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  1. MACHINEE will be out tomorrow to stream/download. You can pre-order at twimc.se now.
  2. isolation live from Odeshog was released recently. It's recordings from the live concert she did from her home for Swedish National Day. https://open.spotify.com/album/2ryVWFfMdn37Lwo8lAnNVL Soon, on September 2, she will be performing online again in KONSERT. Info here: ionnalee.com/konsert It will be free to watch but donations are welcome.
  3. The 12th track from KRONOLOGI will be Dive - out Friday: https://twimc.se/release/191166-iamamiwhoami-dive-kronologi-version According to the iTunes pre-order for the compilation album itself it will be 6:25 long, so likely a new/extended mix of the song.
  4. Tomorrow's track is called "Swallow": https://twimc.se/release/191160-ionnalee-swallow-kronologi-version Looks like another previously unheard song. Exciting! I'm sad that after this we only have one more song to go though :(
  5. There was a bit of a meltdown after it was released, lol. I think some fall out was inevitable as some feel it should have remained exclusive. The KRONOLOGI mix is slightly different anyway - an extended intro which has a smoother transition into the song itself, and there's definitely some subtle updates to the production but not enough to really set it apart. I'm excited for the final two tracks too!
  6. KRONOLOGI compilation album cover The album will consist of the 12 KRONOLOGI releases being released weekly between April 10 and June 26. Available digitally June 16, CD/LP August 14. Pre-order: twimc.se
  7. Paramount is tomorrow's song; https://twimc.se/release/191158-ionnalee-paramount-kronologi-version TWIMC's site says it's 4 minutes long which is longer than the version released last year for a limited time. I guess it will be a slightly different version.
  8. Live from home performance for Sweden's National Day yesterday:
  9. This week's track is "the deadlock": https://twimc.se/release/190762-iamamiwhoami-the-deadlock-kronologi-version Previously released as part of the live album Concert In Blue, this is likely to be a studio version of the track. On Instagram Jonna seems to be suggesting it was written for the second album "kin", but "sever" was chosen to be released instead of this.
  10. This week's release is "summer samaritan", an alternative version of Samaritan. Because the playlist is being released in chronological order based on the time songs were written I'd guess this is an early demo of the song from around 2011/2012. https://twimc.se/release/190559-ionnalee-summer-samaritan-kronologi-version
  11. This week's release is "violent playground". ionnalee originally covered this back in 2009, but tomorrow's version will be different. https://twimc.se/release/189171-ionnalee-violent-playground-kronologi-version They have also announced that KRONOLOGI will be released as an album, June 26 digitally and August 14 CD/LP. It will feature 12 tracks including those released so far. You can pre-order at https://twimc.se/
  12. This week's release is "mouth's open sea". Jonna has indicated on social media that it's an early version of OPEN SEA, from the unreleased solo album "mouth of a river" which was recorded after bounty. Out midnight local time. https://twimc.se/release/189169-ionnalee-mouths-open-sea-kronologi-version
  13. Next Kronologi release is "long ; john" - on social Jonna says it's the original demo for "; john". Out midnight local time: https://twimc.se/release/189101-iamamiwhoami-long-john-kronologi-version
  14. You can download or listen (press play) on TWIMC's website now: https://twimc.se/release/188029-iamamiwhoami-telesvar-kronologi-version It'll be available to download/stream everywhere else (Spotify, iTunes, etc) midnight local time.
  15. iamamiwhoami; telesvar is the KRONOLOGI song for tomorrow. Out midnight local time. It's a studio recording of the phone song / ; john b - performed live at Way Out West in 2011.
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