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  1. azrael

    Future is definitely a summer bumper. What a TUNE.
  2. I think it's OK and just that. Forgettable but not completely unpleasant. I guess next in line is 'FUTURE' and I hope this one isn't going to be 'CHAMPAGNE ROSE part ii.'
  3. I'm not really impressed with CRAVE or I RISE. They feel like such a fall from grace to me and almost as if the filler that was once in her cheeks has now somehow ended up as part of the sonic spectrum of 'MADAME X' - I hope the other tracks prove me wrong.
  4. ...because they have too much free time on their hands and are trying to seek some kind of online glory to compensate for other deep seeded issues that they may/may not be experiencing.
  5. I'm quoting you again here just so everyone can see more proof of your wholly inaccurate descriptions. It's a mid-tempo song with trap-ish elements. Nothing "weird, cool, eclectic, stand out jam" about it....and now everyone can hear that proof for themselves so case closed. If you were a politician I could imagine you coming out with beauties like "I can speak for everyone in the room, because I'm a mixed raced hermaphrodite" lol.
  6. CRAVE will probably leak soon. It's been sent out in preparation for Friday, or so I've been told.
  7. Mirwais put it best himself: "Madame X is a global futuristic album. It may be the first of it kind. I am beyond proud to be part of this adventure!! Stay tuned..." I guess we better WATCH THIS SPACE!
  8. what really makes me smile about it is how LONG the song is in comparison to the other chart contenders that it's amongst.
  9. great news!! it helps that she's kind of a household name in the UK really
  10. I hope some kind of DUB mix gets released of this with M's 'ven conmigo, let's take a trip' hook throughout cus it's SOOOOOO addictive and it's stuck in my HEAD!
  11. So many new faces in this thread we've never seen either EVER or in a LONG TIME. It sort of reminds me what you see when you lift up a rock in your back garden. Lots of bugs. Dazed and confused, scuttling around frightened and not sure how to react to the change in stimulus....but they eventually calm....they eventually settle down and make the best of what new obstacles they have lol relax everyone, it's a great first single choice and honestly she has a SURE shot of a BANGER summer hit with this one, let's not get ahead of ourselves before we hear the album in its entirety
  12. I doubt Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots were too preoccupied with Spotify back in the 16th century lol