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  1. lovetriedtowelcomeme

    You should get a large pinboard to put up a poster or two!
  2. lovetriedtowelcomeme

    @@Dazedmadonna I got Kylie Christmas too! Lol
  3. lovetriedtowelcomeme

    74/75. I am such a flop fan. I forgot Dress You Up!
  4. lovetriedtowelcomeme

    We'll never know, really. But I'm sure Madonna would at least reduce the number of images of violence in her shows in a situation as serious as the Paris attacks, hence the fact that she reduced violence in the Drowned World Tour because of 9/11. That's my thoughts, but I guess we'll never know everything Madonna thinks!
  5. lovetriedtowelcomeme

    @@madbella wow, you really have heaps! I wish my collection had so many singles in it! How long have you been collecting?
  6. lovetriedtowelcomeme

    Hi all! I am impressed with your items, @@ITG and @, and it would be really cool to have a whole terabyte of Madonna, @@Breathless. I will make sure to take a photo of my whole collection and post on this forum by the end of the day.
  7. lovetriedtowelcomeme

    Hello to all! I know I have stayed off the radar a bit recently, but I'm trying to be as productive as possible today. As we all know, collecting Madge's music is one of our biggest forms of stanning for her, and although not all of us own her entire catalogue, most of us have at least bought one or two items relating to the Queen of Pop. I'm somewhere in the middle, having collected 58 items of Madonna, which I will list in a minute, but for now I would like to draw your attention to the fact that I am currently running a blog about my collecting chronicles. The link is in my signature, and I would be very happy to have some sort of support; either a comment, +1 (as my blog is on Blogger), a Tweet, a FaceBook like, or a subscription, depending on what sorts of social media you have. I'm not trying to push anyone into doing anything, but I would love to broaden my audience. But, for now, I present to you the list of all Madonna items I own. In the responses I would love to see what you guys have, but if it's too much to list you can always say what your favourite or most valuable items are. Let's begin! CD albums Madonna (2001) Like a Virgin (2001) True Blue (2001) You Can Dance I'm Breathless (Japan release with obi) The Immaculate Collection Erotica Bedtime Stories Ray of Light Music (AU Deluxe with slipcase) American Life Confessions on a Dance Floor (Standard) Hard Candy (Standard) Sticky & Sweet Tour (CD+DVD) MDNA (Deluxe) Rebel Heart (AU Deluxe) Rebel Heart (UK Deluxe) (Sealed) CD EPs Rescue Me (Alternate Mix) (Japan release with obi) Erotica Remixes (Japan release with obi) Rain EP (Japan release with obi) Take a Bow (Remixes) (Japan release with obi) CD singles Holiday (Sealed from Lucky Records) Papa Don't Preach True Blue La Isla Bonita Causing a Commotion Vogue (2-track) Vogue (US Remixes) Justify My Love (Digipak) Rescue Me (Digipak) This Used To Be My Playground Deeper and Deeper (6-track) Don't Cry For Me Argentina (AU ltd ed) Ray Of Light (Remixes CD1) Nothing Really Matters (AU 4-track) Beautiful Stranger American Pie (AU CD1) American Pie (AU CD2) American Pie (EU 4-track) Music (AU CD1) Music (AU CD2) Don't Tell Me (AU 4-track) Die Another Day (AU CD1) Die Another Day (AU CD2) Hollywood (CD1) Hung Up (CD2) Sorry (Maxi) Get Together (Maxi) Superstar Other formats of music Justify My Love (4-track LP) Rescue Me (4-track LP) Secret (UK Cassette) Don't Cry For Me Argentina (US LP) (Sealed) Other merchandise Evita DVD Madonna (Book by Daryl Easlea and Eddi Fiegel) Rebel Heart Photo Print (AU) Rebel Heart Badge from Lucky Records (Picture is standard album cover) Rebel Heart Tour Poster (24" x 36") (Sword picture) Over to you now...
  8. lovetriedtowelcomeme

