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  1. martassak

    Isn’t there a CT Moscow recording with many multitracks included ? I’d love to get my hands on that one day
  2. I just know it would play Candy Shop every two hours
  3. martassak

    A few people already told me i don’t have one so idk
  4. martassak

    Oh wow... i’d sell my soul to get one of them... gonna have to check eBay later tho
  5. martassak

    Taylor Swift 100%
  6. martassak

    Are there any new audio recordings from london tho ? Or is anyone planning on recording one ?
  7. martassak

    here is another one, Rebel Heart is amazing album but she should have shorted it to 13 songs Re-Invention Tour is her worst most boring tour
  8. martassak

    i hate MDNA album, it would be Ok if it was released as some B singers album but it doesn't really reach her quality and we all know she can do much better and another one: I love Bitch I'm Madonna
  9. Are there some other good fan remixes of older songs ? for example like that version of Like a Virgin she used on RHT

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    2. devilpray


      Nick's remix of Like a Virgin in my all time favorite

    3. G House

      G House

      The Sidechains remix of Into The Groove is just amazing.

    4. madgefan


      There're some done by Dens54 which are also cool.

  10. live stream, true blue now, shit quality but normal audio and way better then the perevious one
  11. martassak

    Please don't perfom imagine ... just dont... sadly that's the only song i'm 100% convinced she will
  12. When that cage came down in Prague i started shaking af and had the biggest histerical moment in my life, i know her music since my parents were listening to her and i wanted to see her since i've seen confessions tour in TV i was 6 or 7 back then, and it was just magical, she's so beautiful and so powerfull, she was full of love she gave us throught the perfomance.
  13. i'm so pumped for Bebe Rexha's album ! she's really good

    1. madgefan


      her voice gives me headaches!!