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  1. I grabbed 'You'll See", but is "Nothing Fails" this Friday?
  2. There's a few things, I wanna buy. Not sure if I should wait until the December show, or order online before? I get nervous, because her store takes forever. Has anyone ordered anything yet? (If the answer to that is in the previous comments, I apologize)
  3. I am beyond excited for all of you that get to see the show tonight! Enjoy! I can't wait to see all the pics, video and read all the details! Enjoy everyone!
  4. Decided to buy the tickets for Brooklyn! Here are my dates.. 1. NYC - December 16th - Barclays - "Where's The Party" Package 2. Tampa - April 4th - Amalie - PIT - "Iconic VIP" Package 3. Miami - April 6th - Kaseya - FL4 - "You Can Dance" Package SO freaking excited!!
  5. Can they just release these on blu-ray for the US already!!!!
  6. I am going to Tampa and Miami (first night). However, I want to buy tickets to the Barclays Show on the 16th of December, but nervous to as there are sooo many tickets to that show. Afraid to purchase and then it gets cancelled. Has she ever done that? Traveling from FL for it.
  7. Personally, I love the MDNA Skin care line! Any dermatologist I have shown it to agrees it's amazing. However, some of the products are getting hard to purchase because they are out of stock, example, the Eye Serum has been out since February. I always wonder if they are eventually going to shut down the site.
  8. My refund showed up. So it took only two days. Not bad.
  9. My shows work except for one, which was moved to a Sunday. How do you request a refund? I never even received an email of the date change.
  10. Just got mine. I am by no means a huge vinyl collector, however, I have the original pressing of MDNA and I was surprised this repress has the same UPC code.
  11. It was definitely cancelled? I was looking forward to this.
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