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  1. I'm literally unable to think of anything else these days... it's like I've been waiting my whole life for this damn film!
  2. ohh I didn't even think of potential commercials and shit... but anyway, as long as they're airing it in France! I just hope it'll be on October 8th, not afterwards
  3. I really think Madame X is gonna be a long-form video showing the concert and an extensive documentary presenting the genesis of the album and the development of the tour with lots of BTS. if so, I'd be satisfied with the wait! if not, I'd still be happy to be able to watch the show on video. no news about the MTV airing?
  4. I think it'll be a long video with 2 parts: the show and the documentary/behind-the-scenes. I don't think she cut songs that weren't in the trailer, I just can't imagine her leaving the Rescue Me interlude while cutting Medellín or Like a Prayer from the film.
  5. it looks incredible! can't wait no longer!
  6. American Life is one of her masterpieces to me! Madame X as well. to a lesser extent but still everyone loves Like A Prayer since 1989, even non-Madonna fans. I only enjoyed the live arrangements and I started loving and worshipping the original when the remixes were released on Apple. 30+ years later is original release and 15 years since I discovered her music...
  7. true, she doesn't have to be serious all the time and that's why I instantly fell in love with Bitch I'm Madonna, Unapologetic Bitch, Holy Water... etc but B-Day Song sounds like a big greasy fart to me. the lyrics and the melody are annoying as fuck and uninspired like never. I regret she included it on the final tracklist (even tho it was a "deluxe" track). funny how everyone's taste and appreciation are different tho!
  8. is there any fan loving "B-Day Song"? like for real?
  9. isn't this where Bitch I'm Madonna was filmed in 2015?
  10. That would be the worst scenario possible... I won't take it if it happens here in France.
  11. When she revealed that the film would (finally) be available in October, I kinda boycotted her and I was mad 'cause I didn't understand why this much wait. But knowing what's going on in the World right now, I realized that she may be waiting for the moment cinemas would reopen to present the Madame X Tour film on theaters before its release on streaming... May be a one night only, on lots of cinemas in selected countries like the ones she visited for the tour. It would be a nice event and a good way to promote the film. She could attend one of these premieres and give us another classic look like the Marlene Dietrich one she wore for MDNA World Tour in 2013... What do you think?
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