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  1. techno101

    Do you guys think it's possible both the Rebel Heart Tour and Madame X Tour are unfinished visions for M, based on issues with her knee? I still fully believe that for the latter tour, she planned to further refine it along the way but didn't due to the injury. We knew she had issues for weeks of rehearsals, and it would explain why there were so many rehearsed songs ultimately cut from the tour. It also should be noted how many RHT rehearsal clips had her with a cane. Something definitely changed with the approach to that tour. Based off of the rehearsal clips, there was to be much more choreography and high-energy numbers than what came to fruition. It also coincided with the first time the fanbase speculated about bum surgery. It wouldn't surprise me if this tour was the first one where she struggled to dance, due to "enhancements". Sound off, Little Madonsters.
  2. techno101

    Wasn't this rumored to have been an idea around the time of his death? It would have been epic.
  3. techno101

    Lady Gaga.
  4. techno101

    I'd sadly say yes, it's her worst -- Having seen it 2x in person (so don't come at me saying I'm going based off her Insta). I've seen every tour from Confessions-onwards, barring S&S, and I consider Rebel Heart to be when the Madonna concert experience first started to lose its "X Factor". Something about the pacing and theme of that show was off -- I remember that was the first time I witnessed a show of her's that felt disjointed, rushed, and dare I say cheap? The Madame X Tour was a whole new low, in my opinion. It's missing absolutely everything I used to love about the Madonna concert experience: * Production * Interesting visuals / staging (she literally reuses music video clips) * Good choreography (I still don't understand how anything in that show gave her an injury). * A sensible flow * A good balance of hits and new songs * Interesting interpretations of the old songs (Frozen is fine, I guess) * A controversial, breathtaking segment / moment * A good entrance * An excited crowd, due to the late starts / A/C / lack of hits / etc. * A general "X Factor" attitude in her performance that seems to be lacking completely nowadays * TALKING AND JOKES. Jesus, the end segment of the Rebel Heart Tour was foreshadowing of her descent into live concert madness. Sigh. I really feel like she's trying to execute a Judy Garland approach to performing nowadays that kinda just isn't working. That's the kinda persona that I gathered from the show. I'm curious to see if she'll stick with this format or not.
  5. techno101

    To be fair, it works better as a bookend to her career, don't ya think? As a reference to The Book of Revelations.
  6. techno101

    I always like "The Second Coming" as the bookend title.
  7. techno101

    100%. This is what makes me sad about Madonna nowadays. When I bring up her concert tours and performances, 30 & unders literally laugh me under the table. It's shocking to me that she's been forgotten as the pioneer of pop shows this easily. Maybe because all the pop girls have replicated her formula nowadays and -- God, dare I say it -- Sometimes execute it with better production / setlists now? I've watched the Reinvention Tour, Drowned World Tour, and Confessions Tour bootlegs in the last week. This woman used to be a PERFORMER. Jesus -- The facial expressions, the perfectly built choreography, the flawless visuals, the megamix sort of setlist flow, the high-energy endings, the constantly new approaches to performances (she really didn't start recycling ideas until S&S), the mystique she maintained with minimal crowd conversation, the consummate professional she was as a headliner. Her concert tours used to be nothing short of art installations. To me, it never was just about her music or her music videos. Madonna the artist was all about Madonna live, and to me, the General Public's tendency to forget THAT aspect of her is most tragic to me. I will never forget seeing The Confessions Tour. There has never been a room I've been in that was that electric with anticipation and energy before or since that night.
  8. techno101

    The post-2006 mega-stans seem to often use the argument that her divorce and Hard Candy-onwards was just Madonna returning to form, since her English Housewife era was the "restrained and unhappy" Madonna. To those fans I'd like to ask -- If that's the case, let's say she didn't meet Guy Ritchie? Where would her career have gone? I've also noticed a substantial difference in how she used to perform -- She seems so much less confident nowadays. She used to absolutely nail the facial expressions, the confidence, and rhythm. Confessions is the type of show I would have predicted she'd still be able to put on nowadays. It was mostly posing, lots of walking, and the occasional dance break, much like Madame X today. The difference is that she's missing the production, the flow / storyline, innovative mixes, creative team, and overall "X Factor" that she once had on stage. I can't remember what other member it was here (or maybe another forum), but to the person who said "I still love her but no longer feel that same starstruck, larger than life feeling seeing her", I agree. There's something just....different about her as a star nowadays. Almost like the mystique is all gone. Part of what defined Madonna as this larger than life star is that she was untouchable and bold, even in the darkest of times. Maybe the divorce was what she felt was her first real "failure" in her life, causing her to stumble and lose that perfect image along the way that so much of the General Public / fans used to adore? Dare I say she became human to a lot of us?
  9. techno101

    Oof...anyone seen the comments on her Facebook page re: last night's video? Oof, those are rough.
  10. techno101

    Okay, can us all fans collectively agree on one thing, though? Her set list in 2012 was tragic and should have replaced GMAYL with I’m Addicted, included Hung Up, etc...
  11. techno101

    'Ugh I imagine it now... The lights go down in the stadium....and then... "The thing that hurts the most...I decided to call my record Madame X....Madame X is a dancer...a head of state..." Video goes off -- "What are you looking at" Vogue intro, followed by the following setlist: * Vogue * Human Nature * Future (W/ Quavo) * Welcome to La Isla Fado * God Control / Like a Prayer But seriously, what would the Madame X Halftime Show have looked like if this had been the promo album?
  12. techno101

    I love this thread <3 Completely agree. I know I'm so critical of her here, but it's only because I love the diva we fell in love with. Is it fair to say people who don't get Madonna aren't very smart? Watching her Madame X interviews -- stunning.
  13. techno101

    I'm not gonna lie, I love the way the show starts, so I'm really glad God Control is back. That part where she kneels among the coffins is so dramatic in person.
  14. techno101

    I fear a Madonna biopic right this second would bomb, though. It wouldn't help her image *at* *all* if the film didn't instantly go to the top of the Box Office returns. She really needs to get with a formal PR firm and map a road to her comeback / rehabilitated image. It's going to take time. But I really do believe she can pull it off if she plays her cards right. I'm shocked by how many of my friends think she's a terrible performer -- They haven't seen anything pre-Super Bowl. Wasn't there this big deal article about her getting a new publicity team around this time last year? I wonder whatever happened to that. It sounded so promising.
  15. techno101

    On the upside, maybe she’ll start adding songs back into the set list and open with Crave at 10:50 PM