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  1. dru110

    She just posted this on instagram. "Madame ❌ likes to try new things.................this tour is only the beginning................👠. My grandmother used to say...............Complaining is an advertisement for stupidity." I like the line only the beginning. So maybe she is really just testing the waters to see how well this works, then she may do other theaters in more citys later on. So who know I might still get to see her again, cause dallas has some nice theaters.
  2. dru110

    are there going to me more dates? Or is it just the three citys? Cause if that rumor of san antonio is true...I might be able to swing that one. maybe. nvm..all the shows were announced on youtube..no texas.
  3. dru110

    Seems more of a promo tour then a actual tour, maybe testing the waters for a residency? Which I know she said she would never do..but maybe shes thinking of taking the residency thing out of vegas. I dunno. It would be cool to see her again..but I cant afford to travel to any of those citys, then there is the whole lottery thing. Which is odd to me. She may just be burnt out on the big tours we are used to. Who knows maybe she will decide to do a full fledge tour in 2020. We got at least a year or two for this album cycle, Unless she is gonna cut it short so she can work on those movies she was rumored to be directing.
  4. dru110

    Dammit! LOL. I cant get to san antonio and buy tickets...ughh. If this is indeed true(prob is) then those tickets are gonna sell out quick. OH MADONNA SHOW DALLAS SOME LOVE!!! Lol.
  5. dru110

    texas please!!!!!!!!!
  6. I can see the tech being used in concert, augmented reality is really on the rise, if she gives out glasses in the venue, you use them during whatever performance. it looks so cool when your have the eyewear on. It looks real. even more then virtual reality cause its in your actual world and not a made up one.
  7. dru110

    i knew that the first song released was not indicative of the album, This is what Im talking bout! Now Im even more jazzed for the album. Cant wait to her crave, future, etc.
  8. I think it will prob grow on me. I hated GMAYL when it first came out, it eventually grew on me. I do like the layers, its got alot going on in the background, Not to sure about maluma. But it is what it is. I thought GMAYL was a weak first single and it def was not indicative of what the rest of the album sounded like. I think this may be the same situation for me here. The next single will prob be a banger. Either way Im just glad to finally have something new from madonna, im more excited about the album, videos, live performances and possible tour.
  9. dru110

    Im at 102..does that count me in?
  10. dru110

    I really wish i had the money..i just dont. Good luck guys! I hope this does end up being something everyone gets to hear.but if not..no bigee i guess.
  11. dru110

    i am 52...i was a teenager in the 80's. been a fan since 83.
  12. dru110

    I love vamp!! Love Grace!!
  13. dru110

    isnt the listening party for the winner this month?
  14. dru110

    Thank you everyone!!! Dru is me to, I had to re register one time, long story. LOL.
  15. dru110

    arent the grammys in feb? Maybe a single performance ala LVL..but with her promo not being fucked up by leaks.