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  1. Bat-Fan

    Well she has practically put the whole documentary on her IG already so I would prefer to get the entire show
  2. Bat-Fan

    This is the first post you made that is not a copy/paste from another forum. Did you really manage to type all that yourself? Your fingers must be so tired.
  3. Bat-Fan

    Of course Yes but does anyone think that a 61 year old women, mother of 6000 kids is going to reherse for a new tour following months of rehersals and months of touring MX? Of course not
  4. Bat-Fan

    I hope not. Bat and Rit protest this idea ☺
  5. Bat-Fan

    Where to put the cameras? They would block all the view, some would have to be placed on the side balconies, it is almost impossible to do. Dont count on a concert tour film this time.
  6. Bat-Fan

    Well she still could if she wanted, they were all filmed and edited
  7. Bat-Fan

    I hope you are right, it is still more difficult to film concert tours in such small venues
  8. Hint? Rumors made up by fans? ☺
  9. Bat-Fan

    You think this tour will be filmed and released? Seems cameras at such a small venue would really be in the way and piss people off
  10. Bat-Fan

    Its on youtube
  11. Bat-Fan

    Why is radio 2 not playing God Control?
  12. Bat-Fan

    Did she say it herself? All I have seen is a russian article that stated no video
  13. Bat-Fan

    So the news about a FG video was fake?
  14. Bat-Fan

    Is any radio station going to play this song?