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  1. Its up there now, in the morning I didn’t see 👀 maybe just my Instagram glitching 🤗
  2. Thanks for the info. It's time to leave them review they deserve
  3. Everything works on WEB for me, just GloboPlay app is not available in Lithuanian region.
  4. And I tried to download Globoplay app to my TV, phone and MAC... it doesn't work, even tried to change location on Google Play, Apple Store, but Brazilian bank card is needed to prove your location.
  5. Hm, I don't have this problem. They asked me to put my number, i pressed skip and everything works. And I changed time and location on my computer to Brazil and timeline and program are correct now.. Before they showed Lithuanian time adjusted program. So I hope everything will work on Sunday morning here for me
  6. Hey, guys, I got code to share with you for Surshark VPN one month free deal: https://surfshark.com This is the code: LIMA-W8FJVHDD7CAK Instruction how to use the code: https://support.surfshark.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012786979-How-to-use-a-coupon-code
  7. Sometimes I just don’t understand how Madonna didn’t do any impact to younger generations. Yesterday I went to Declan McKenna concert, before show songs were playing - they played ABBA Dancing Queen - everyone were singing and dancing and after Like a prayer played - just few older people were singing :/
  8. And Nord VPN gives 30 days guarantee. So after Madonna stream, cancel it and they gonna give your money back
  9. You can use https://nordvpn.com, https://surfshark.com (both made in my country Lithuania :D ) , just download to computer, phone, TV box. Create account, usually they give one month for free or for very low price. Take that deal. And then it's just one click - change VPN to what country you want. Personally I use NORD VPN. Ir really works best for me.
  10. And he always reposting stories where he's tagged with his pictures. So it's nothing new and really not intentional with "unexpected" post.
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