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  1. I hate that version and prefer the one they chose but it's annoying how they didn't pick the rare mix over the one that was just recently uploaded. I guess it's because the 7" Dance Edit is very close to the version on TIC.
  2. I love every incarnation of Everybody but this one was a phenomenal remake in my eyes. It added a proper OOMPH to an already great and sexy dance track.
  3. The song takes way too long to get going, the chorus is beyond repetitive and I‘m just not a big fan overall. I think it’s pretty overrated.
  4. Bullshit. This album is probably her most consistent in terms of quality. It‘s miles ahead of a good 75% of her discography. Even conceptually it‘s so strong. She‘s reflecting on her first 4 albums with a bunch of tracks directly or indirectly linking back to songs from those albums. It‘s almost as if she transported her first 4 albums into this time and age while incorporating her early disco days into it. It’s absolutely fantastic and incredibly well conceptualized.
  5. The song never struck a chord with me. I find it incredibly cheesy. The song is NOTHING other than an odd revamp of Love Song without the ABBA sample. Get Together & Forbidden Love totally blow it out of the water.
  6. but that is not the point here. The 7" Remix is the one that was released as a single and still isn’t digitally available anywhere (for whatever reason).
  7. Not the studio version of The Girlie Show but the version she performed at the VMA’s.
  8. Intervention is much better than the album version of Nobody Knows Me and Nothing Fails. The latter is blatantly overrated.
  9. They really couldn't have chosen a better song? Such as Vogue, Music, Hung Up or even something from Rebel Heart?
  10. I can't wait for the expanded version of Bedtime Stories!



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      I know what the biting was about !

      Are they doing a 5/6 LP version ?

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  11. Looks like Physical Attraction isn't the actual 7" Edit. The original one is 3:54. This one shows it's running time at 3:45.
  12. Looks like someone is extremely butt hurt! But it's totally fine if you think it's atrocious. You are just as entitled to your opinion as I am to mine.
  13. Better than the IG screenshot or the watered-down Celebration attempt. There are some dreadfully over-edited pictures in that Steven Klein shoot but it’s the closest thing to an iconic photoshoot we have from the past year. 💀💀💀
  14. + Gambler (Extended Dance Mix) + Crazy for You (Edit/Fade) + Burning Up (Remix) + Dress You Up (Remix Edit) + Borderine (Remix) + Rescue Me (all Dubs) ...and that's honestly my entire wishlist.
  15. Hopefully we're still getting the expanded version of You Can Dance somehow: Spotlight - Extended Remix Holiday - Extended Remix Everybody - Extended Remix Physical Attraction - Extended Remix Over and Over - Extended Remix Into the Groove - Extended Remix Where's the Party - Extended Remix Spotlight - Dub Version Holiday - Dub Version Over and Over - Dub Version Into the Groove - Dub Version Where's the Party - Dub Version Spotlight - Single Edit Holiday - Single Edit Everybody - Single Edit Physical Attraction - Single Edit Over and Over - Single Edit Into the Groove - Single Edit Where's the Party - Single Edit Unavailable digitally (from CD source) * = can be reconstructed from other sources
  16. Yes I am a fan. I’m just not a “yas fan” that praises every thing she does. That said, maybe you should check my profile and look at the things I have contributed to this forum before trying to discredit me.
  17. Well that’s good for you!!! 😁👍 Thankfully there is freedom of speech here and I can voice my disappointment about this project as freely as you can voice your excitement about it.
  18. She never does anything for the hardcore fans because she and her team still think she can get lots of new fans. Those times are over and it’s truly about damn time they prioritise the people who have been supporting her for a long time. This release is a lazy, unorganised mess with terrible amateurish artwork.
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