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  1. Bat-Fan

    Thank you. I hope they correct this.
  2. Bat-Fan

    So that amazon link I sent should have 18 tracks not 15? I thought amazon was reliable about tracklists
  3. Bat-Fan

    Isnt the track list on amazon wrong for the deluxe, look: It says 2 cds but first one has only 12 tracks and the extra discs has the 3 tracks that are supposed to be on disc one? And no Fanuna etc...
  4. Bat-Fan

    But which of these upcoming songs are actual singles with a video and which are just buzz singles? I am totally lost
  5. Bat-Fan

    Sorry my ignorance but what is a target edition?
  6. Bat-Fan

    So will it be available on spotify today also?
  7. Bat-Fan

    Gh should come after her new album so obviously include the new singles
  8. Bat-Fan

    When is tour rumored to start?
  9. Bat-Fan

    If they apple rumor is true, cant we still assume there will be a physical release of the album? How has it been for other artist?
  10. Bat-Fan

    If it is Apple, can we not still expect a physical release?
  11. Bat-Fan

    This song is almost impossible to sing live... That is the reason it is never on the tracklist. Maybe as an interlude.
  12. Bat-Fan

    Another thread for the same topic once again
  13. Bat-Fan

    What other call being a true artist, some say is a career suiced.
  14. Bat-Fan

    I have no interest in a song about US politics. What a disappointment. It is not even fresh or a new anymore.