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    All pretty much, the stage was too heavily dependant on the screens, which were at the time very impressive and huge, stage looked small and empty, not just simple. The video angles of Lisbon are not that great, the editing looks 50% done, if that, the sound quality is terrible, for me the sound is what makes imposdible to watch it, echo in her voice and flat production. The lighs are ok, just very basic. There are no audience shots that add to the whole "flatness" of the Lisbon show. Minus her first outfit, the rest are good to ok, her last look was a bit unforgettable. I still like the tour and still hope for a proper DVD release because the leak is nowhere near. They can still improve the Lisbon material, doesn't have to be overdone like her last concert film, but this show as it is presented, looks totally unfinished (which is is). Alot can be done but doubt she cares
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  3. Yes this is true. They seem to not want to realease the Nice show.
  4. Yokohama was being discussed. There seems to be a lack of interest. I
  5. Yes it sure does. The problem I had with Nice is not only the overwhelming light but the color, like the set piece in Express yourseld now being neon color pink and so on.. Also in Holiday just eas the the top light and compare it to other early shows.
  6. This is true, the lighting was still increased drastically for Barcelona and Nice.
  7. Having the Paris footage released on bluray is every fan's dream, mine no less than anyone else. About the lighting, first of all, yes they added lights later but the lights you see in Barcelona and nice were added at the tail end of the tour for the taping because the found it too dark, but in my opinion I find they grossly overdid it with all the neon colors, as the earliest show were under-lit, the Nice is over-lit, that Pink color for example in Express yourself is pretty terrible in my opinion but I would still rather have Nice released, it is amazing show, they all are too me. The reason Yoko is so dark is combination of several things, first it was early in the tour and they hadn't really perfected the lighting, the in fact kept adding them later in the US and then they went all nuts with those colored lights in Barcelona and Nice. Due to the vocals in Nice, that many find just part of the charm is most likely something Madonna isn't very fond of. The Yoko is also dark because the wind kept blowing away the smoke which is needed for the lights to diffuse. But most fans have some crap version of the yoko show as the picture and audio quality of Yoko is considerably better than Nice. Nice was taped in PAL, than converted to NTSC; which is the in-house, that looks much better than the regular LD rip fans have of the yoko show; that not only looks dark, but have a has rather faded colors and grayish/dull overlay. But the source recordings look really good of the yoko show, and it was done in NTSC, and there was much more footage than was on the release as you probably know as it can be found on youtube or used to be at least, I have seen 2 or 3 songs there. The Paris lighting is the best we have seen but I don't know if you have read about all the work they did only for that show. There is interesting reading material you can easily find that explains the amount of time that took to color correct every frame, doing light enhancements etc. basically it is really amazingly done. There is a reason the lights look so good and coloring is just crazy good. But as I just said before replying to you, and I am am just going to copy/pase part of it: Paris dates weren't filmed except 10 songs, but the whole Paris part was taped, But a bluray or editing in the style of TOD is not possible when only selected songs were filmed for the movie. You do not want a mix of taped and filmed bluray; the quality of the taped part is not bluray material, it would be worse than MDNA mixed pixture quality. And no I do not have a source, but I think if people really want the Paris Bluray/stream mentioned in the other thread and by default don't believe me; then they should use their imagination and think who could know this fact for certain and is it really so difficult to just get in contact? Why not try, nothing bad will happen, forget Guy Oseary, but you can of course try to reach him but he has never replied to me. There has been endless "only selected songs were filmed" vs "no the entire concert was filmed I was there and there were cameras also in the other songs" on and on it goes. Given it was 30 years and I really want that show released and that dumb pioneer deal is not a problem anymore I was hoping she would release the Nice show, so I contacted someone to my surprised told me... everything mentioned above, Nice source material is pretty much just the in-house but higher bitrate and it is not possible to use is for bluray and the possible streaming mentioned. I asked about Paris of course and if the entire thing was filmed or not and unfortunately no it wasn't and I asked: are you sure annoyingly often. Those songs were mapped out for the movie, with LAP and HP also filmed but only ended up as extra and not edited and processed the same way. There were other things than the pioneer LD deal blocking BAT being released on DVD long time ago. Most shows were taped for the monitors and some had added cameras, and actually future leaks wouldn't surprise me. BUT as for releasing the entire concert in 4K and streaming, the only source material good enough is yokohama. It was released as a Japan exclusive at the time but i have no idea why it is possible to release it now. The material for will of course never look anything like Paris, but they can do much more with it than other shows, like it doesn't look grayish like those terrible LD rips, also it can be color corrected, lighting can be enhanched/amplified considerable, gamma settings need to be increased etc. Also details that cannot be seen can be brought to light. When you see on youtube these fan made "remastered Yoko shows" basically what is done is the color has been increased, often too much, as it is not actual color correction, it is just increase in all the colors, and because those LD rips look so grayish; what I see is basically just brightness decreased to eliminate the grayish black but it ends up totally too dark and over all terrible. What needs to be done is enhance the brightness selectively probably increase the contrast and not make the picture darker as the source recording doesn't look like that. But this is the way it is. It is of course not up to me me to decide if a concert is released or not but there was concern that the demand for the tour was not that great, as doing this is expensive. So I guess we will just live with what we have. The Nice leak isn't really any worse in quality than WTGT or GS anyway, which isn't saying much of course.
