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  1. Thanks l couldn't sit through it.
  2. cyberrage

    September and still no release date. Consistent but l hoped being such a limited theatre tour they may have considered how many fans missed out and get it released. I even got the tour book unopened for when l can experience both together but its hard to maintain the buzz
  3. Well said, its hard to separate Pat from the Madonna that l fell in love with, such solid and timeless musical ground. 100% agree other than l think confessions aged better than l thought it would.
  4. Surprisingly loving the remix, great vocals especially M as backup singer. Not being in the video could be injury/schedule related or strategy, maybe a second vid for WW tie in....wishful thinking l know! Happy with the experiment of Madonna not being a 'distraction'
  5. Very promising, looking amazing and working hard
  6. cyberrage

    Fingers crossed, any change l hope gives her more freedom and some incentive to raid the vaults. I am still surprised she was not able to release RH as a double album and achieve her vision for that project
  7. Definitely not overwhelmed, trying to be optimistic so not underwhelmed, l guess l am whelmed by this news lets see what the gods deliver
  8. Only Nothing Fails comes to mind, nice melody but too convoluted
  9. Madonna does age herself by fighting aging so much and her view of what being old means to her. Its like getting Botox and lip filler in your 20's, people instantly and ironically appear older trying to look younger. The boyfriend situation also has the same energy of older men who only date younger women. Its an identity thing and gives away a-lot.
  10. cyberrage

    Never could connect with that one or find much meaning or cohesion in the lyrics, shit fails all the time:) prefer b day song
  11. cyberrage

    Holy Water Spanish lesson Superstar Some Girls S.E.X Girl Gone Wild Nothing Fails Be Careful Me Against The Music Bitch I’m Loca Hey You Best Friend I Don’t Give A Ring My Bell Batuka (tough one, mystified at the amount of auto tune on such an organic tune, deserves volume but the volume only highlights the mess)
  12. cyberrage

    Don't watch Papa Don't Preach then, clueless is generous:)
  13. cyberrage

    Words. Sooner or Later OR This Used to be My Playground?
  14. cyberrage

    Not really, the music was amazing and l loved the videos (except God Control) but Madame X was too serious, unnatural and wore thin really quick in interviews. And the eye patch was just stupid to keep as a feature for so long
  15. cyberrage

    Have any stars released music or videos from the vaults to help fans get through a pandemic? Seems a perfect time to sell digital content
  16. It's pretty sick stuff but not worth giving attention to, much better to let the crazy speak for itself in its own echo chamber. Harder now that crazy and uniformed are more common and encouraged
  17. Not at all. It was and still is a feel good explosion of music and joy with amazing production and makes you dance. The partnership of M and Stuart was one of the best she has done for me, he seemed to keep her grounded and the result was more relatable than her more political and self reflective output. I love all sides of M but this was perfect at the time.
  18. cyberrage

    I think it was actually a great mess averted and glad M stuck to being M, her suggestions are perfectly her but someone already projecting a fake persona like MJ would not able to do subverting expectations
  19. cyberrage

    I loved it when she learnt and the AL era, now l love to hate it, it became a prop
  20. Thanks. Hope she stays safe
  21. Where is Madonna staying for lockdown, in US or Europe?
  22. cyberrage

    Arthur and the invisibles
  23. cyberrage

    Liquid Love
  24. cyberrage

    Q sound
  25. cyberrage

    Popcorn diet