supportive this time (but they aren't) she could go very far with this release. It's a hit potencial radio friendly and youngsters could actually like it. But have to bitch about it and make nasty "honest" opinion on her youtube channel about it. Because you are so smart and you "know" things. Relax, enjoy... If she releases songs that are dark or "complex" as a first single it will only "awwwws" few of you here bitching around... what's with the rest of the world?! This is great tune to release in these dark times world has come. p.s. 4 minutes was also a drama, most of you hated Justin and made version with him cutted out from the song... there are still a few "versions# in the audio section.... so don't get me started there BE SUPPORTIVE!
  11. naked with only few glitter X on her titts ass and crotch
  12. Adrian

  13. Adrian

    Most of her fans are in their late 30s or 40s even. These are the people that don't stream, don't download but actually buy cds, vinyl etc. These are people that would "download" video from this forum or youtube and watch it over and over on their TV set, they will not watch it on youtube over and over and over on their cellphone etc. Only way she can TOP the charts is with duets with some current big thing like Tylor Swift or other artist with zillion views on youtube that has very very young audience that streams it over and over and over. Has nothing to do with her age or quality of music. Her fans are "older" face it.
  14. Adrian

    why do you even think Beautiful Game will be a single or part of the new album? I belive she will include it as BONUS on some Thai release or something. It's "old".
  15. Adrian

    Well best PR thing for Madonna would be to premiere the new song on Eurovision. And that same night new album is available on itunes!