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  1. luckystar

    17 songs... I hope Madonna was selective this time.
  2. luckystar

    Honestly, I don't get Latino or Don't Tell Me vibes from that song.
  3. luckystar

    Lick It is trash. If Madonna decided to avoid trash house music with Erotica and focus on quality, why would she decide to go back to it now? I hope this isn't true. It there really is a song called Lick It, maybe it isn't a cover.
  4. luckystar

    Madonna herself posted an apple symbol recently and before that there were rumors about Madonna doing something with Apple. So, it would make sense that the new single or the album is officially announced today. I mean, if there will be a pre-order and no surprise release, then people should be able to pre-order at least the new single one month before the single drops. We already knew she will do an interview for Apple radio or whatever, but that can't be it. It should be announced, if not today, then during these days.
  5. luckystar

    When it comes to The Immaculate Collection, it is hard to choose, but i would add Who's That Girl and Causing a Commotion (or Dress You Up). The Second Coming was a perfect title and a logical continuation to The Immaculate Collection. The 90s Madonna was all about quality and art. Some songs like Bedtime Story weren't hits, but they are so important. I think it would have been better if the compilation was released after American Pie during 2000. This Used to Be My Playground Erotica Deeper and Deeper Rain I'll Remember Secret Take a Bow Bedtime Story Human Nature You'll See Don't Cry for Me Argentina Frozen Ray of Light The Power of Good-Bye Beautiful Stranger American Pie New song The Immaculate was released in 1990 and if The Second Coming was released in 2000, then it would have made sense that the third compilation was released in 2010. I don't know about the title, but if it was a box set that included previous compilations, The Holy Trinity would make sense. Music Don't Tell me What It Feels Like For A Girl Die Another Day American Life Hollywood Hung Up Sorry Jump 4 Minutes Give It 2 Me New song
  6. luckystar

    I doubt she would work on new MDNA ads. She finished that project and it is up to rich people to buy it. If they don't, Madonna will cancel the album and do door to door cosmetic sale.
  7. luckystar

    Let's wait and see. I honestly don't expect a bunch of videos on the level of videos like Vogue, Express Yourself, Bad Girl... It seems she is just making simple videos in beautiful locations. I want something complex and artistic. I liked the first video in some building, whose clips Madonna posted, but I don't want other videos that have similar style. At this point, something should be announced. Single, album... Album cover should be revealed.
  8. luckystar

    If the project is supposed to be a secret, why would the staff say anything to a fan? A visual album is a collection of music videos. Even a long form thing is a music video. Honestly, there are so many videos and teases, that it feels like videos will be similar. Madonna dancing with people in some castle or in the garden. I am not bitching, but I just hope she will deliver quality instead of quantity. A bunch of cheap, basic and similar music videos will only satisfy fans who have never cared about her videos or videos as an art from in general. The only one that seemed intriguing was that political one.
  9. luckystar

    I can't at people shading Cyndi. Who cares if she does milk that album. Madonna should do it too. Maybe Madonna doesn't need that money, but Madonna does need promo for her old stuff. Girls Just Want To Have Fun has more views on YT than any Madonna classic. I think She's So Unusual anniversary edition was cute with those stickers or whatever. More importantly, there were unreleased songs as bonus material. Cyndi did the right thing, Madonna didn't.
  10. luckystar

    At least Madonna and her team did something, but it wasn't anything special. Other artists did it better. Does anyone else watch Absolutely Fabulous? Current Madonna reminds me so much of Edina Monsoon. In one old episode, Edina was wearing some thing in her pants that was supposed to shape her ass. In one of the latest episodes, Edina tells Bubble, her assistant, to do everything to promote some French singer. Bubble's reply was "Should I just twitter it?". And she did just that. In Madonna's case, her team just made a Spotify list of existing songs. Even we could have done that. On a serious note, her team is going in the right direction, but they should try to do something amazing with her legacy (HQ videos on YT, DVD releases of her tours...).
  11. luckystar

    WTF? It was original. Just because someone else wore jeans on their covers, doesn't mean it was a rip off. A cover without a face or human presence can be incredibly expressive. Artists through the history proved that. If you don't like it, like the album, then you can't connect to it in any way. Anyway, LAP cover is beautiful, but I don't think there is some story or message behind it. Great covers don't always need stories and messages.
  12. luckystar

    HC cover is iconic only among Madonna fans and gays on music forums. If media mentions it, it is usually a part of worst album covers list. It is interesting that during the 70s and the 80s there were heterosexual men who weren't afraid of homo-erotic content in their work like that The Rolling Stones album cover. None of modern heterosexual male music artists would dare to do something like that and those "underwear ads" aren't that.
  13. luckystar

    It is not logical that she would be making music videos while still working on the album. Especially in 2018. Since the album has been finalized these months, it was possible she tweaked the album and make music videos for one or two finished songs that are planned as singles. Making a music video in 2018 while she was still recording seems kind of unorthodox. That would mean she already finished some stuff and decided to work on visuals. If so, it means that the album tracklist has been made in 2018.