  8. no I did not make this up but I don't wish to argue with you. It is perfectly understandable that you do not believe me, and I fully expected that. My goal is to see if there is any interest in releasing the yokohama show, not just here in this forum. I did tell him, and you all know this person, that is was highly unlikely people would believe me, and if they did, they wouldn't much care for this show being released anyway. And I really think there is no interest anyway. If you are wondering why I can't just tell you who it is, I was asked not to, and the reason relates to part of the reason the show couldn't be released before now. I approached him because of my not so secret desire for this tour to be released (not yoko though), not expecting to even get an answer, but I did and after some discussion I was told, like I said, it was a possibility now being considered. This person is someone who would want this tour released also. If a huge demand for this to be released is really based on me telling you who he is, than I suppose I can tell him that and maybe he says ok with it, but until then I have zero energy to argue. I have a board exam in 1 day and I haven't slept for two. I know you will wish me luck.
  9. There is no "source". A screenshot from my phone? That for your explain alot but I cant do that
  10. Yeah, but I think there will be very little demand for the Japan show, everyone has it any way and still believe Paris is a possibility. They will 1000% not risk losing money on this.
  11. I don' t think any of her BATs were boring, love yoko, it is their culture to be like this. But may I ask you ALL and please reply: IF BAT were to be released in 4K and put on streaming services, BUT Yokohama would be the only sourse available to release it in such quality (plus some color corrected and light enhanching, gamma settings changed and contrast changed etc also) would you rather have Yokohama released officially or nothing, since alot of fans are not very excited about Yoko. And Paris is not s possibility I am afraid, so it is nothing or Yoko. What would you prefer?
  12. They can, and also color correct it and amplicy lighting considerably. Also there are alot more footage/shots available than appeared on the LD. I do know they are considering this, and yes they really are! and it's the only source good enough for major reconstruction and for 4K and possible streaming platforms, but the issue is if Madonna can release legally. It was a Japan exclusive but maybe it changed with expited pioneer contract.
  13. Because yokohama has such a high quality source material, it could be remastered amazingly and color corrected. Lighting can be enhanced/amplified alot, gamma settings changed. I would more than welcome that release. Would anyone actually say no to Yomohama in 4k and bluray and streaming platforms?
  14. Do you think she could legally release the Yoko show because it can be upscaled? Maybe she just dorsnt want to 😂
  15. What show is this? You think she is finally going to release it?
  16. If you rewatch Yoko there are cameras on stage too, it is not just the screen image put on a release and yes the wind had huge affect, look when the wind stops for a sec, then the lights appear, you need smoke for proper lighting? You do know this? Here is Tokyo. Looks pretty similar to Yoko, very dark. They kept adding and adding lights throughout the show. In Barcelona and Nice, they went way too far with the colored lights, it looks overlit and those neon colors are painful to watch. I think the US shows had it right. Too bad we dont have a good quality version of a US show
  17. On laser disc? Old analoque technology
  18. Well Nice is dead as an option to release it for reasons I already stated. So we just have to accept this. What do you mean diffusers btw?
  19. I understand, but she would care. The reason the lights are like that on yomo is also the wind that kept blowing the smoke away, the lights dont work witbout the smoke. Nice is more cinemographic true but it has its problems too.
  20. I don't know what you are basing it on, bootleg DVDs or Youtube? If you compare the LD or the master tapes of Yoko and Nice you clearly see superior tecnology on the Japan recording? She wont release just any shit. If you are just talking about you like the Nice visually that is not the same as "video quality" and yes yoko was underlit and dark but Nice was also seriously overlid with all these added neon color lights. The pink/purple lit set piece on express yourself is terrible and the lightong on Holiday is just crazy. Also Madonna would never release a show with such terrible vocals
  21. Visually? What do you mean? The actual quality, as in technology is better in the yoko show
  22. What I meant in quality is picture and audio quality. The Nice show is worsh in picture and audio quality
  23. true, but would Madonna release the Japan show or have legal rights to it? It is true the Yoko show was done is much better quality than the Nice show and they could actually release it... but I doubt she has any interest in releasing BAT.