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  1. and that glowwwwww ... it's cold as ice
  2. InterlacedGeek

    VHS is the Holy Grail 😎😜
  3. InterlacedGeek

    Is it possible to rename this post ? Who's still watching DVD in 2020?
  4. InterlacedGeek

    The Nice footage is invisible behind all the deformation and manipulation the real master went through ... There is not two shots with the same grading. From one shot to another, you jump from yellowish, blueish, magenta ... Over-exposed to blurry, digitaly zoomed, cropped ... Above all, it was shot and edit in PAL 25fps interlaced and then transfered to NTSC 29,97 interlaced ... You can clearly see this on cut through the edit. On half of the cuts the image are interlaced. Then, the laserdisc version is cropped of at least 2/3 % ... I did a difference blend with my own rip version and the in-house version. The best we have at the moment is the in-house DVD ... But it is sooo compressed: not even 4gigas for 2hours of video ... No skin texture, so much artefacts ... The Nice footage might be nice ... If a master still exists ... Which I doubt.
  5. InterlacedGeek

    It is not on here official page. It's generated by Youtube. It's called "IIP-DDS" ... it's automatic ... that's why it is invisible on her page. It stays unofficial.
  6. InterlacedGeek

    My contribution ... work in progress ... no yet AI upscaled
  7. InterlacedGeek

    It is a recompression of the well known in house dvd we all know. Nothing more. Nothing less. Same compression artefacts and shit quality.
  8. InterlacedGeek

    We were there in Lisbon on Saturday night the 18th, there was no filming, at least not visible and ... Obviously no need to add more crowd cheering ... If they want to use the audio only.
  9. InterlacedGeek

    Are you in charge of the DVD and when will it be out ?
  10. InterlacedGeek

    No. No iD check.
  11. InterlacedGeek

    lol if they close doors at 10 there will be only 100 people inside
  12. InterlacedGeek

    9.34 and people are still outside ... No entry yet.
  13. InterlacedGeek

    It reminds me when I went to see Grace Jones there ... 11 years ago. One of my best concert memories. If tomorrow matches the quality of the show we saw in Lisbon ... It will be heaven. The Grand Rex.
  14. InterlacedGeek

    So happy she left Crave. Cheap remix and useless in the setlist. Think about Cher in Vegas.
  15. InterlacedGeek