    I was absolutely shocked when I was told what was happening in Paris. It is deeply saddening that there are still gaps in humankind's acceptance of one another, and that some feel the need to attack or hurt others in the name of what they think is right. The events will also change the politics in France; they will definitely be cracking down on extremists and kicking them out of the country, and Marine Le Pen's anti-muslim ways will receive sympathy and support, out of desperation from those effected by the attacks. Because events like this are happening, a stigma has been instilled within Western society that all muslims are terrorists. But that is not true. As @@NowRadiate stated, terrorism has no religion, but a mind of mediocre intelligence would simply assume that it does. I don't live in the USA, but I see the unfairness with African-American people and people from other minority groups being shot for no reason by authorities, and it hurts me, because all of these hate crimes are happening just because of the past's events. Post 9-11. Post Charlie Hebdo. Therefore, I despise those who feel the need to harm innocent people, but I feel sympathy for the hate that so many people get for other people's actions. We (the Western world) have done just as much harm to them as how much they have done to us. Excuse me for going off on a tangent, but I am very touched, and I just had so much to say. My love goes to those effected.
  9. lovetriedtowelcomeme

    I have very strong opinions about recording concerts. I understand that some fans who have seen about 1 million of M's concerts may like to record one of them for memories, but for a fan like me, seeing Madonna is such an elusive opportunity. You see, I am an Australian fan. I think that basically sums it up. I have never seen Madge live, and I praise the powers that be for the fact that I will see her in March, but it will almost certainly be the only concert I see my queen in. It would be the worst waste of time ever for me to record the concert, and guys, especially if you have spent basically your whole family's fortune plus a loan on front row tickets, do society a favour. Don't record. It's a waste of time, and the HQ tour videos will always be there a year or two after. Live in the moment, people. Don't waste a fortune on LQ videos you won't watch. Spend your money on the concert, not the video. If you are really desperate to record, maybe just record your favourite moment or song. Ciao!
  10. lovetriedtowelcomeme

    Your story is very powerful. As momosfantasy said, sometimes life has its downsides. I have had many challenging experiences myself, but not on a scale so large as you, OhMadonna. My best advice to you is to speak to the right people. If you have depression, you should be seeing a therapist who can help you with your problems, and if there are just a few things getting you down, your friends will be there for you. And if your friends let you down, you can find your home here at MadonnaInfinity. One thing you may need to note, however, is to be careful about where you share your story. In general MadonnaInfinity seems like a great community, but websites such as YouTube (the actual worst) are full of trolls who want to make you feel worse. In other words, don't try to seek help other websites. Keep it here. I am glad that you have found refuge in Madonna's music. When I feel down, my favourite thing to do is listen to the Queen of Pop. She has brightened my life, and it seems she has brightened your life. Keep on going, because you are loved.
  11. lovetriedtowelcomeme

    Lucky you! Since I'm only a recent fan, I've never had such great opportunities.
  12. lovetriedtowelcomeme

    I'm back everyone! One thing that I really want to address is the fact that the Parisian record shop Lucky Records exists! I'm not sure if all of you guys know about it, but it is absolute heaven for Madonna fans. Just so you have an idea of what you see there, here's a few photos. The address is 66 Rue De La Verriere, Paris, and for non-French fans, (like myself), a reasonable amount of their products are available for purchase on their website. Ok, now that I've brought Lucky Records into the conversation, I would like to 'promote' my collecting blog. I recently started a blog on Blogger to chronicle my collecting stories, and since my mother went to Lucky Records for me on her travels and bought a few things, I posted about it on my blog. The link to the post is, and the link to the main blog is I would absolutely love it if you could read about my collecting, and to +1, Tweet, or Facebook like my posts. The reason I'm posting about it here is because I want to gain attention to my blog by sharing it with people with interests relating to the blog. I would also like to get my blog popular at an early stage, so that I am writing material for an audience other than myself. The items my mother bought for me were: Holiday (CD Single) (1983/1994) Superstar (CD Single) (2012) Rebel Heart Tour Poster (2015) Rebel Heart Badge (2015) If you would like to know more about what I got, please be kind enough to visit my blog. Also, tell me what you think of Lucky Records in response to this thread. Had you previously heard of it? Have you shopped from Lucky Records? Give me the deets. Ciao!