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  1. First time i saw her live at Live Earth in 2007 Sticky and Sweet one show MDNA 2 shows Rebel Heart 4 shows Madame X 9 shows and Celebration 7 shows Plus Madame X release party in London
  2. I was standing next to him on first Cologne show. Sometimes I was watching him dancing, singing and not Madonna :D He's so fun!!!
  3. Gosh, what a week for me! Saw two shows in Paris, had one day to travel to Cologne and two shows in a row again. I saw 6 shows in total now and wow - I'm so in love with the show <3 Every night is so different. Paris had the best audience for sure - reacting on speeches, jokes, singing, dancing.. Cologne crowd was let's say ok :D First Cologne night had problems with sound, I was in Golden Circle and sound was so bad - the worst I ever experienced - no bass, so much echo. But hey fixed it for the second night. But the best part - how many incredible people I've met. I was queuing for all shows and it was the best experience ever. Just one show left for me - Milan next week. Already feeling sad :D
  4. So let's meet! What time you planning to start queuing?
  5. Ah! Sounds like fun, but I have VIP Early Entry for this show, so no drinks or food for me :D
  6. OMG, she came to Europe for that? Who let her in, cause she's Russian living in NY?
  7. I know him! ;D he’s influencer from Lithuania, went to concert yesterday with his mom! It was his moms dream to see Madonna live :))
  8. I was at Sunday show and I didn't feel robbed or shitty. So stop the drama and talking nonsenses.
  9. So I've been to opening night and Sunday shows. It's amazing show to experience live! Madonna looks so good and is a such great shape, her voice sounds so strong. I even didn't care that Sundays show ended with Rain cause I had so much and danced my ass off. For me only two things were boring - Burning Up... it's too long and repetitive. At first everyone is dancing and later on just checking the phones and looking at pictures / videos they took :D I didn't get Like a Virgin / Billie Jean interlude - nothing is happening, just boring silhouette. Mother and Father sounds so good for me, but on this song you can tell who is real fans and who is casual ones :D And you can see my videos on my Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@egis_live I will upload more tonight after work
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