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  1. Whenever she goes somewhere you know there's a sh!t storm coming. I feel like we need to psychoanalize what is it about her that creates such a strong reaction in people.
  2. You don't look young either and given your age, maybe you should be wiser. She doesn't NEED to have to handle anything, and she deserves none of this. Society needs to do better and stop tearing down women for their looks. It's one thing to show concern about someone and another to just be fucking cruel and a bully.
  3. With fans like these who needs enemies? stop this crap and do better!. Why choose the most horrible (and also altered)photo of her you could find and put it next to one of her from over 30 years ago? wtf?
  4. You guys care more about how the public perceives her and what they think of her than she does.
  5. They are undeniable legends, but how many people are still speaking about MJ or Prince these days? be honest. As for Beyonce, she can't talk, like she literally can't even hold a speech other than getting up to receive awards so what else can you expect from her.
  6. There was nothing painful nor awkward about her speech/presence at all really. How YOU feel about it has nothing to do with her.
  7. Why can't we just enjoy things for what they are and stop making a damn issue out of everything? Why live like that?
  8. What's wrong with her "confidence" and when has she ever lacked that while performing for her own fans? As for the speech, she sounded just fine. I don't get what people were expecting,.
  9. Lola's bf is Madonna's massage therapist? what do you know about him?
  10. She's so beautiful, there are some new pix of her out to dinner with Rocco, she looks especially stunning these days.
  11. I've never in my life heard that she's suffering from misophonia. Where did you get that from?
  12. Happy Birthday BEAUTIFUL QUEEN! We love you so much!
  13. Let's not pretend we didn't already know what she looked like without makeup and that they must've used a ton of photoshop on her. I've seen her enough times not glammed up to know she has amazing skin.
  14. So freaking cute! I can't wait to see all of it!
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