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  1. I’ll happily chip in, provided it’s via PayPal. can anyone pm me these snippets? I’m assuming they’re new ones?
  2. Gaviinj

    Has anyone ever shed light upon it?
  3. Gaviinj

    This is a very exciting cd.....
  4. Gaviinj

    Dammit. There’s plenty of stories behind this album I’d love to hear about-the alternate KTU version etc for example
  5. Gaviinj

    Was the Roxy show recorded?
  6. Gaviinj

    What is the extra verse from has to be?
  7. What’s the track listing of the 1997 demo assembly, do we know?
  8. Gaviinj

    I love hearing that! So so cool
  9. Gaviinj

    WHAt are these fake opera vocals? These sound fun and I haven’t heard of them....
  10. Gaviinj

    Has to be surely?