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  1. Popular rises 2 spots to #22 on the Daily Top Songs Global chart of Spotify with 2,477,057 filtered streams. Up 5,78% from Monday and up 1,87% from previous Tuesday! #10 (+2) UK #58 (+14) USA
  2. Vulgar is used in The Boys spin-off (Gen V) trailer
  3. Popular up to 13 on the UK Mid-Week Singles Chart! another UK top 10 is coming
  4. I know the ABC newspaper well because I am Spanish. Press bought by the right and extreme right. Conservative and misogynist. They simply collect the most sensational information and mix everything with the google translator. What has been said before also applies to policy articles.
  5. I have been looking at the websites of other Arenas and it seems that Scotiabank is the only one that has changed the status of the concert. They may have only done it to avoid new sales before knowing the final decision regarding the tour. I've tried to buy tickets for the second concert in Barcelona and it won't let me do it
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