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  1. That's very kind @bertrand Thank you so much to give us this opportunity I'm sending you DM. First day of the year! :-)
  2. Thecutefox

    Please don't spread lies. It is your right to support anyone and everyone have to respect you. But you or anyone have right to spread miss information base on the main media.
  3. Thecutefox

    For the first time Madonna do something completely wrong.
  4. Thecutefox

    I love Hanky Panky. One of the best Madonna music. I'd love see the people's face listen this music. In 1990 a woman talking openly what kind of sex she likes. Remix? For me everything before Bedtime Story Hanky Panky Re-Ivention Tour it is amazing,
  5. Thecutefox

    Yes it is very bad and I hope she don't do this. From 9 shows I went, 2 was the lazy cut version and the whole thing lose the mean. No only for me, but I remember looking people around and they "what?"
  6. As you said, this is what do you believe. Great Many people in Poland believe that gay have to die. Believes never did and never will make the world better place. Tell us what you do to make this world better place.
  7. Thecutefox

    MTV UK the same. I just check the channel now and video quality it is horrible
  8. Thecutefox
  9. Well done my Queen. And guys don't buy everything the media sells.
  10. I love everything from Ray of Light era. This hair The better quote "free clothes"