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  1. remixed224

    Quarantine is over in Lithuania from today 👌 we only have few cases a day and it’s wonderful feeling to get back to normal life. I just miss travelling 😢
  2. remixed224

    Watched today and it’s really good!
  3. Media will drag her of not wearing the mask 😷
  4. It's the same as uploaded on her Instagram... her team is the biggest trolls on internet
  5. remixed224

    And her team is slow and #soon as M herself. "...the current app will be discontinued within the next few days" - it was posted on 27th of April. And still old one it's on Apple Store...
  6. remixed224

    Yep this one On iOS it always crashes :D
  7. remixed224

    It's posted on "We are excited to announce that we are currently working on a brand new official Madonna app, which will be launched soon! In the meantime, please note that the current app will be discontinued within the next few days. All existing users will need to sign up for a new account when the app launches. Make sure to keep an eye on for more related info coming asap!" Is anyone using now existing APP? I do have on my phone, but it's useless. I just want to know reason for this update. Maybe for Madame X DVD release?
  8. remixed224

    For me personally it's one of the best eras. I really love album, mix of different cultures in it. First time since confessions she gave us new and exciting looks, dark hair and really creative costumes in videos. Tour costumes were weak this time. Attended to "release party" with M and Graham in London, saw 9 Madame X shows (had 10, but one was cancelled). It was so different experience, but really unforgettable. The biggest low of this era - Eurovision. It's a big thing in Lithuania and after that performance... press shredded here into pieces and all my friends were laughing about it.
  9. remixed224

    It should be released on streaming services now, people on quarantine in half of Europe, so it's a good chance to have good view number :D
  10. remixed224

    In Lithuania from today all schools and universities are closed for 5 weeks, all concerts, cinemas, gyms cancelled and closed for 2 weeks
  11. remixed224

    On Saturday I think all or major of the team were angry on her. Cause I met Mike Dean and Ricardo Gomes before the show (smoking joint behind the theatre corner) about 8PM and I asked maybe they know what time show is going to start, cause doors are still not open. Mike Dean was silent, but Ricardo in very angry way (not on me) said "Nobody knows. Everything needs to be perfect. We staying late not the first night here".
  12. remixed224

    Same here. I just back from Paris, on Saturday was my 9th and the last show :( I can't believe Madame X era is going to the end
  13. remixed224

    What time doors will be open?
  14. remixed224

    Is happening for Paris? Cause I can’t see on her page 😟
  15. remixed224

    My show cancelled too :( But I'm still lucky one, cause 1 of 10 shows