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  1. Who's That Girl Tour - Pontiac Blond Ambition Tour (night 2) - Detroit The Girlie Show - Detroit Drowned World Tour (both nights) - Philadelphia Drowned World Tour (night 1) - Detroit Re-Invention Tour (night 1) - Chicago Confessions Tour (night 1) - Chicago Sticky & Sweet Tour - Miami MDNA Tour (night 2) - Miami Rebel Heart Tour - Detroit Rebel Heart Tour (night 1) - Miami Was supposed to see Madame X Tour in Chicago but had to cancel due to injury.
  2. The rumourmill implies that Bedtime Stories is coming first but I highly doubt this. They would be fools to pass up the debut 40th anniversary in July to coincide with the launch of the tour. But then again, who knows. Madonna and her team are extremely unpredictable.
  3. Likely Get Together since she promoted the hell out of it and never performed Sorry on the promo tour.
  4. Yup, I heard about all of that (news in MI gets around quickly). But even before that, she would bring her family (with Guy Richie) here from time to time. One of my friends worked at a bar in Pinckney (random town) and their limo was shuttling around Rocco and Lola and stopped in her parking lot (my friend knew the driver). Lola threw her apple out the window and my friend kept it in her freezer for many years.
  5. Madonna had no knowledge that Warner released Oh Father as a single to coincide with Something To Remember until a fan asked her to sign it and she was shocked by how she had no knowledge of it. Also she never knew they made a radio edit for 4 Minutes, compromising the planned running time to exactly 4 minutes long until a radio personality pointed out that's what they were sent. She seemed very irritated about it. She secretly visited Michigan in her home town in Bay City in spring 2003. Plus she comes here more often than people think 😉 She never wanted Sorry to be a single. She was against the cowgirl look for the Music album until her stylist conivnced her it was fitting. Truth or Dare perfume was supposed to go on as a series but it underperformed and she abandoned the project. Madonna supposedly tried to pick up Elvira's (Cassandra Peterson) girlfriend once.
  6. What happened with the supposed collaboration with Katy Perry? I remember hearing rumours of other newer artists in the studio presumably making reimagined versions of her GH.
  7. She's releasing another GH cause she's still pissed that she learned Human Nature didn't hit #1 and had be left off of FEL.
  8. Exciting! Hoping for another cool release. Perhaps Frozen or ROL remixes?
  9. I predict she will make a huge appearance at The Grammys to promote the 40th anniversary/tour looking fresh and beautiful.
  10. Thankfully that is something she has never done on tour. Imagine a lisp with her signing her greatest hits. "Exthpreth youthelf, hey, hey, hey, hey..."
  11. Agree. She looked perfect during the RH era. A nice balance of natural Madonna with obvious (but professional-looking) touch-ups.
  12. Has anyone noticed that she's been missing since NYE? Usually when she disappears from the public eye, that's when she gets surgery done and heals before going out in public. Could it be that she's having her plastic removed to help clear up her image for the tour? Maybe the ass implants too? No shade intended - I genuinely wonder if Warner convinced her to clean up a bit since they're about to market the fuck out of her again. In the past, she usually complied and played their game and they were ultimately calling the shots. Makes me wonder if it was their idea to delete her IG posts and are working with her team to polish up the negative reputation she's been getting.
  13. Watch that be the big reissue this year. Not Madonna debut, not ROL, but Celebration and 2 side small releases for RSD. LOL
  14. That's what I was thinking. Nosebleed seats are gonna be double that price so this makes me believe it's more bullshit rumours.
  15. Literally anything sounds better than the Celebration Tour. The Decades Tour or The Madonna World Tour even have a better ring to it.
  16. I see a pattern here: A GH Madonna tour is finally happening. Should be announced Monday! That's what I'm hearing. Hmmm well the tour was supposed to be announced but now I heard it's NEXT Monday. It's still happening. The tour announcement has been postponed until Jan 17th. This is for real this time cause I have insider sources and this is what I heard. Sorry guys, it sounds like the announcement was postponed again. That's what I'm hearing. Stay tuned for more news. Hey guys! Ok so the announcement isn't planned for the 17th like I thought... Now it's the 27th and I already know the setlist. This is what I heard!
  17. Hahaha the way all of you had the same exact conversation on MTribe too
  18. I've a feeling pre-orders for the first reissue will go live the same day the tour is announced. Get your credit cards and sugar daddies lined up.
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