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  1. I think it's still not possible in Europe...
  2. Actually I love this clip, it’s fast cuts but it’s intense part of the song.
  3. It was voice over for VMA's video
  4. Gosh I'm so excited for this Madame X tour release! Can't wait till Friday <3
  5. Yeah, I'm using Surfshark VPN.
  6. Yesterday I was trying to get Paramount from all countries available and it worked for Norwegian only! They accepted my card, so I hope it's gonna work fine!
  7. I tried, but they declining my credit card... cause they are checking where it was issued :/
  8. And we still don't have any news from fans who was there?
  9. It looks very good! I'm so excited, but still want to hear audio
  10. In Lithuania we have only MTV Hits and it's not even HD... I'm trying to get Paramount+ by changing my VPN, but I can't cause they are checking credit cards country
  11. Good luck! I hope we will have insiders to spill some news
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