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  1. That's very kind @bertrand Thank you so much to give us this opportunity I'm sending you DM. First day of the year! :-)
  2. Thecutefox

    Please don't spread lies. It is your right to support anyone and everyone have to respect you. But you or anyone have right to spread miss information base on the main media.
  3. Thecutefox

    For the first time Madonna do something completely wrong.
  4. Thecutefox

    I love Hanky Panky. One of the best Madonna music. I'd love see the people's face listen this music. In 1990 a woman talking openly what kind of sex she likes. Remix? For me everything before Bedtime Story Hanky Panky Re-Ivention Tour it is amazing,
  5. Thecutefox

    Yes it is very bad and I hope she don't do this. From 9 shows I went, 2 was the lazy cut version and the whole thing lose the mean. No only for me, but I remember looking people around and they "what?"
  6. As you said, this is what do you believe. Great Many people in Poland believe that gay have to die. Believes never did and never will make the world better place. Tell us what you do to make this world better place.
  7. Thecutefox

    MTV UK the same. I just check the channel now and video quality it is horrible
  8. Thecutefox
  9. Well done my Queen. And guys don't buy everything the media sells.
  10. I love everything from Ray of Light era. This hair The better quote "free clothes"
  11. 38 years late and people continue complain about official material realised Thank you Madonna share something so cool. The audience getting mental when she enter is incredible
  12. Thecutefox

    why Mariah is the only one in CAPITAL LETTERS?
  13. Thecutefox

    That's good news and I can tell the app was very useful during Madame X Tour Europe. Was the first easy place to confirm if the concert will be cancel or not
  14. Thecutefox

    No one know anyone, include your best friend. I think about her lyrics, some it is what she live/lived, what she think about and what she desired. My personal opinion: Madonna true love Guy Ritch and he love her too. Make me so happy when I'm watch her around 2000 /2007, special when he is around her, how she smile and how sparkly so much joy. Both survive together long time. Special her, because English guy from London isn't easy at all I can say her lyrics help me and give me straight when I'm upset. It is everything I want in my life but not all the time I can follow or otherwise I will be alone forever :P She deserve have love in her life!
  15. Madonna has donated so much money that she may legally become the EU's newest member As if 2020 wasn't weird enough already, Madonna may end up replacing the United Kingdom as a member state of the European Union. Because of an obscure EU law unearthed by Politico's Paul Dallison, Madonna can join the organisation because she pledged more money to fight coronavirus than several of its actual members. Madonna pledged $1m during an online summit held by EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen aimed at raising money to research coronavirus vaccine development and produce tests. $8bn (£6.5bn) was pledged altogether from 40 countries and donors from the EU and beyond, including £388m from the UK. Madonna's donation puts her ahead of Estonia and Lithuania, who didn't donate, and the US and Russia who didn't take part. Because of the UK's recent departure from the EU, Madonna could theoretically step in. The queen of pop would be well placed to take up our absent spot, given that she lived here for almost a decade whilst married to English director Guy Ritchie. She even has the British accent down (sort of). And who's to say the 'mother of reinvention' isn't up for a new, if not slightly bizarre, chapter of her career? To qualify for full membership status, Madonna would in fact need to be an actual country, and we're not exactly sure how she'd go about reinventing herself as such. However, if she managed it, it would be pretty simple for her to join the EU: she'd just have to agree to uphold article two of the Treaty on European Union: upholding "human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities". She might also have to rustle up some legislation that she could then whip into line with EU laws. But if it all proved too much, it's not like she can't leave. Madgexit anyone?
  16. Thecutefox

    Guys let's try not to be aggressive. I was hope was padding :( but after I went to 9x Madame X Tour the implant is real, all costumes on the tour was designer to hide her bum, she very rare give her back actually only one time in Human Nature but is dark and many times she have that white thing cover up. The guitar in American Life was only use to cover her bum. And I feel sorry for here fall in this, that woman need a big bum, because she is beautiful and strong woman and I believe this cold be the reason of here injury.
  17. She's selling hat more expensive in her page
  18. Thecutefox

    Ok, so was not just me feeling quite emotional! What a beautiful tribute, base on the reality and made me once again a proud fan!