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  1. Every time she's on his show she would much rather goof off. We've heard that Everybody and VMAs story so many times.
  2. Yeah, this shit is never coming out. Especially when she says "I hope to tell me story (#)soon"
  3. Man, I miss all the live bootlegs. I never knew they existed until the internet/eBay and I went crazy collecting all the Blond Ambition recordings. Those were the days...
  4. I hope so. And I hope they don't just give partial refunds cause I heard of companies doing that instead of exchanges because they had no more stock.
  5. Here's my fear about the 6LP edition - if we receive damaged or warped vinyl, do we not get a replacement since this was such a limited run?
  6. A. Aldo Diaz just steals ideas from others and makes it his own (even taking backgrounds from official movie posters and claims "he made it"). B. Madonna probably doesn't remember the art for Celebration. C. Aldo is cheap and Warner probably didn't want to pay thousands for an actual graphics designer.
  7. Obsessing over comparing the slightest quality difference is only going to make people more disappointed with this release. Just saying.
  8. Voted! This album is strange. It has one of the best songs of her entire career and one of the worst songs of her entire career.
  9. Pretty happy with the results, the bottom songs were expected. I totally didn't expect DWRY to win but yay!
  10. That doesn't mean they won't give her a strict deadline. Directors don't have that much freedom schedule-wise. The producers and the movie company call the shots and can override the director. If Madonna drags her feet during post production then trust me, they will send someone else in to finish the editing.
  11. There's no way a studio is gonna let her take a year to edit the film. They'll likely let her oversee the process but rely on a pro.
  12. I honestly could see it happening. Britney is about to have a huge comeback after her conservatorship and now that Madonna is back with Warner, they will make sure she's everywhere.
  13. Exactly. Erotica makes the most sense for October release since it's the anniversary. Didn't the press release for FEL say there are more releases coming later this year?
  14. Anyone else think they'll announce the next release right when FEL deluxe comes out next month?
  15. I hope she didn't waste these remixes just for this performance. We need these released like yesterday!
  16. I'm not mad that she only sang 3 songs. She rehearsed for 2 weeks and it really paid off cause this seems damn near flawless. Rehearsaldonna is back
  17. Straight long hair, no grillz, back to heels, good choreography, fresh remixes, and great vocals. This is the Madonna we've missed.
  18. This is already 100x better than her Maluma performance
  19. I noticed that too. I read earlier that a new song was rumoured to be performed - perhaps this is it?
  20. LOL give it time - videos will start popping up like crazy
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