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  1. Hello, I saw your comment about Sarah Brightman concerts.

    I'm a big fan as well and I would like to know if you have the the Symphony Tour bootleg. I've been waiting for this so long.

    Thank you!

    1. anton5000


      Hi!! I sent you a PM :) 

    2. smilesb


      Please send me too <3

  2. I really hope they include to the DVD Ghosttown and Secret!
  3. I really like the edition of this show, I don't agree with people that say that the edition of the confessions tour is the best ever! I hate the edition of the confessions tour! I would like to have in this show Ghosttown, Whos that girl and Secret!
  4. Amazing set list! American life promo tour, I'm very happy about Mer Girl!
  5. I think it's gonna be filmed in Melbourne as well, I'm quite sure! the reunion with Australia
  6. I swear I thought it was gonna be filmed in Mexico City! It was completely perfect to be shot in MX the crowd was amazing, the best since 15 years according Monte Pitman but unfortunately Madonna did not! I think it's gonna be in Australia, maybe Melbourne.
  7. I think if it's not going to be filmed in Mexico, it's gonna be in Australia, maybe Melbourne, I don't really think she's going to chose any asian date, because they're kind of cold. So, "Latinos do it better"
  8. I can't believe she's doing candy shop once again... Fuck u Madonna
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