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  1. It's for Stand up For Ukraine event: https://ec.europa.eu/neighbourhood-enlargement/news/stand-ukraine-global-pledging-event-refugees-and-internally-displaced-people-taking-place-warsaw-9-2022-03-30_en?fbclid=IwAR37-z1OyajsSs2byyLlfBUlyc956WdqFIwX12WzRfXlaic7_APeJ4YZUNI
  2. I even don't have where to play CD's anymore
  3. Visuals look really great, but I hope it's completely new remix, not the same loop with new featuring vocals
  4. I'm really proud of her with this situation! <3
  5. She is really just dumb. After I saw this post I wrote here personal message and she just ignored me. Tonight she posted complaining about diverted plane from Moscow.. she's just full of shit and selfishness.
  6. And we still don't have any news from fans who was there?
  7. Good luck! I hope we will have insiders to spill some news
  8. "The eyes are the window to the soul" - she was always repeating it on one of Madame X tour speeches before Vogue...
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