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  1. remixed224

    It was amazing night to remember!
  2. remixed224

    I got code too! Good luck getting ticket today and maybe will see each other
  3. remixed224

    I doubt, cause this week she has London event
  4. remixed224

    Still I don't know my feelings about this song, maybe I need more time to understand it musically or maybe it's visual song, that's why video was released together, cause visuals fit so well!
  5. remixed224

    Who saw full video? What is about?
  6. remixed224

    ^ Love powerful drums on chorus!
  7. I know, it's very strange that they let u in very easy and don't ask anything, but leaving country is horrible experience
  8. Way out, they let you in very easy
  9. How do you know about other dancers? They just not posted anything. Sometime they choose random people and do crazy things. Few years ago they took my friends laptop and went through all pictures and were asking who are those people in pictures and she was late for her plane and they said "we don't care, you will go to another one". And they did this cause she had Americas Diplomatic Visa. So I don't believe that they held her for performance, but cause she travelled Arabic countries.
  10. It's normal procedures in Israel. I was for business trip in Tel Aviv and they held me for half hour, they just went thought my passport and asked about every visa I have, what people I met, what I did there and so on...
  11. Around, cause show gonna start in less than 3 hours and she's gonna be in the end
  12. remixed224

    Last Brooklyn night for me too, so maybe will have chance to meet!
  13. remixed224

    I actually love this one! I hope for good and really LIVE performance on Eurovision.
  14. remixed224

    Yay! I got VIP Crave for NY!
  15. Yay Lithuania! Vote 2night!