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  1. I Doubt this would be her last one, but hey, so what if it is? It a fucking great legacy either way.
  2. BillyBongo

    Yep that’s the one!
  3. It happens. I had that with Bedtime Stories when it came out, over played it to death to the point I got tired of it and had to give it a long rest before I could properly appreciate it again.
  4. Nice choice of username there
  5. Yeah but what if Ray of Light was produced today? Frozen with an auto tune effect? Bluergh!
  6. BillyBongo

    It’s well it is to me. That’s the joy of opinion
  7. BillyBongo

    It’s the lowest of the 8/10s but it’s still an 8/10 Erotica - 10/10 Ray of Light - 10/10 Like a Prayer - 9/10 True Blue - 8/10 Confessions on a Dance Floor - 8/10 Bedtime Stories - 8/10 American Life - 8/10 Madame X - 8/10 Music - 7/10 Like a Virgin - 7/10 The First Album - 6/10 Hard Candy - 6/10 Mdna - 4/10 Rebel Heart - 2/10
  8. If she listed every dead musician it would make Up Down Suite look like a haiku
  9. BillyBongo

    Having heard the album I don’t think Madonna gets enough chance to go anywhere exciting vocally. I actually found myself surprised at a line in Crazy because it sounded raw and unfiltered. I know Mirwas loves to muck about with vocals but it’s pretty relentless on this album, feels like it goes beyond creativity and into repetitiveness. I get the impression Madonna couldn’t even fart in the sound booth without Mirwas whipping the vocoder out. I do like the album, I gave it 8/10 but could have been more if the vocals had been allowed to be more natural.
  10. BillyBongo

    Yeah she’s much more relaxed and friendly there but you have to remember that was nearly 15 years ago, happily married, settled, just had one of her biggest ever singles. A lot has happened since then both personally and career wise. You’re dead right about the eyepatch and grill though.
  11. BillyBongo

    You’d think at the age of 42 I’d be past giggling at phrases like this.
  12. BillyBongo

    That eyepatch does her no favours, it’s like interviewing someone wearing sunglasses
  13. BillyBongo

    Toss up between Dark Ballet and I Don’t Search I Find. Just closed my eyes and tapped both choices! Dark Ballet won.
  14. BillyBongo

    Couldn’t have put it better, her hearts in the right place if nothing else
  15. For me, and it’s just my opinion, the last 3 albums have sounded a bit like Madonna being influenced by others to try things where as Madame X genuinely feels like she’s being influenced by her surroundings.