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  1. That sucks! I am assuming there was supposed to be?
  2. That sucks! I am assuming there was supposed to be?
  3. Was there sound in Times Square?
  4. Any fans at The Standard know what's happening there?
  5. Thanks for letting us watch it on your instagram. Were you able to hear music?
  6. The Time Square link just keeps spinning. I wonder how long it will take to post the videos after they premiere?
  7. Can anyone go to the site and try and buy something, see if it keeps refreshing on you. I have tried 6 devices and used Chrome, Firefox and Safari. I give up.
  8. I know some people think it's cheesy, but I do love the face wash. Has anyone noticed the website won't work when you get to the point of paying? You can log, etc, but when you go to pay the "free Gift with purchase" causes the website to time out. Anyone else experiencing this?
  9. A dance version of Rebel heart? Did I miss a demo?
  10. New to vinyl! However I bought this vinyl today, sealed. Its 180 gram vinyl, double disc. here’s my question, the first vinyl record plays perfect at 33rpm however the second vinyl is set at 45rpm. Anyone else notice this when they bought this?
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