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  1. Oh hey, that was me who posted that on ATRL. Seattle was posted on ConcertLeaks on Twitter then quickly deleted. What's your name on ATRL?
  2. Imagine if she brought Stuart back as musical director + Omar on drums and Monty on guitar, and give the gays everything they want by bringing back Donna and Nikki
  3. Yeah but he was always the assistant manager during those days. Since he took over as her solo front man, things have been going down hill. Let's not forget his "genius untraditional" marketing for MDNA - he was so arrogant about not promoting anything and even told fans to "come to me in a year and see how well it was handled." Nowadays she's a loose animal cause he doesn't have the balls to say no to her or give her proper guidance, he just keeps cashing his checks.
  4. Regardless, I think we can all agree that starting with firing Guy Osesry is the best start to a new era.
  5. Yes I really do. Everyone in here keeps screaming "her face! The Maluma performance!" Here's the thing - the GP makes fun of her face constantly but that doesn't mean they still don't listen to her music. If this is a GH tour, people are gonna want to go, probably assuming it'll be her last tour. Besides, he know how much better she looks without IG filters and photoshop anyway, so a few interviews and award performances will prove that she doesn't look like how she does on Tiktok/IG. And about the Maluma performance - literally nobody except hardcore fans saw that. It's not like Eurovision where it was witnessed by millions, just a few trolls online.
  6. She obviously won't beat Taylor but I'm sure she'll easily outgross Pink and The Weeknd if this truly is a GH tour.
  7. I agree, there's SO much competition right now for touring: Depeche Mode The Weeknd Pink Taylor Swift + Beyoncé is announcing any day now and it's inevitable Rihanna will too to match with the Superbowl
  8. Exactly, which is why I hope they design a proper stage production that is suitable for a stadium. I would love for her to finally to an in-the-round stage.
  9. Whatever is happening here are some of the most recent people M followed on Instagram Yoann Borgeois - Artistic Director, set designer, and acrobat set designer. Mecnun Giasar - Director, choreographer, performing artist Jaxon Willard - Dancer Lewis James - Stage Design, performance direction
  10. Well to be fair whenever someone uses the phrase "my friend who knows somebody who..." we must take it with a grain of salt.
  11. Could be worse - she could be like Janet and do a super long 2 hour medley of snippets of all her songs.
  12. Rhino replied to that Twitter account with a laughing Gif. Maybe they're trolling?
  13. Supposedly she's playing in Seattle in July according to ConcertLeaks in Twitter
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