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  1. For me the first time I stepped on that dance floor i was home! I am a straight woman but the gay clubs are my home, cause its fucking awsome, best music ever, i dont need to stress about being touched or hassled, I can just be in my happy place and dance. When I was in high school it was not a place where straight people would dare to go unless you were nu wave, thats where u were not judged, nobody cared if you had crazy colored hair etc. I will go untill I die!!!
  2. 55 as well my friend. so im here with ya! lets rise up!!! lol. i send hugs to you...its gotta get better...i believe it shall get better!
  3. amen! i get treated differently after people find out how old i am. everything is great..having fun..great conversations etc..then the age thing comes to light..now suddenly im "lame" etc. I was fine like 2 mins before. I get shit for wearing certain clothes, liking certain music, going out dancing, watching certain tv shows or movies..because im not 20 something. I hate being treated like I dont exist because i aged. It sucks! I hate being old...Its not a picnic..id give anything to be young again. But alas that's not gonna happen. ughh its depressing as hell. ojk rant over. sorry bad night.
  4. im gonna miss this place, but i understand. i have health problems and it can take over everything in my life at times. its hard to so simple things at times. i really hope fighter gets beter..maybe someday you can try this forum again. but if not its been a really wonderful ride.
  5. i honestly prefer to have physical copies, along with digital. cause ive had many times where a drive has just died and ive lost everything. so having a physical back up is always good. plus im one of those buy multiple versions people. lol. I just never really liked not having some sort of hard copy. streaming is cool if im to lazy to load up my files or put a cd in the player..but alas if your internet goes out..no music. im old but i have embraced pretty much every way to consume music.
  6. I saw the whos that girl tour in 87 here in texas, it was my first madonna concert. It was so amazing! The wtg soundtrack had just come out and I was like the only person who knew all the songs by heart..LOL. I was so happy she did look of love, I was not expecting that. I even got on the news here, cause I was still in madonna wanna be phase so i dressed up like her. Then she came here again for the BA tour which I went to night one. She ended up saying goodnight houston instead of dallas at the end and people booed. I laughed, she came back out and bowed down and said Im sorry. That concert was such a crazy show compared to WTG. She upped her game, and it was still one of the best shows Ive seen. She dosent come here very often so Its rare when I do get to see her. I met one of her dancers while we were outside waiting, again I had worn a outtfit like madonna, express yourself suit with the im breathless hair, yeah still doing that thing..LOL...anyway he said holy crap shes wearing like the same outtfit back stage. This was in a texas summer to, so I really regretted wearing it while we were outside. When she did the LAV portion, everyone kind of stopped and was like WTF is going on, then huge cheers. It was def a moment. I wish I had been able to see the LAV tour but she didnt come to hawaii and thats where I was at that time.
  7. That photo is my 50th bday party..i dont dress like that all the time lol

    1. dru110


      oh and the duck face was a joke to lol



  8. She looks angelic and etherial! This met gala was made for her!!! OMG!
  9. YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So then she is prob getting ready to release a single!!!
  10. Well crap its not a whole song. :( Looks like an adlib to LAP then into hallelujah. Maybe its a teaser for a new song? Looks like I got excited to early. LOL
  11. I dont think its heaven. cause I just listened to it again and its not even close, even with changed lyrics. Im just not hearing it. Maybe Im wrong but I really think thats a new song, not a Rebel heart demo. but maybe she reworked it. I mean we were not even sapouse to have heard it anyway, so she may have decided to use it for the new album. Also did anyone else pick up on the lap hook? The backing is lap,,like it goes into lap. I NEED TO HEAR MORE!!! lol. This is driving me nuts now.
  12. Ok that was a new song right??????? Cause i dont think ive heard that song before. I know the others...Lap was a given and halleujah was rumored. But that other clip was something new. I so hope we get the whole show she did, cause it looks stunning!
  13. THANK YOU! I am older, not to old, but older. When I was younger I tried being "sexy" if you wanna call it that for mens sake, to get them to like me or whatever. The kind of men you attract with that are really total assholes. I figured out I could be " sexy" for me, not them, and I was so much happier. I dont have to look good for a man. I dont have to have a man in my life to feel good. Dosent mean I dont want one, I have a husband who is the best guy in the world. He thinks Im attractive even now that I am older. Madonna does this shit to push your buttons, its a huge middle finger to everyone saying shes a "grandma" because shes 60. WTF? She got that shit when she was in her 30's. 40's. 50's. Your not relivant as a woman in the eyes of anyone once your past 25? Also what you find attractive may not be what someone else does, so i get that. But bagging on her cause she dared to age and she still feels sexy, thats stupid.
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