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  1. This is different than the one Bray released on Pre-Madonna?
  2. Uhhh, it was more of a chance I was willing to take, as I logically had a chance to be there no matter what. There was nothing on the event website that stated anything about a private event and kicking people out early. 👍 Her event stated it started at 7. We purchased tickets to skate from 530-730. That would mean atleast 30 mins of skating while she was there. Plus purchasing a ticket gives you access to the event space till the 10pm closing.
  3. We bought tickets, however the event space sent out an email earlier in the day stating that anyone who purchased tickets for the 530-730 session, would need to vacate the premises at 7 for a private event happening. Based on the line alone, pretty much everyone who submitted a photo was selected to attend. Lot and lots and lots and lots and lots of fans. There was a VIP line, which makes me think certain people (Instagram personalities, DJs, podcasters, reality stars, bloggers, writers for Vulture, AV Club, Interview, etc etc) were asked to come (just like the previous Madonna events from the past year).
  4. Missed the first 20 seconds of their speech https://www.instagram.com/reel/ChGdfNVD4fb/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= said she’s gonna get on the rink if Nile gets on too
  5. She arrived over 30 mins, with the kids. David, Mercy, Stella, and Estere are skating on the rink.
  6. Did Robin S “Show Me Love” increase in streams and sales when BMS first came out in June?
  7. Welp, Disco Oasis just announced there’s a private event at 730pm, anyone with standard tickets will be asked to leave at that time :(
  8. Because there’s a lot of people (“influencers”) going, or specifically, we’re invited to attend
  9. It was a purchase-only song on the Friday it was released. It missed out on being added to “New Music Friday” playlists. It’s very popular with the people who have listened to it, it just hasn’t reached beyond the general fans yet. Which is a shame. Cause I don’t think it can be added to those New music playlists anymore
  10. I don’t know the streaming vs sales data for BMS on the recent chart, but I’m assuming the digital sales from the album helped propel that.
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