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  1. 8 RAM is enough to handle both softwares without problem.
  2. Ram: 16 GB. Videoproc together with daVinci is a winning combo for sure. Topaz if you are into AI. I added in my lengthy comment more about VideoProc and 4K.
  3. Uploading to MEGA. Everyone who has replied here or PM me will get links to both shows. I am sorry it has taken so long, I just had to make a slight changes. I had added too much sharpness that to me appears slighly "uneven" and hence not "realistic" enough so I fixed that without crushing detail. I am sure every single member here knows my OCD is huge, but lets hope it ultimately resulted in something great. I can't promise that everyone will love it, but I can promise, I worked my ass off for about 5 months, from not knowing anything about video processing/editing, while also working a 150%
  4. Thank you for your kind words. 🥰 I will of course send links to Nice/Japan to the ones that ask. I am hypercritical of my work and a bit insecure. A few months ago I didn't even know what encoding meant, I just tought myself to do all this and it was a very frustrating process, but also rewarding in the end. But my insecurities is why no links are in the download section yet. Funny you mentioned sharpness, cause I thought I added too much sharpness, almost to the point of looking "fake" so I slighly changed it, hence the delay in the PM sent links (sorry about that). As for software, I re
  5. I am sorry, I also said I was hesitant about posting in the dowbload section, plus I am getting many requests. I will PM you!
  6. I think it is yes. Also Japan. Would you like to see sceenshots from the Yoko show? It is almost ready. I wanted to finish Nice first because it was MUCH more difficult to do. The source of the Japan I have was so good that less pre-processing was needed. The version I have is one that I havent seen here in the download section. Less failed attempts to get the Yoko one looking very good.
  7. thank you. I am glad you are all so excited to see this, I am too
  8. yes, a great deal of work is putting it mildly. I had to even color correct individual scenes and sometimes groups of frames, with davinci Resolve, this all needed to be done before Topaz AI, so I had to basically cut it to pieces and then overlay the audio, which I also worked on a great deal. But dont worry, its all 100% in synch, Madonna didnt take any part of the project. 😅 I look forward to fans response but I am a bit nervous too. To spend so much time, energy and failing so many times, before getting it this good, it would sting a bit if people disliked it. But its ok. Many sleepless ni
  9. thank you. You are truly wonderful 🥰
  10. and anyone who knows me/knows of me (most of you do I am guessing) also know that my annoying OCD, that irritated 1 or 2 members over the years (or more like most members🙃 ) is the reason that the 2 concerts I worked on for 6 months are so good. I am bragging a bit I am sorry, but what I did is "undoable" according to a professional, so I can only be happy that I for sure created the best BAT versions available. I appologize for the brag, but I am just so proud, I made a piece of crap look like that, with 0 experience, I could hardly restart a computer 😇
  11. I had to lower the contrast to get a less sharp/detailed picture before running it through Topas, I did it so I could more evenly re-sharpen it in the "after effect" part of the project. I hate how AI sharpens the face and the hair is not as sharp (not a problem in close ups though) but I managed to do a decent job of capturing hair details (some of the screen shots have her moving a bit, like LAV and Cherish) by pre-AI processing and AI after effects. This is why I slighly made the picture more faded before Topaz, so I could sharpen it with AVS, normally I hate "sharpening" it looks very fake
  12. Of course, links to DVD, Bluray (1080p) and 4k; for which I had to buy a new computer for. Having a software that takes advantage of high quality engine and selecting High Profile for H.264 codec, you need a computer that can handle it. I originally had someone doing this for me because I knew nothing about video editing/processing, but obsessive as I am, I was never happy so I learned to do it on my own and it was not easy. Learning about encoding, compression, deinterlacing, GOP settings, scene detection settings, H.264 profiles, MOV and/or H.264, amount of Bframes to be inserted in relation
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