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  1. Bat-Fan

    Yes I have come to realise this 😃😍
  2. Bat-Fan

    Into the Groove, Lucky Star, Holiday, 4 Minutes, Music, and Ray of Light were in MDNA tour??? You mean those 1 second teasers before she bursts into shitfest called Turn up the radio (better known as turn off the radio) . But you are taken aback so.. And Like A Virgin was a totally diffent song, very good performance still, but no, MDNA does not scream saturated with hits.
  3. Bat-Fan

    MDNA was supersaturated with hits? Really? Where? They must be hidden within those unrecognisable "fesh" arrangements.
  4. Bat-Fan

    That was not a very convincing reply from Madonna, it is like she lives in her own universe. She is so lost. And she should have removed that video simply because it looked stupid and it was bad. Very bad. Period.
  5. Bat-Fan

    What were the negative comments mostly about? Hardly her fillers
  6. Bat-Fan

    It is because Cher sings her hits. To sell arena you need the GP. Madonna refuses to to this. VERY simple.
  7. Bat-Fan

    How many nights in lisbon were filmed? 😍
  8. Bat-Fan

    Her body is speaking a language she doesn't seem to understand. Madame X does not seem like a warrior right, she seems like a fool. Of course she should cancel
  9. Bat-Fan

    Think you are right
  10. Bat-Fan

  11. Bat-Fan

    I said it from the start of this theater tour, it won't work and it is a huge mistake. From that insulting lottery nonsense to high ticket prices to last SECOND cancellation, this tour is a total disaster and Madonna is clearly unhappy. Does anyone actually think otherwise?
  12. Bat-Fan

    She shouln't have done a theater tour, back to back shows.
  13. Bat-Fan

    Better than being a notorious jerk
  14. Bat-Fan

    Hope she has added a song or 2