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  1. dru110

    I saw the whos that girl tour in 87 here in texas, it was my first madonna concert. It was so amazing! The wtg soundtrack had just come out and I was like the only person who knew all the songs by heart..LOL. I was so happy she did look of love, I was not expecting that. I even got on the news here, cause I was still in madonna wanna be phase so i dressed up like her. Then she came here again for the BA tour which I went to night one. She ended up saying goodnight houston instead of dallas at the end and people booed. I laughed, she came back out and bowed down and said Im sorry. That concert was such a crazy show compared to WTG. She upped her game, and it was still one of the best shows Ive seen. She dosent come here very often so Its rare when I do get to see her. I met one of her dancers while we were outside waiting, again I had worn a outtfit like madonna, express yourself suit with the im breathless hair, yeah still doing that thing..LOL...anyway he said holy crap shes wearing like the same outtfit back stage. This was in a texas summer to, so I really regretted wearing it while we were outside. When she did the LAV portion, everyone kind of stopped and was like WTF is going on, then huge cheers. It was def a moment. I wish I had been able to see the LAV tour but she didnt come to hawaii and thats where I was at that time.
  2. dru110

    As stupid as this sounds the day he decided to close I actually cried a little bit, it made me sad. I really loved this forum. I am over the moon its back. This is the only place I felt really welcome. Thank you again fighter!! Please please dont go away again.
  3. GOD CONTROL video out today at: -6 p.m. London -7 p.m. Rome -1 p.m. NYC -10 a.m. Los Angeles just found this on insta. dont know how acurate it is, so grain of salt.
  4. dru110

    So i did listen. at first i was like i dunno...im not sure about this, but after non stop play today, i gotta say i really like the album way more then i expected. its diffent but familier. it has songs that sound as if they could have been on al, music or erotica, but still sound new. im still not in love with medellian, or future. killers is ok but prob not gonna be one i play often. i was surprised how much i like faz gusta and bitch im loca. looking for mercy is so amazing, i love this song. crazy , crave, i rise, come alilve, i dont search i find, god control, batuka,Extreme Occident are all a big yes. im still on the fence with dark ballet. all in all its a more cheasive album then i thought. this is prob gonna be the first time a whole album is a grower with me. its def out there, i think that can be a good thing.
  5. dru110

    Your story is so famlier to me, it touched me. cause I lead this life as well. The drugs and alcohol, the lost relationships, the bad decesions, the depression, the suicide attempts. It took losing my soon to be husband with him breaking up with me over my crazy behavior to finally realzie how bad things had gotten. I got my shit straight, we got back together, now we have been together for 20 years and married for 8. unfortunatley I now have serious health issues, constant pain, etc. age plays a big part to. I have days I cant even get out of bed, I have to try to find things to make me happy, and now that one thing I did love to do "dance"...I cant really do anymore. Im hoping to also see the light at the end of the tunnel, its so hard sometimes, but you just keep going.
  6. dru110

    i like it, its weird but good weird. Its def diffrent!
  7. dru110

    Streaming is fine, but it dosent reflect the actual numbers. If your gonna try to pad her numbers then she's not doing as well as percieved. I know they count streams as actual albums bought now after a certain amount..which is stupid. The charts were about actual purchases, that showed how many people truely bought the albums, singles etc. In turn you got an some what acurate look at how well or bad the work did. Once an artist figured out how to play the numbers game..they could do what mariah or gaga did, discount the album or single to 99 cents for a certain amount of time to get that number one spot. But again these were actual purchases. We dont need to stream over and over to get her anywhere. If you want to help her buy the music. Buy it because you want to, buy it because you love her, buy it because it makes you feel good..whatever reason, the only real way to see how well she does is actual sales. Digital or actual cd's, records, tapes (which wtf? why are those back?) LOL. We dont need to be an "army" etc. Just be a fan, remember why you are a fan, what brought you to the table? Its the music, the aditude, the joy, the pure fun that brought me here. Madonna has allways been someone I could just lose myself in, I could dance and just have fun, but she also made me see stuff difrently, opened my eyes to new things. Sorry I kind of went off topic a bit. Im sure this album will do like the rest have in the last few years, big boost at the launch, then a decline once the hype dies down.
  8. dru110

    She just posted this on instagram. "Madame ❌ likes to try new things.................this tour is only the beginning................👠. My grandmother used to say...............Complaining is an advertisement for stupidity." I like the line only the beginning. So maybe she is really just testing the waters to see how well this works, then she may do other theaters in more citys later on. So who know I might still get to see her again, cause dallas has some nice theaters.
  9. dru110

    are there going to me more dates? Or is it just the three citys? Cause if that rumor of san antonio is true...I might be able to swing that one. maybe. nvm..all the shows were announced on youtube..no texas.
  10. dru110

    Seems more of a promo tour then a actual tour, maybe testing the waters for a residency? Which I know she said she would never do..but maybe shes thinking of taking the residency thing out of vegas. I dunno. It would be cool to see her again..but I cant afford to travel to any of those citys, then there is the whole lottery thing. Which is odd to me. She may just be burnt out on the big tours we are used to. Who knows maybe she will decide to do a full fledge tour in 2020. We got at least a year or two for this album cycle, Unless she is gonna cut it short so she can work on those movies she was rumored to be directing.
  11. dru110

    Dammit! LOL. I cant get to san antonio and buy tickets...ughh. If this is indeed true(prob is) then those tickets are gonna sell out quick. OH MADONNA SHOW DALLAS SOME LOVE!!! Lol.
  12. dru110

    texas please!!!!!!!!!
  13. dru110

    I can see the tech being used in concert, augmented reality is really on the rise, if she gives out glasses in the venue, you use them during whatever performance. it looks so cool when your have the eyewear on. It looks real. even more then virtual reality cause its in your actual world and not a made up one.
  14. dru110

    i knew that the first song released was not indicative of the album, This is what Im talking bout! Now Im even more jazzed for the album. Cant wait to her crave, future, etc.
  15. dru110

    I think it will prob grow on me. I hated GMAYL when it first came out, it eventually grew on me. I do like the layers, its got alot going on in the background, Not to sure about maluma. But it is what it is. I thought GMAYL was a weak first single and it def was not indicative of what the rest of the album sounded like. I think this may be the same situation for me here. The next single will prob be a banger. Either way Im just glad to finally have something new from madonna, im more excited about the album, videos, live performances and possible tour.