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  1. I knew that. But in a pinch, you have to use what you have.
  2. madmadmadgefan

    I just finished watching a Western from 1969 called Young Billy Young with Robert Mitchum on the ScreenPix Western channel.
  3. Stock up on paper towels. They will work just fine in a pinch. And collect napkins from every restaurant or fast food place you visit. If your govt. has not shut them down yet? Everyone is going insane over TP. But there are alternatives. Also have plenty Top Ramen and Spam. And other foods that last a long time. May not be the best tasting stuff, but it will keep you alive. I always have plenty of boxes of crackers, they last longer then bread. Although, you can put your bread in the freezer. I also have lots of peanut butter and Jam/Jelly, whichever you prefer. And if you have a grill. Keep extra charcoal or propane on hand. You never know when or if your grill will become your primary cooking source. I guess the point is, to just use common sense.
  4. madmadmadgefan

    The next big Super Star in the Music Industry. IMO. Blind and Autistic. A simply amazingly beautiful voice. Watch and Listen for yourselves and decide if you think he is as good as I think he is. Kodie Lee - Sign of The Times (Harry Styles Cover)
  5. madmadmadgefan

    Watching one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Alien Visitor (1995) or (1997) Summaries In this sci-fi adventure a gorgeous alien woman is sent to Earth by mistake from the planet Epsilon. Landing in the Australian outback she meets a surveyor and they cross the continent together. However, she spends the trip haranguing him for the ecological recklessness and avarice of the human race.
  6. madmadmadgefan

    I would gladly make an exception to my No One rule for Meghan Trainor.
  7. madmadmadgefan

    No one. The damn game takes too long as it is. There. I said it. Not let the bashing begin. LOL.
  8. madmadmadgefan

    Yes. A true Legend in the Movie Industry. He could play any role and make it his own. I am sure there will be a night of Kirk Douglas movies on many TV channels in the very near future. RIP Mr. Douglas.
  9. madmadmadgefan

    Let's also remember that there were 8 other people that died in this horrible tragedy. Especially a little 13 year old girl (Kobe's daughter). I am a very big sports fan. Just not basketball. I know the game pretty well, I just find it boring to watch. But I did respect Kobe for his amazing talent. I never really followed his personal life though. There's a report out that they had to get special permission to fly since the weather was pretty bad in the area and the visibility factor was pretty low. My question, if that is true, is, where were they going that it was so important that they had to fly there given that the weather (as reported) was so bad, that it required permission to get off the ground. from the article: "A police spokesman told the LA Times that the conditions "did not meet our minimum standards for flying", while a pilot who used to fly Bryant said the weather was almost certainly to blame".|+Sky+News) Ther's also this: The controllers mention poor visibility around the Burbank and Van Nuys areas, but the pilot talks to controllers normally before communication suddenly goes dead near the crash site at Calabasas. The conversation between the pilot and the control tower begins about 50 seconds into this video: I feel more sorry all the families of all the victims of this tragedy. They will have to live with losing their loved ones for the rest of their lives.
  10. madmadmadgefan

    Thank you @The Ghostfor sharing this with us.
  11. madmadmadgefan

    Binge Watching Walker Texas Ranger episodes.
  12. madmadmadgefan

    That is some classic comedy right there. The way comedy was intended to be. Just pure LOL funny. NO vulgarity needed to make you laugh. You want to laugh your Behind off? Watch some of the Foster Brooks Roasts clips on youtube. The man was a Comedic Genius. Or watch some John Pinette. Two extremely funny comedians who did not need to use vulgarity in order to make you LOL.
  13. madmadmadgefan

    Loved that show. Do you remember the Carol Burnette Skit with Tim Conway and the Siamese Elephants. When Mama Says.."You Sure That Little Ass Hole's Through"? They say that one line is what really propelled Mama to Star Status.
  14. madmadmadgefan

    The Andy Griffith Show. I Just finished watching this performance. Celine Dion - Live In Las Vegas (2008)
  15. madmadmadgefan

    I Want To Wish All of You, As Well As Your Loved Ones, A Very Merry Christmas. The Amazing Quality and Quantity of Madonna Material, As Well As All The Other Artists Material That Is Shared Here, Is Amazing. What Is Most Impressive About Madonna-Infinity, At Least To Me, Is The Lack of Drama You Find Here. Yes, There Is Some. But Not Even Close To What Some Other Boards Have. I Would Also Like To Wish This Board Much Success In The Coming New Year. I Look Forward To What The New Year Has To Offer Hear On Madonna-Infinity. Peace To You All.