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  1. +1 for MusicBee, it's so much easier and its autotagging search features are fantastic. I then sync everything from MusicBee to dedicated Spotify playlists for listening on the go.
  2. Oh wow it looks fantastic! Her team are on a ROLL!
  3. No Edit One or Edit Two everything else looks fantastic though! Source: Madonna Australia (https://www.facebook.com/MadonnaAustralia)
  4. I tried, and I saw a lot of activity on twitter trying to tag them and send it to them, but nothing ever came of it unfortunately. I'd love to have helped with an IC30 campaign so they just need to message me @brad.kiwi on Instagram
  5. I'm still waiting for her to call me and ask to borrow my design files 😂 https://www.behance.net/gallery/92913091/Madonna-The-Immaculate-Collection-30th-Anniversary
  6. This is gorgeous! So clean and beautiful, and it would look great as a streaming cover next to the Madame X deluxe album cover. Love it love it love it
  7. I'm a lifer, I'm not going anywhere 😂 It was absolutely in the plans but then I decided to leave it out and let the album have a chance to stand on its own for once. It would also lets the original book keep its mystique and value.
  8. I debated including it, but my rationale eventually was: it was the Erotica team who created it during the middle of creating Erotica, so why not include it? Plus it's pretty forgotten and underrated for a #1 single, time to give it some love!
  9. Wow, thank you so much everyone! If one of her interns is indeed on here, for God's sake give me a call. 😂 @OceanBlueNo particular reason for that, it could always be amended to include both versions. But I had to make some calls on what would fit on a disc of demos - a lot of the Rain Tape demos were axed from that because of how damaged or close to the album versions they are.
  10. For fun, and because it's a great creative exercise different to the kind of work I do as a designer full-time. Plus sometimes people don't know what they want until they see it. And concept projects like mine could be deciding factors in convincing the people responsible to produce products like this, especially once they see audience and consumer demand. We've got some of her old maxi singles on streaming now after all - anything could happen.
  11. My Erotica box set design is now live! All feedback is very welcome: I'm happy to make improvements. :)



  12. Here it is - I'd love to know what you think! https://www.behance.net/gallery/104612089/Madonna-Erotica-(Expanded-Box-Set) https://www.behance.net/gallery/104612089/Madonna-Erotica-(Expanded-Box-Set)
  13. My next box set design is nearly finished - can't wait to share it!!

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