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  1. Does anyone else feel like the Love Profusion remix sounds like a vinyl rip? The CD single source club mix sounds much clearer than the radio mix in FEL
  2. Is this the promo tour mix she performed on several TV shows? finally an official release?
  3. Actually "Album Edit" and "Edit" are the same version, and they don't usually include album versions in these digital singles, so hopefully there will be unreleased tracks?
  4. They have this studio version too which I think is better. I like this version but honestly I don't think it's suitable for Madonna. The original version is perfect on its own.
  5. I looove Sorry PSB remix, one of her best remixes I think. The others don't do much for me either Oh, and Jump Extended is a good one too!
  6. I think these two songs show a different side of her attitude towards the divorce. After all it was an 8-year marriage. Besides 'no regret' songs like Gang Bang/I Don't Give A, there's gotta be some melancholic moments like Best Friend/I Fucked Up. Maybe that's why in the tour she used Best Friend as an interlude right after I Don't Give A.
  7. Ray of Light, Music, American Life and God Control are my favorites But actually what I love the most is The Confessions Tour. The production of that DVD is top of the top among all tour videos in general.
  8. "I think I'm gonna sing a song about love, um-hmm" in Drowned World Tour 2001. But how is Don't Tell Me about love? I thought it was about not caring about people's ideas and being herself.

    1. emanon


      about loving yourself...

    2. poserdemadonna
    3. isaac003


      oh that makes sense! thanks guys:lol: I guess "until I learn to love myself I was never ever loving anybody else"

  9. She says that Japanese line because the last performance 'Bitch I'm Madonna' has a lot of Japanese elements, and the two female dancers are Japanese too
  10. Is "It´s So Cool (Bloodshy & Avant Demo)" genuine? If it is, I think it's made during Confessions era!

    1. Dazedmadonna


      It is real but it's actually the Paul Oakenfold Shuffle Version #2, sampling Black and Gold​ by Sam Sparrow, B&A never worked on it! It's also from 2009, ISC had many test versions

    2. isaac003


      Thanks Dazedmadonna! I know the other Paul Oakenfold demos of ISC and I think they are all great. M made the right choice to use his version. So there were just him and Mirwais remaking the song then?

    3. Dazedmadonna
  11. What did Madonna say in the Request Song part in S&ST DVD? The sentence before "you gotta keep your hands clapping" and started singing LAV. Is it Spanish or something?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. isaac003


      @G House Thank you for such a clear explanation!

    3. Fighter


      in latinamerican spanish it would be "están listos?" for "are you ready?" tho

    4. madgefan


      She was drunk.

  12. 819. All studio albums, non-album singles, some great remixes, full live albums of every tour, some live studio versions and some other demos and stuff.
  13. All songs on The Immaculate Collection except the two new ones are remixed. That's what makes this greatest hits album so unique.
  14. This remix is awesome! I love eurodance!

    1. Andymad


      Serving you Dance Mix '95 awesomeness. I love it!

    2. isaac003


      Thanks Andymad! Haven't heard it but it looks like a great eurodance album!

    3. DickTracy


      Neat retro! I like how loyal they stay to the original music

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