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  1. I just did. Właśnie zagłosowałem
  2. Do we already know the names of the remixers?
  3. After listening to the song many times I still don't know what to think. At first listen I thought: WTF? It's growing on me, but I doubt it will be my favorite Madonna's song... One thing I must admit: Madonna surprised everyone! She did it her way! Let's enjoy "Medellin". We had been waiting for it for so long. And let's wait for the whole album. Will it be as surprising as the first single?
  4. madonner

    Well, the ancient Romans used to say: De gustibus non disputandum - The likes should not be discussed, but... IMHO, both cover photos are great. It reminds me covers of magazines. If they have a face on it, they just draw attention more than other photos. Faces have that something that makes you want to watch them. Yet, the placing of the word "Madonna" is really akward on both covers. I don't think any graphic designer would do it like this. Even if they wanted to do things differently or in opposition to the rules of designing. As we know, rules are made to be broken - Madonna knows that too! But it just looks ugly - a word in the middle of her face or on her eyebrows? Come on!
  5. All the articles you mentioned says that it is still to be confirmed. Why did you put 'confirmed' in the post title then?
  6. It seems that no one cares anymore. Tons of official remixes have been posted in the forum recently. And no reaction. Fan made remixes are posted as official or promos. Admins and mods don't react. I thought we all wanted this forum to be an ultimate and more or less reliable source for Madonna's stuff. No more...

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    2. professormouse
    3. madonner


      I reported some posts and nothing happened. I don't complain, I just wanted to help.

      Just to make it clear and not to make a big fuss and end this discussion, I am greateful for this forum, it's a great community of Madonna's fans, rare files and info are posted here.

      Regards to all the only queen's fans. :)

    4. Fighter


      If nothing happened then no action was necessary, we go through them very quickly. Also some official remixes are allowed as long as you cant buy them (aside from second hand)

  7. madonner

    Yes, but only in China. I don't count Chinese diaspora all over the world. It's not like English or Spanish that are spoken and official languages of many countries. Even Portuguese is an official language in several countries.
  8. madonner

    Let's see how it works
  9. madonner

    If you search the web, you will find this:
  10. @@Curtains - just to clear things up: You leaked Voices Demo #1 in a whole pack of unleaked previously Hard Candy demos, but now you list it as Mix #1- so this is a verified tag or a mistake?
  11. madonner

    thank you @@You Thrill Me let's wait for clarification
  12. madonner

    @@karlafalves What's the use of posting this three times?
  13. For me it's all the same, if there's another section or not. In my opinion, the most important thing is how people name the files. Of course it's their choice. Many mixers use to name the mixes with their own name or nick or whatever to mark them as theirs. Why then if someone creates a so-called "demo" not tagging it as "Mark's demo" or "XXX's demo". Then it would be clear that it's been fan mande, which doesn't seem bad. On the contrary, sometimes mixes made by fans seems better then the official ones.
  14. Partially it's their fault. How many times did we see, even here, fanmade mixes, under the title "studio version", "demo"; or so alike... Their makers admitted sincerely that they are fan made, but with such tags, the file "return" after some time because someone found somewhere on the net a demo he didn't knew existed...