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  1. Montreal's crowds was amazing on January 18th Unfortunately no good recording of that night
  2. My dream .... Montreal (I will be there) The crowd is always amazing
  3. Back LIVE again Erotica https://www.instagram.com/marcoslassoie/live
  4. Like A Prayer now https://www.instagram.com/marcoslassoie/live
  5. Tooo soon Celebration in full at least. It's the tour name.
  6. 1993 Girlie Show Tour - Montréal (october) 2006 Confessions Tour - Montréal (june) 1st night 2006 Confessions Tour - Montréal (june) 2nd night 2008 Sticky & Sweet Tour - Montréal (october) 1st night 2008 Sticky & Sweet Tour - Montréal (october) 2nd night [1st row in front of the catwalk) 2012 MDNA Tour - Barcelona (june) 1st night 2012 MDNA Tour - Québec City (september) [Golden Triangle] 2015 Rebel Heart Tour - Montréal (september) 1st night [Opening night of the tour] 2023 Celebration Tour - Montréal (august) 1st night Total : 9 (and I was 12 y/o the first time)
  7. Is an opening night is an ICONIC performance ... if yes .... Opening night of Rebel Heart Tour in Montreal, I was there.
  8. OMG this forum is hack ;-) The BEST place for Madonna's fans 

    1. xircom_2005


      I mean back and not hack :-P

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