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  1. 8 RAM is enough to handle both softwares without problem.
  2. Ram: 16 GB. Videoproc together with daVinci is a winning combo for sure. Topaz if you are into AI. I added in my lengthy comment more about VideoProc and 4K.
  3. Uploading to MEGA. Everyone who has replied here or PM me will get links to both shows. I am sorry it has taken so long, I just had to make a slight changes. I had added too much sharpness that to me appears slighly "uneven" and hence not "realistic" enough so I fixed that without crushing detail. I am sure every single member here knows my OCD is huge, but lets hope it ultimately resulted in something great. I can't promise that everyone will love it, but I can promise, I worked my ass off for about 5 months, from not knowing anything about video processing/editing, while also working a 150% job time as a doctor in the middle of a pandemic, that is also a reason why I am so late and not very active here. I hope you guys can bear with me. And if someone doesn't like the concerts, I am very sorry, but I poored my heart and soul to this with 0 exerience. I even had to buy a new computer with a higher RAM and processing power. Also I am not in competition with anyone else, I did it because of my love for this concert.
  4. Thank you for your kind words. 🥰 I will of course send links to Nice/Japan to the ones that ask. I am hypercritical of my work and a bit insecure. A few months ago I didn't even know what encoding meant, I just tought myself to do all this and it was a very frustrating process, but also rewarding in the end. But my insecurities is why no links are in the download section yet. Funny you mentioned sharpness, cause I thought I added too much sharpness, almost to the point of looking "fake" so I slighly changed it, hence the delay in the PM sent links (sorry about that). As for software, I recommend daVinci Resolve. I have the paid version (I hate Premium pro with a passion), but you are using Mac, so daVinci is the one for you. It does more than color correction, but I am sure you know all it does. I have a PC, but daVinci, Topaz, HandBrake, Corel VideoStudio 2020 and VideoProc all work for a PC. HandBrake also works on Mac but its not perfect and is very slow, it does a decent job on deinterlacing if you want a progressive video, which you do. But daVinci is the best video editing software and popular amongst mac users, and the free version allows you to do surprisingly much. Another great but underrated software is VideoProc and it works for Mac. It is underrated because its so simple to use. Snobs will dismiss it. It isnt the best for very detailed color correction, but I had to use it, because it handled motion issues and frame rate change extremely well (better than all other softwares) and is great for deinterlacing. It's also the most simple, yet best software if you want to manually add B frames, relative to GOP settings. Mostly it's ideal for encoding (rather than editing) and for deinterlacing, plus frame rate change, without causing judder/stutter issues, and it takes advantage of high quality engine, with full GPU accelerationfull and can encode H.264, H.265 (HEVC), MKV and QuickTime, MOV (which is what you want), but you have to pay for the 4K capable processing version. It also rips DVDs/Blurays and internet links like youtube videos and works for both android and iPhone. But for pro editing and post production, it is not nearly as good as daVinci. That is why I used several softwares, because one would do a much better job for a particular task but not great for something else, for example motion was a problem and the less sophisticated software was in the end, the best. (sorry long post) And links are coming I promise.
  5. I am sorry, I also said I was hesitant about posting in the dowbload section, plus I am getting many requests. I will PM you!
  6. I think it is yes. Also Japan. Would you like to see sceenshots from the Yoko show? It is almost ready. I wanted to finish Nice first because it was MUCH more difficult to do. The source of the Japan I have was so good that less pre-processing was needed. The version I have is one that I havent seen here in the download section. Less failed attempts to get the Yoko one looking very good.
  7. thank you. I am glad you are all so excited to see this, I am too
  8. yes, a great deal of work is putting it mildly. I had to even color correct individual scenes and sometimes groups of frames, with davinci Resolve, this all needed to be done before Topaz AI, so I had to basically cut it to pieces and then overlay the audio, which I also worked on a great deal. But dont worry, its all 100% in synch, Madonna didnt take any part of the project. 😅 I look forward to fans response but I am a bit nervous too. To spend so much time, energy and failing so many times, before getting it this good, it would sting a bit if people disliked it. But its ok. Many sleepless nights and alot og money and patience. That is why I am a bit reluctant to post the Nice/Japan concerts in the video thread. I have gotten so many nasty comments before for being an obsessed loon with this tour. But my heart and soul went into this project. I feel like I created something extraordinary, yet I am terrified of negative feedback.
  9. thank you. You are truly wonderful 🥰
  10. and anyone who knows me/knows of me (most of you do I am guessing) also know that my annoying OCD, that irritated 1 or 2 members over the years (or more like most members🙃 ) is the reason that the 2 concerts I worked on for 6 months are so good. I am bragging a bit I am sorry, but what I did is "undoable" according to a professional, so I can only be happy that I for sure created the best BAT versions available. I appologize for the brag, but I am just so proud, I made a piece of crap look like that, with 0 experience, I could hardly restart a computer 😇
  11. I had to lower the contrast to get a less sharp/detailed picture before running it through Topas, I did it so I could more evenly re-sharpen it in the "after effect" part of the project. I hate how AI sharpens the face and the hair is not as sharp (not a problem in close ups though) but I managed to do a decent job of capturing hair details (some of the screen shots have her moving a bit, like LAV and Cherish) by pre-AI processing and AI after effects. This is why I slighly made the picture more faded before Topaz, so I could sharpen it with AVS, normally I hate "sharpening" it looks very fake if not done with care. Also I tried not to drown the concert in color. So many make the show way too dark and too colorful, almost cartoonish. But I am no pro, just my opinion.
  12. Of course, links to DVD, Bluray (1080p) and 4k; for which I had to buy a new computer for. Having a software that takes advantage of high quality engine and selecting High Profile for H.264 codec, you need a computer that can handle it. I originally had someone doing this for me because I knew nothing about video editing/processing, but obsessive as I am, I was never happy so I learned to do it on my own and it was not easy. Learning about encoding, compression, deinterlacing, GOP settings, scene detection settings, H.264 profiles, MOV and/or H.264, amount of Bframes to be inserted in relations to the GOP settings, using such poor quality source, was a nightmare and it took months. Ironically using the AI software was the easiest part. Getting it good enoug before running it through Topaz was terrible. The hardest was the motion, I kept getting a slight judder/stutter in very fast moving moments (that nobody seemed to notice but me), so alot of trial and error to get the motion smooth; a combination of amount of B frames; in regards to the GOP selected, that also depends on the fpr, and using the best bitrate settings. Variable bitrate and 2nd pass encoding did a good job but I liked using constant bitrate and I have versions using CBR rather than VBR, but those files are huge. Took me a while to figure out the best result for the 29.97fps was 2Bframes and a GOP of 150 (software had it autoset to 250) and 5.2 High Profile, but for my 60fpr version, I used GOP of 300, 3Bframes, and 5.2 high profile. I did 2 versions, using either CBR or VBR, and 2nd pass, but only VBR for 4k due to size, so basically I have 5 versions of Nice. For the "SD" which you may wonder why I bothered to do, I used CBR, and it looks amazing. The after effects from AVS Video editor helped alot (even though AVS is pretty simple) with the sharpness and gamma setting, but I used daVinci resolve for the colors and to optimize the video's motion.
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