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  1. the artists are here to disturb the piece C-A-N-D-Y
  2. I’m so done with this... i hope she’s only shooting some promo clips for netflix
  3. Can’t wait to see her perfom Batuka with a cat head filter on ❤️
  4. The scariest thing about this is that it actually wouldn’t suprise me
  5. i can’t wait for her to sneak candy shop bathroom perfomance in as a bonus track ❤️
  6. God, I would really love to get my hands on more soundboard recordings... love these!

  7. I would love her to return to the dancefloor once more as the 80's dance sound made a huge comeback last year or doing something more chill and intimate with an electronic touch (Lorde is a good example of that).
  8. Can’t wait to see it! The screenshots looked amazing ❤️
  9. As much as i love her this album was a tragic mess for me... the lyrics and the message of the songs got lost in a terrible production and robotic vocals ... just my opinion we all have a differend taste
  10. Isn’t there a CT Moscow recording with many multitracks included ? I’d love to get my hands on that one day
  11. A few people already told me i don’t have one so idk
  12. Oh wow... i’d sell my soul to get one of them... gonna have to check eBay later tho
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