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  1. These were posted in a vinyl group on fb.
  2. My tracking updated late last night and was finally delivered today!
  3. Here is the latest update I had this evening from them, it’s even stranger as they now stated it was dispatched 12th yet I contacted them on 13th and they advised later that day it had been dispatched the tracking that hasn’t moved since that date either. How could they dispatch it in advance? I have no faith that I will actually receive this order and it has all the versions of this release so to not have it a month after release is an absolute joke. Several people are tweeting of the issues maybe if more people complain in the public domain they might actually sort out the issues. Seem to be blaming Royal Mail once again stating they haven’t scanned in the items.
  4. My order was reshipped due to an error earlier this week, but once again the status remains the sender has not dispatched the goods, this is now ridiculous! Has anyones replacement order actually updated?
  5. Is anyones status still stuck as ‘sender dispatching item’? Mine has not moved since 01.09.22. Not sure they can explain it away with the post strikes, I’ve received orders and delivered next day so doesn’t seem to be an issue in my area, the post strike scheduled for today was also cancelled.
  6. Her uk store is absolutely useless and don’t seem like they can handle the whole situation. It was exactly the same commotion with madame X with them never updating I got my orders finally sorted about three months later after releases! My USA store order has not moved in over two weeks and no response to emails sent to the us store. Have just chatted to them via online chat they are absolutely cluesless and seem to be posting generic responses and not even looking at order issues, now blaming everything on Royal Mail strikes, just how is it their fault when they have not yet even dispatched it! Everything was ordered straight after announcement, they ended chat without replying!
  7. Won’t hold my breath! Same thing happened with madame x, will probably send them out second class!
  8. So my Japanese mega jackets arrived all the way from Japan to the UK, whilst her UK store haven’t even thought about shipping yet! 😂 also have shipping notification that my cd shipped from the USA store and I was told I would receive the sampler, so let’s wait and see!
  9. As expected her store are totally useless and must have lied earlier to fans stating it would dispatch today. I remember my madame x took nearly 6 weeks to dispatch!
  10. Aren't the Japan 'Mega jacket' version/s just the CD with the 12"x12" printed sleeve (that's what was issued with the Kylie one, it's really poor quality and think they are printed in-house by Amazon!).
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