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  1. Lol i even love that Gucci jacket sound lol, would you believe it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. I swear i could watch it every day, like every morning before starting my day !
  3. 1999 Madonna is for ever my favorite... This interview is just absolutely wonderful in every way, she is just so warm, relaxed, cute, genuine, open hearted... and that hair and face ! I could watch it all night long...
  4. TonyMontana

    Hmm, sorry but quite the opposite for me. I see a 44 years old woman on that brunette pic and a 70 yo on the blond one... short brunette makes her look much younger actually.
  5. TonyMontana

    You are absolutely right. Andy once said in an interview that his fav Madonna hairdo is the old fashionned Hollywood glam one. And this is the hairdo we are getting for 15 years... no kidding i'm in for that petition lol !
  6. Like those And she take it back and we end up with this again
  7. Really ? Can you tell the story ? Sodade was one of the best moments of the show.
  8. I'm gonna say something i want to say for a long time but i didn't cause i think people will get it the wrong way. I will say it anyway ; To me the problems began when her kids started to grow up and were at an age when they were able to express their tastes in music. She said many and many times, in many differents tv or magazines interviews and for almost every albums since Hard Candy, that she worked with this or that producer because that is who her kids were listening to or because they told her is a hot producer. In other words, To me, the problems began when she started to listen to her kids when it comes to her music career. The last example that comes to mind is for Rebel Heart, she said it's one of her kid (don't remeber wich one) who told her he loved Diplo and that she should make music with him, that's when she added him in the Rebel Heart process and they gave the album another sound. This has happen with almost every album since Hard Candy. I'm sure some fans could find other exemples where she mention her kids related to her musical choices.
  10. Yeah he bought one when he broke the purple penetrator.
  11. Well, now that she has released tte number of albums she signed for with Live Nation it would make sense she would sign with a new record company.
  12. Nothing wrong with what she said. I agree with her. She perfectly described what's happening with Madonna for a couple of years and you can feel she loves her. As for music or for beauty, M is better when she doesn't follow any trends. It's a huge compliment.
  13. TonyMontana

    This is amazing !!!!! Thanks for posting !
  14. TonyMontana

    Just wait till the Madonna ones leak, it's gonna be the same ones...
  15. TonyMontana

    K for Kabbalah
  16. Just wait till the Madonna ones leak, it's gonna be the same ones...
  17. TonyMontana

    That's an amazing idea actually and i never thought of that but now that you have created this thread i wonder why she's never done that. It's so her.
  18. TonyMontana

    Same for me it's "Act of contrition".
  19. TonyMontana

    Never mind. I like you anyway
  20. TonyMontana

    @Vogueristai wanna see you
  21. TonyMontana

    One from today
  22. TonyMontana

    Thank you very much 😘
  23. TonyMontana

    Just a couple... i will post more on my instagram account "braka_zino"
  24. TonyMontana

    This is really amazing ! I just can't wait for part 2 !!