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  1. Very good track. Just try DuckDuckGo and you'll find it ... 🤐
  2. Hi. Too bad YouTube deleted you.

    Could you please uploads (on the google drive, mega.nz another server) the Kylie Minogue Tours in 4K again?

    I only managed to download Showgirl Tour (2005) + Showgirl Homecoming (2006) from your YouTube.

    Your job is great! Thanks.

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    2. D3nner


      I still miss your channel, I love to watch your remaster of Yokohama show on Blond Ambition Tour, can u reupload on other platform?

    3. InterlacedGeek


      Time to enjoy SD ... vintage is cool. This was just an illusion. I kept being disappointed with the result anyway.


    4. Cosmic Systems Intertwine

      Cosmic Systems Intertwine

      Your work is brilliant. The "Tears of a Clown" edit was my favorite. I love your Marlene Dietrich upscale too. It would be amazing to have those beautys available again :Madonna023:

  3. The fact is ... that ... you talk about it. And that was the purpose. Nothing has change in 40 years. ;-)
  4. As I said before, it is still experimental and that is the reason (as I said above), they will never release that kind of transformed/tweeked material on an official physical release. But it's worth trying for experimental reasons. You can't make fire without using wood.
  5. The Farmer bluray was a crappy release. The only good thing was that you have access to a higher bitrate from the original SD source. It was only release in laseredisc and VHS at the time. Don't expect record company to invest in re-editing concert from the master tapes. Usually they are lost. Sony did it with Elvis Aloha from Hawaii. And Queen live in Montreal was re-edit from the original footage. When you use Machine Learning, you really have to mix results and use different algorithm/shots (large, close, mid). Most of the use of it I see on this forum is lazy and of course looks like crap. You have to stay under a certain level of transformation. In this release, it really brings something more crispy without adding too much artefacts. But is is of course never perfect. I am convince they will never release Machine Learning enhanced concerts or music videos on bluray. They will maybe upload footage to Youtube.
  6. After what we all went through ... I found it refreshing.
  7. Some of her fan base are stucked in 1986 ... some in 1990 ... in a perpetual loop ... I don't know what to think. It always amaze me to see how conservative a part of her fan base is. Wanting her to be polished, clean, las vegas like ... they expect her to be glamourous ... etc. Go see a Cher concert. Or Mylène Farmer for the French base: repeating herself over and over and over ... How boring. Last night was refreshing. We are blessed. Thank you Madonna to be free. We all should be. Release your mind people.
  8. I think I ve done what I proposed here above ... then waited 29 days ... usually Warner don't reply to copyrights on Youtube, it is monetised for them. Blocked in Syria, Iran, North Korea and Cuba ;-)
  9. you can't avoid it you can try "fair use" and then "educational" ... and pretend something ... it usually don't work ;-)
  10. There is more than a few but most of them unfinished, work in progress ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_unreleased_songs_recorded_by_Madonna
  11. Yea. Exactly. Let's just enjoy this f**#$_ nice summer treasure.
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