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  1. madmadmadgefan

    Wagon Train - S03E27 The Jonas Murdock Story. Original air date: 04-13-1960 Beats anything else on the Major Networks. LOL.
  2. madmadmadgefan

    Oh Yes. Laramie, Cheyene, Bonanza, Have Gun Will Travel, Gunsmoke, Daniel Boone, Wild Wild West, Rifle Man, High Chaperell. I could go on and on with the Westerns. I still watch all those, plus others on these channels: METV. The Western Chanel. ScreenPix Westerns. Inspire TV. I honestly rarely watch any of the Main Stream TV channels anymore. There is just not much on them that is worth watching to be honest. If you have H&I TV? Check it out as well. Lots of older TV Shows on there.
  3. madmadmadgefan

    Yup. She's half way there already.
  4. madmadmadgefan

    I was going to say that one. The Last Star Fighter D.A.Y.R.L Paul Blart Mall Cop Glitter (I know, it was not very good. But I kind of liked it). Honey Mean Girls (The First One) The Last Song (Miley Cyrus) So Undercover (Miley Cyrus) Hannah Montana The Movie (Miley Cyrus) 13 Going on 30 (2004) 16 Wishes Bad Hair Day (2015) Bring It On Beauty & the Briefcase (2010) (Hilary Duff) Confessions of a Shopaholic I'll Stop there. Otherwise it will quite a long l ist.
  5. madmadmadgefan

    You need to watch it if you ever get a chance. Take a weekend and do a massive Binge watch. If you liked the Cordelia Charcter on Buffy, IMHO, She really comes into her own on Angel.
  6. madmadmadgefan

    Quigley Down Under (1991) with Tom Selleck, Alan Rickman and Laura San Giacomo. One of my favorite Tom Selleck movies.
  7. madmadmadgefan

    One of my all time favorite Twilight Zone Episodes. To Serve Man. An alien race comes to Earth, promising peace and sharing technology. A linguist and his team set out to translate the aliens' language, using a book whose title they deduce is "To Serve Man".
  8. madmadmadgefan

    There are so many, it's hard to pic only ten. Not in any particular oder: The Sand Lot Miracle on 34th Street The Lord of The Rings (Triliogy) Field of Dreams Valentines Day Massacre Fail Safe (1964) The Princess Bride Guardians of the Galaxy The Day The Earth Stood Still (The Original) Home Alone (First one)
  9. madmadmadgefan

    Sounds like something I would enjoy. 9 Seasons? Hmmm. I have never watched it.
  10. madmadmadgefan

    Death Wish with Bruce Willis. Dr. Paul Kersey is an experienced trauma surgeon, a man who has spent his life saving lives. After an attack on his family, Paul embarks on his own mission for justice. Director: Eli Roth Writers: Joe Carnahan (screenplay by), Brian Garfield (from the novel by) | Stars: Bruce Willis, Vincent D'Onofrio, Elisabeth Shue
  11. madmadmadgefan

    Apparently the group/s that are holding the folders for ransom have upped the ransom to $42,000,000 now. This type of stuff is not that rare. We only hear about the High Profile ones. I know someone that got hit by a ransomware demand. He clicked on an email and before he could do anything, a box popped up on his computer and demanded $500.00 in order to get a password so he could get back into his computer. They were not targeting him directly. It was one of those phishing things. Unfortunately, he fell for it. Whereas, in this instance, I am sure that the Law Firm was directly targeted.
  12. madmadmadgefan

    I only use zippyshare. So if zippyshare is banned from being used, then I am afraid, that my sharing days on here will unfortunately be over. That would be sad. :(
  13. madmadmadgefan

    I just finished watching Peppermint with Jennifer Garner. She is the female Charles Bronson in this movie. So it is basically just a remake of Death Wish, but with a female lead. Killing the bad guys that killed her Husband and daughter.
  14. madmadmadgefan

    Gunfight in Abilene (1967) with Bobby Darrin Gun Shy after killing a friend, a former Confederate officer (Bobby Darrin) reluctantly becomes sheriff.
  15. madmadmadgefan

    Surfing the internet and watching Westerns. The Long Riders is on at the moment.