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  1. chaseturtle

    No, I am waiting as well. I'm going on the 21st in NYC and still waiting for my second email :-(
  2. chaseturtle

    Of course. I forgot the name, but $397 a ticket, was that Crave?
  3. chaseturtle

    This is such a strange process. I am not an ICON member, nor do I have a Citi card. I put in for one date because I was afraid of getting charged for multiple dates and being in Florida having to travel to NYC would be expensive. I really feel the ICON members and Citi card members should have gotten them before a regular person like myself.
  4. chaseturtle

    September 21st Orchestra! Can’t wait!
  5. chaseturtle

    But that’s not available for pre order from any US sites that I could find.
  6. chaseturtle

    I don't think it's bad. My favorite so far is "I Rise", they are all three good songs thus far. Looking forward to the album, and hopefully scoring tickets to see the NYC show.
  7. chaseturtle

    Her voice sounds so different, didn’t recognize it.
  8. chaseturtle

    How do you get the 123 site to work?
  9. chaseturtle

    Any sites you can watch live without putting in your credit card?
  10. chaseturtle

    Thank you for clarifying, so as of now the only way for a person in the US to get the boxset or 2CD Super Deluxe is to order if from overseas, that's a bummer.
  11. chaseturtle

    The box set on list an extra cd but doesn’t mention “Back that up”. So confused as to where to advance order.
  12. Right now a song “Bad Guy” is playing, right channel? BTS with Brooke Reese.
  13. Can someone repost the link for iTunes so I know I’m on the right path?
  14. chaseturtle

    Do we know any details about the differences between Standard CD, Deluxe and Deluxe Box Set? Also, have the covers been confirmed to be genuine?
  15. So Dark Ballet is “Beautiful Game”? I wondered if it was considering the brief performance.