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  1. I really don't care about less dancing, I don't thing this has ever been necessary for Madonna to put on a great performance. There are so many performances from her back catalogue in which she didn't dance much and they were all outstanding. I just miss her singing, nowadays she uses too much playback in her performances, it has been like this since the Rebel Heart Tour, but I'm sure this is something I must get used to, considering her voice seems to be very spent by this point (I don't understand about voice but I daresay she damaged it by singing in higher tunes than she could take during her entire career). We can see a notable improvement comparing this performance to Medellín/Music with Maluma. At least this time she took some time to rehearse and didn't seem to be lost.
  2. Well I'm not shocked, I must say when I heard she was going to perform I knew exactly what to expect. I see a lot of people complaining about the dancing, singing, styling and justifying these issues with her age but I really don't see a conection. There are tons of performances from 1983-2012 in which she doesn't do any demanding routine and they turned out outstanding even though (Gambler Virgin Tour/Fever Arsenio Hall/Sooner Or Later Oscar/Nobody's Perfect DWT/Hollywood performances/Express Yourself MDNA Tour). Her problem isn't not being capable of dancing anymore, this is completely normal at her age, but the fact she doesn't seem to put in dedication in elaborating a performance anymore plus she seems to want to defy people by being what she calls sexual just to impose it is okay to be racy when you're 60 but she doesn't do it well, the sexy Madonna from now is not natural as the 2012 one, for example. If only she had great vocals but this is something she never really cared too much about and now her voice seems to be totally spent and there's nothing left. I don't know whether the voice issue is fixable, I don't understand about it, but considering she has done a lot of bad sung performances but still amazing to watch, a lot of not so energetic performances in terms of dancing, I don't see any limitations her age can bring to lead her to perform this way right now, I can only think she just doesn't care anymore. If you consider Justify My Love form the Girlie Show, there's no dancing nor singing (except for the ending) but it was so well done, and I can't see the Madonna we have now mastering that.
  3. Till Death Do Us Part Celebration X Stay
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