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  1. So is the Target version the same as the FNAC. Both say clear, just one says “crystal clear”. Rather get it from target, cheaper shipping
  2. I can’t wait until we hear about the first album remastered and released with WB. It may provide some insight into the future releases.
  3. Just want to verify the 6LP is the one with the red and black vinyl in it, I ordered mine from the Rhino link.
  4. Also, can anyone tell me what the difference was from the 6LP box set that was on her official site?
  5. Is Rough Trade (UK) the only place to get the red? I bought the 6LP set from Rhino and the 2LP black from Rhino and the Silver from Amazon. Looking for the red. Does Rough Trade immediately charge?
  6. Complete success today obtaining the wanted titles. The sound on the Madonna vinyl is amazing!
  7. That sucks! I am assuming there was supposed to be?
  8. That sucks! I am assuming there was supposed to be?
  9. Any fans at The Standard know what's happening there?
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