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  1. A song I don't like the "post-2000 Madonna" singing is "xpress Yourself. For some reason, I don't enjoy her more recent vocals on this song. I absolutely love Vogue and Like a Prayer, but I wouldn't mind if she gave them a break. The same goes for Human Nature, although I do love all the performances she's done of it. I don't understand the fascination with Burning Up, especially since it's always the same performance.
  2. I wouldn't say it's bad but Madame X Tour opener is quite unimpressive to me
  3. Thank you very much! Unfortunately my time has been reduced due to a few rotine changes but I am trying my best to on with the edit
  4. Speaking of audio, what about the Madame X Tour? From what I recall, the show seemed to heavily rely on live autotune, judging by the fan recordings we had. However, upon the release of the final video, a significant portion of the show featured her natural voice beautifully. I wonder, did she re-record it, or did they find a way to remove the autotune and extract her raw vocals? Regardless, I thoroughly enjoy the Madame X Tour audio, except for when she talks to the audience—it doesn't quite hit the mark. Setting that aside, I'd argue it's her best concert audio edit since S&S. While some criticize S&S for its artificiality, at least it's well done compared to MDNA and RHT, which sound horribly artificial. Why does she have such a hoarse voice on MDNA and RHT films? She didn't sound like that during the live shows.
  5. I agree. I love Take a Bow but I was actually very satisfied with the RHT performance, I don't even think this song is very performable
  6. I understand the impact of the song I Will Survive but I would prefer to hear Survival as it is one of hers and was never performed
  7. I'm so in love with this Open Your Heart performance. I've been waiting for an original version of this song to be performed for ages. The closest thing we got was that 2017 performance at the Leonardo DiCaprio event, but we never got a professional recording of that.
  8. Same here, but after the extensive use of live or pre-recorded autotune during MDNA and RH tours, especially on a full show like the Madame X Tour, I must confess that I would prefer to hear her lip-syncing to the original '80s and '90s recordings than that
  9. This made me a bit sad as I love Hard Candy to death, but on the other hand after NRM, Erotica and Bad Girl I can't complain about anything
  10. Yes, and I think it was a very wise choice to have a backing track during the first number. NRM is a bit hard to sing I believe
  11. Yes, even during Erotica you can hear a few live vocals
  12. I need to take advantage to say I'm so happy MG isn't on this tour, I never liked the performances she did to this track
  13. Doesn't Ray of Light have a backing track? I didn't see much of this performance so far
  14. Yes her vocals on the WTG weren't outstanding all the time but it's the only tour during which she sang all the songs 100% live, plus she did a lot of heavy dance routines so I really appreciate this tour from the bottom of my heart, it's still one of my favorites (for a number of reasons)
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