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  1. cyberrage

    Cant imagine a co-headline tour but how about the Girlie show part 2 with Madonna headlining and bringing along some other female ARTISTS with the ego's and talent to cope with that, PJ Harvey, Tori Amos, Neneh Cherry, Miley, Nelly Furtado... not just female performers like Kylie or Gaga.
  2. My magic 8 ball says- Outlook not so good
  3. cyberrage

    Love her to death but common sense applies, the way fans adopt her excuses across social media is cult like and ugly in all fan bases and political parties. She fucks up she just needs to take responsibility and apologize, not shout censorship and blame the venue.
  4. cyberrage

    So she censored herself the very next day
  5. cyberrage

    This must be very hard for Madonna, my view is eliminating heals, stairs and some dancing would not compromise the integrity of the show, its not like modifying like a virgin on BA tour or that stairs have some deeper meaning but obviously Madonna is not comfortable to scale back, or to postpone and go get the treatment she needs and come back and finish the tour. I hope she can recover fully.
  6. cyberrage

    TOAC Melbourne she rode the bike but that was it, just sang and moved around the stage with natural movement and dance, no choreography. Its out of her comfort zone and it was cute how nervous she was but she was just as mesmerizing hearing her sing lots of older songs and better for the vocal focus (curse those grillz but). We all need to be human and grow and change as we age, Madonna resists that a bit too much sometimes as do some fans, she wont last forever
  7. cyberrage

    Completely agree as l said, sing rather than cancel last minute
  8. cyberrage

    I am more than happy to just listen to a singer sing rather than cancel a show, l know Madonna is a dancer and a performance artist as well but she can just sing her songs and ditch the choreography and the crazy heals. Madonna is mesmerizing live and like TOAC could just sing songs
  9. cyberrage

    I thought she was headed that direction too but this show is very tight, l think she is bored of that but Madonna has her comfort zone as well
  10. I think we can safely stop asking these questions until she is dead. Fans get what Madonna wants to give, not what fans want to celebrate
  11. I think the existing locations are easy enough to get to from Madrid, Napoli and Berlin. Tokyo, Sydney and Sth America would be easy with this smaller type show and concept, l dont understand why it is not a global tour to start with.....she could have easily ditched Vegas and done Sth America instead
  12. That is disappointing with the way Madonna has represented the Madame X album as so personal. Nothing fails to surprise me though.
  13. cyberrage

    Madonna needs to put her phone away on show nights.
  14. cyberrage

    I was just very surprised, looks like it is common in America but its very unusual across most democratic countries outside of emergency situations. Is it actually taken seriously and enforced?
  15. cyberrage

    Chicago has a curfew for under 17?? wtf