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  1. They look quite cheap, but are the real thing. Made just for internal use, i have a couple of others like this, they are just regular albums, not early mixes or alternate stuff.
  2. This live broadcast was the best way to end this amazing tour. And watching it live was worth it!!!!!!!!!!! So beautiful shots and live flow with no edit!! Thank you QUEEN
  3. 20+ years ago I heard this fanmade mix and thought "would they ever join together?...." And then.... here they are yesterday 😍
  4. I am so glad we have KIT on digital platforms, is one of ther most beatufiul single to me. But, i wish they did the comprehensive work they did with Frozen or Bedtime Story, including ALL the versions, especially the 7''Remix, the cold ending is everything!!!
  5. The CD is absurdly overpriced, even if it might be legit to me, since I have some other promo cdr's from the same period and they look similar. As for the seller, I got both real deals and also fakes from him, like the false bedtime stories demo tape rip or rescue me dubs in digital(which were good rips from vinyl)
  6. This is quite FABOLOUS!!! Thank you!!!! Do we have a wav or mp3 of this?
  7. Thanks!!! This is the show I attended!!!! Hope to see your videos too! I will upload mine on youtube too in the next days!!!!
  8. I want your love I want....... your love! That choreo drives me crazy!!!
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