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  1. I was shocked to hear she said she has ugly teeth (Late night show), I think she has wonderful teeth, love that gab too. I like some of the grills, not all.
  2. Yeah, we gonna rise up, Yeah, we gonna get up
    Yes, we can, we can get it together
    We'll rise up, we can get it together

  3. Thanks for sharing, I just dont see how this would change my opinion lol, this makes me stand behind my opinion even more ;)
  4. I dont see why she deserves being on stage more then any other big fan, it isnt about how many times you attended the show, many people dont have that kind of money to be at 26 !! shows. I think its annoying when Madonna points out the same people over and over again, there are so many fans dying to get some kind of recognition from her.
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