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  1. Eyzonme

    Didn't happen.
  2. Eyzonme

    I need to be in a refreshed and calm mood e.g. morning to enjoy it. After a hard day unfortunately I can't listen to it. Gives me a real headache. At the same time was one of my favourites once I heard it for first time.
  3. It's great. I don't know why but almost every morning when I roll over in my bed I check this forum even after it closed. 

    Hopefully Fighter was the one who decided for it to reopen and the forum registration didn't simply lapse?

  4. Eyzonme

    Kinda hard peripherally wearing an eye patch too. As for bending knee issues, she is not wearing sensible footwear to be going all crazy. I disagree the last time she moved well was MDNA. I was blown away in RH tour with her mobility.
  5. Eyzonme

    Cool story.
  6. There is only one dodgy website reporting sales dropped by 95%, dont know if it is true. Source (I assume) https://www.showbiz411.com/2019/06/28/crash-madonnas-madame-x-album-drops-record-95-in-sales-from-first-week-without-ticket-bundling
  7. What is this I hear about being featured on a Mirwais album?
  8. Gosh need my coffee first It's 6am where I am
  9. Thanks although are we sure it's midnight central time? It doesn't specify an actual time.
  10. Why is Madame X ordering a kilo of mash mango in Killers who are Partying
  11. When is the next album coming out Still haven't got my damn box set as it's been delayed in Australia same with the Rainbow vinyl.
  12. Sigh I feel like I have over played the album to the point that I am listening now to other music. I haven't even listened to anything in over 3 days. Never burnt through that "fresh M album feeling" like this previously. Anyone else feeling this way? This is not a troll post just expressing my opinion. It's confusing and annoying.
  13. 15 track CD is now on Spotify in Australia.
  14. Eyzonme

    I like this song a lot. I have played that song more than any other so far 😃 I ain't trolling you either.