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  1. What show is this? You think she is finally going to release it?
  2. That was not a very convincing reply from Madonna, it is like she lives in her own universe. She is so lost. And she should have removed that video simply because it looked stupid and it was bad. Very bad. Period.
  3. What were the negative comments mostly about? Hardly her fillers
  4. Gh should come after her new album so obviously include the new singles
  5. I find it is possible to play American Life again and again without getting tired of it, it has such staying power. COADF is so much fun and catchy but I play it alot less.
  6. S.E.X. is no more a ballad than Devil Pray
  7. Ray of Light album is not on spotify in some countries now accourding to madonnanation.
  8. So Rebel Heart seems to kick the other two albums ass
  9. It is true that Hard Candy got much hate but the hate came mostly from fans, it seems the general public liked it and casual fans also. It was the hardcore fans that were ruthless. It is a fine and fun album.
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