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  1. Adrian

    Where's the light? Like a prayer? And how cheerleeding, vouging and nipple showing has to do with a storyline of the guns in the beginnig. Just because she said it doesn't make it right. It would have sense if in the end of the first segment the story ends somehow with "light" - sorry but other segments are not connected to anything but are what they are, stories and segments on its own.
  2. Adrian

    She also did music with other producers that did not went all that great. So what was her input there if she's so involved? Why it didn't work there?
  3. Adrian

    Not literal in a song but the only thing I saw live on MDNA tour from Revolver to Papa don't preach was violence and guns. So it was very literal.
  4. Adrian

    That's true. And that was what I said. I said its her vision. Not her art only but work of many other people around her as well.
  5. Adrian

    well because it's stupid same as your definition of art.
  6. Adrian

    It's not her art. Its her vision maybe, but 100 people are involved to make this "art" happen. That was what I meant.
  7. Adrian

    Haha ok then when someone said Britney and Ariana are pure ART this is actually true by your definition? lol
  8. Adrian

    I'm saying she did not created it only by herself. I never said it's bad what she does. Or that I disliked her latest album or video(s) that most of you did. I think it's amazing. Just she's not the only one to get credit for all this.
  9. Adrian

    I speak about who exactly? None of the "popstars" are "art" - it's all industry
  10. Adrian

    She is a popstar with lots of money that take lots of talented people around herself to be "inspired" (or to get ideas from them). She's not real musician or producer, she says to producers "what she likes or not" that's not production, lol. Same with styling, staging, choreography... etc. Maybe she has ideas, but other people are there to make it work. For me she is just an actress in her music videos. It's all great but it's not HER ART. Period. It's her vision. p.s. nothing in pop music is ART its pop, it is industry, art has nothing to do with milions of fans and views or whatever.
  11. Adrian

    You missed my point here, I just think it's more calculated to get attention. Plus, there's one thing when you are the ONLY artist than having 100 people and you are just the main star in the movie. Just saying. She didn't produced her music, Mirwais did. She didin't direct or made a script for this video Jonas and his team did. I don't say she did nothig, but she did not create all this by herself so I cannot consider this to be "her art". It's not.
  12. Adrian

    It's a great video. Intresting tho how on MDNA she sings "bang bang shot you dead, shot your lover in a head"... and now is against guns, lol. Somehow I don't buy her thing 100% here. It's her art, it's great but she is still a popstar who wants to get some attention. If not with music and number of streams and views then on things she was "intresting" in the past. It's kinda calculated.
  13. Adrian

    If it includes Bad Girl, Fever, Rain, Rescue me....Physical Attraction... I'm good :))
  14. Adrian

    just found a site where most of them are, but there no official way to buy them right?ín/medellin-djlw-and-john-christian-remix/1167854/68695
  15. I' m very confused on official versions, edits and remixes from Madame X, so if it is posible to put all official remixes, Cd promo infos here? No music - only infos, and cd promotional pics, scans....if any. Thanx!