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  1. It literally says it is an AI Skin Bruno reconstruction in the YT thumbnail.
  2. Jessie Ware? There is nothing new coming out this year.
  3. I'm clearly oblivious, but I don't see any homage in this at all to Cold Hearted.
  4. Meow. 😆 It's simple. Follow guidelines, don't post large slabs of unrelated text and then make it personal when you are reminded of said guidelines. If you are unhappy with the forum rules, please notify the mods. As for me, my ignore list just grew one more so I won't need to scroll through unrelated comments needlessly to get my M fix. Feel free wasting your time replying, I won't see it since you have been muted.
  5. Came here to read about Madonna, not unrelated slabs of text about religion.
  6. Good initiative. A shared Google spreadsheet with edit access for all would have been less work for you.
  7. Everytime she has sung covers of Hallelujah and Imagine. Forcing her children down our throats Grillz Butt implants Leather caps Potentially shining a light on Katy Perry before she became mega famous Social media - there used to be a very special mystique about her before she started using them. Sorta cheapened her image. At the same time it's great she opened up her private life to us. Wish there was more quality over quantity.
  8. Available now on Spotify in Australia
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