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  1. This one looks so good, can't wait! I hope those bonus songs will be released on streaming too.
  2. OMG I love Christine! I hope this collaboration something more than Bday song
  3. It's not true. In Hollywood nothing new is made, but you can find a lot of creative independent movies and same is with music.
  4. First time i saw her at London's Live Earth event in 2007. S&S - Warsaw in 2009 MDNA - Viena, Warsaw in 2012 RH - Prague x 2, Berlin x 2 in 2015 Madame X - New York x 3 in 2019, Lisbon x 3, London x 2, Paris x 1 in 2020 And for Celebration tour going to London x 1, Paris x 2, Cologne x 2, Milan x 1
  5. Also she posts tik toks without make up and sometimes looking really bad.
  6. But not in stadiums, with this setlist only few dates in theatre.
  7. Can't stop listening to it!!! Waiting for the video
  8. Damn, I was quite excited about this Or maybe they gonna release on USA time. Lets wait.
  9. It's for Stand up For Ukraine event: https://ec.europa.eu/neighbourhood-enlargement/news/stand-ukraine-global-pledging-event-refugees-and-internally-displaced-people-taking-place-warsaw-9-2022-03-30_en?fbclid=IwAR37-z1OyajsSs2byyLlfBUlyc956WdqFIwX12WzRfXlaic7_APeJ4YZUNI
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