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  1. InterlacedGeek

    There is more than a few but most of them unfinished, work in progress ...
  2. Yea. Exactly. Let's just enjoy this f**#$_ nice summer treasure.
  3. The milky way is underated
  4. I fuckin' love it loop loop
  5. Considering it is a featuring and the promo ... Less than a duet but long enough to satisfy her hungry fan base. It is still a Dua Lipa single with a featuring.
  6. InterlacedGeek

    Let's indeed hope she scraps the DVD and release a Bluray instead 😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😷 ... It's 2020 after all.
  7. "Madonna was unable to film with Dua Lipa for their upcoming Levitating video – despite remixing the track and an extra day being added to the shoot, sources have told Daily Star Online" But she did record scenes for the video without meeting Dua.
  8. Contract with Live Nation is over. Including Interscope. Let's hope Warner Bros. is taking over
  9. Really ??? That is the best news since 1983 !
  10. From the toilet. Flush.
  11. I don't know. For sure Dua is great, easy going and I would understand the project is an opportunity for everybody ... But also, why not a mashup album ? Why not ? Better that than a poor Champagne Rosé like colab to my opinion. W'll see. I would prefer a good mashup to a poor colab.
  12. I m sure they are ALL mashup ! 🤣😂😅
  13. The car, the dog ... Maybe just a coincidence
  14. Instant reminder of this one ...
  15. No, 4th of August, why ?