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  1. That was really nice. Loved the interview, shame Jimmy didn't get to ask the final question. I didn't really get the Kid Theatre segment.
  2. Letterman was pretty corny the previous 10 years prior to retiring from his show. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on the other hand was amazing. Could be worse, she could have gone on James Cordon's show ...
  3. She looks great in the above photo. Unpopular opinion though, but does she need to smoke whilst getting her makeup applied and making it difficult for the makeup artists? Not to mention them having to inhale passive smoke. Seems a bit inconsiderate irrespective of who you are **shrugz**. I don't think it makes anyone appear more edgy smoking. It's just a gross habit
  4. I think more people comment on Joe's appearance tbh, at least in my circle of friends and household
  5. Sigh. I hate being this critical. That thing around her head at the afterparty looks like a plastic surgeon forgot to take the bandages off. Or I guess she was just going for a sexy nun look or something? Both looks are unflattering and either tired, cheap and/or uninspiring. I'm going to go on with my life pretending this night never happened.
  6. I apologise in advance to fighter. I don't even care if I am warned or banned for saying this because deep down in all honestly, this needs to be said as I am absolutely livid. But you byebyebaby, take the cake for being a complete and utter f*ckhead if you don't see anything wrong with what he said, gave him a pass, defended him and all the while spinning it around as a criticism of M. How does the origin of HIV/AIDS and COVID-19 even have anything to do with what this dumbass said and why are you even trying to start a conspiracy theory-based discussion on these very sensitive topics? "The world is so sensitive" Wait until you have been touched by a death by either or both. Then let's see who is the sensitive one. D*ckhead.
  7. I have literally no idea who he is and hope I never have to. Uneducated and vulgar idiot. I'm experiencing a brain aneurysm from listening to what he said and his subsequent responses.
  8. It's unclear who you are responding to as you haven't quoted them.
  9. Probably the best right now on YT but in the description there are Google Drive download links. Madonna Medley timestamp in description.
  10. I deeply disagree. She didn't sing those 3 songs like Madonna. Didn't look like Madonna. Have you actually seen the performance?
  11. Not going to quote the post above, but damn that was some ageist shit. Shame on you. Performance wasn't my thing but those freckles were super cute. Glad she had fun - seeing her happy makes me happy . Also I would have gladly paid $10K for a selfie. Seems rather cheap.
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