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  1. And we still don't have any news from fans who was there?
  2. Good luck! I hope we will have insiders to spill some news
  3. "The eyes are the window to the soul" - she was always repeating it on one of Madame X tour speeches before Vogue...
  4. She's really good! It's not about the looks it's all about the acting and she can handle this role <3
  5. I saw that.. maybe they are just talking about Madame X tour... #soon
  6. Wow it's good :O Is it him for real?
  7. It's cheap clothes and brand... I doubt they can afford Madonna to be the face of it..?
  8. Pink is getting this year... It's just such a PR and marketing move. She's releasing her new movie and suddenly getting award
  9. She looks good on Instagram videos too, they are not “photoshopped”
  10. Last picture is not the best angle for sure, but other two wow, she's really hot!
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