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    I didn't see the show live but I actually didn't like many of the pieces I saw/heard. I got mad at the fact she sang basically the whole concert using that annoying effect on her voice. Actually I don't even know how much of that is really live or pre-recorded. I have the same doubt about the MDNA Tour. Another thing I was disappointed with is that she didn't seem to be so creative with regard to the setlist and how the songs are put together. I mean, there's always a logic behind it but this time, according to what I heard (I might change my mind when I see the whole footage) it seems like a karaoke - one song after another, with no connection among them. Many o fthe backdrops are the actual videos of the songs, Madonna basically never did this before, not during the nearly whole concert. Years ago a tour was a chance many songs would be given to receive a video (Paradise, Bedtime 2004, DAD 2008, Justify 2012). This actually started on RHT. I'm really not bothered by the fact she's not as energetic as she used to be, I totally understand she reached a certain age and at this point, it's even dangerous to do the things she did (I actually think it was already dangerous 10 years ago, but I guess I was wrong). I don't think a good show consists in energetic dance routines, I think it's about creativity and knowing how to put things together, something she has always done perfectly well, but after RHT I think she doesn't have so many ideas on how to do it anymore or maybe she is just tired. And yes, as far as I have seen (very little), I would say MXT is her worst tour, but I'm not saying the concert is bad at all, I just think the others outstand, even RHT.
  2. ErickInTheZone

    I'm still not sure whether this DVD is really coming. I'm afraid she gets too excited about the movie and forgets about the show
  3. ErickInTheZone

    This can be clearly heard on Live Earth