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  1. Yeah it is. Hope no more reshoots 😂
  2. Last picture is not the best angle for sure, but other two wow, she's really hot!
  3. One guy from M’s team posted on Facebook that M news coming up ❌ hope it’s true
  4. Those posts are so annoying and useless 😕
  5. But we don't know how real is her talk on Instagram videos... maybe she's just talking nonsenses as jokes for her
  6. If it's only few additional scenes, so it takes only less than a day to edit it in. So it's possible.
  7. And we don't have leaked soundboard recording :(
  8. It's from New York Times Magazine photoshoot
  9. I was in Vienna show too and after couple of days in Warsaw, she let us in for soundcheck again It's really unbelievable experience to see M so raw - without make up, without fake smile, in sweatpants
  10. If they editing every song step by step from the beginning it means they already somewhere in the end. Last week they did Crazy and it's 13 song from 24
  11. Papa Don’t Preach was performed only in USA shows, so it was not filmed in Lisbon
  12. I agree and so happy it was filmed in Lisbon. I saw show in New York, Lisbon, London and Paris. The worst crowd was in London for me, but only in Lisbon everyone went nuts - standing all show and dancing
  13. Actually Like a Prayer sounds bad on recordings, but live it was epic. Minimal instrumentation, deep bass and crowd went wild on all shows I've been.
  14. Mariah gets those numbers from Christmas albums...
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