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  1. rob666

    me.... twice.... 19th and 20th...
  2. Hi, I bought a 'Crave' package for Paris 19th, who else?
  3. rob666

    did anyone buy a Medellin or crave package for Paris feb 19th 2020?
  4. rob666

    I Didn't either but contacted immediately. They send me a code and link within 30 min. (both Paris and London)
  5. That would only be nice if they use the right color yellow. Like from the logo or Dick's coat and hat.
  6. rob666

    Silly ol' me. ;-) Paris is C18 on the 19th and F12 on the 20th for me
  7. rob666

    and the other one.
  8. rob666

    moi (2x)
  9. rob666

    Paris in da pocket also (2). Being a legacy member definitely has it's pro's. The links provided was only valid for 24 hours. I thought to get tickets for a friend yesterday. The link that worked in the afternoon didn't work anymore 3 hours later. Now it says all is sold and the packages are closed as well
  10. Does anyone know if the Madame X glitter cassette on sale from this week, is different than the cassette that already was in Presale? In the madonna shop they have these 2 separate so I guess one is black and the other one glitter. But I don't want to end up with 2 glitter cassettes.
  11. rob666

    I am!!!! London row 6 in da pocketttt
  12. rob666

    just love it
  13. rob666

    I'm loving it it's a grower. Used to Maluma already
  14. rob666

    At first it felt disappointing, but it's really growing on me now, I Actually like it. yeah. It's simple but it's got lots of layers. love the artworks. It's going to be a good madonna year. About Maluma don't know.