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  1. frank.war

    Reinvention Tour's version of "Nobody Knows Me" is amazing! And the performance is outstanding as well. Truth Or Dare perfume look... or MDNA Skin look?
  2. frank.war

    I've heard it all before (2007, 2009 [even a Greatest Hits tour was "reported"], 2010, 2016, etc.)
  3. frank.war

    With the "American Life" excerpt. It gives another meaning to and complements "Papa Don't Preach" at the same time, in my opinion. "Shame" or "You Are The One"?
  4. frank.war

    OMG. It's true. I don't actually use it for social networking. Now that I think it over, I use it for listening stats as well :mama007: So, RateYourMusic? Someone?
  5. frank.war

    Let's imagine Madonna wants to dedicate to cinema and other ventures. Many years later, she's back to the stages but with no new studio album, so she will perform a greatest hits tour, something no one would have ever thought she would do in her entire career. Every segment is decade-related, full of music samples of other artists successful in that particular decade (80's, Michael Jackson; 90's, Spice Girls; 2000's, Britney Spears; 2010's, Rihanna, for instance) and so on. The only disadvantage would be that the setlist would consist on many medleys. ACT 1: 1. "Intro": Some clip of her early years with an audio of her young voice from the seventies. 2. "Everybody" 3. "Burning Up" 4. "Like a Virgin" / "Material Girl" 5. "Live to Tell" / "Open Your Heart" 6. "Like a Prayer" 7. "Vogue" ACT 2: 6. "Interlude": A clip of pieces of news about the impact and controversies Madonna has had along the eighties (HIV, LGTB rights, etc.), introducing the nineties 7. "Erotica" / "Deeper and Deeper" 8. "Rain" 9. "Secret" 10. "Take a Bow" 11. "Frozen" / "The Power of Good-Bye" 12. "Ray of Light" / "Beautiful Stranger" ACT 3: 13. "Interlude": A clip with controversies and reception of Madonna's nineties work, introducing the new millenium. 14. "Music" 15. "Don't Tell Me" 16. "Die Another Day" / "Hollywood" 17. "Nothing Fails" 18. "Hung Up" / "Sorry" 19. "Give It 2 Me" / "Celebration" ACT 4: 20. "Interlude": A clip with Madonna's new ventures and how new pop artists have disappeared (would be epic lol) and media ageism against her. 21. "Girl Gone Wild" 22. "Masterpiece" 23. "Living for Love" 24. "Ghosttown" 25. "Song request": every time Madonna confirms a new date for her tour, she offers a poll on the Facebook wall of that event so fans can vote what song they want to be performed there. Obviously they can only choose from songs not included on the setlist. 26. "Interlude": A clip with Madonna's vision on how the world has changed and the incertainties of the future. 27. "Holiday": it features an incredible backdrop full of pics, videos, and art about artists (musicians, dancers, actors, actresses, writers, directors, etc.) from all around the world and eras. This obviously will never happen, but dreams are free
  6. frank.war

    Hi, everybody! I'm a big fan of music (obviously including Madonna ) and I'm very keen on and other music-related social media and/or web pages. For the users that scrobble their songs, what is your account as to follow you (and find some new music as well )? Greetings! (mine is Frank_War)
  7. Well, Lady Gaga is no longer relevant. Why should Madonna spend more time on her? She already was very immature with things such as "Lady Who", "take that, Lady Gaga!" and singing "Born This Way" along with "Express Yourself". I know it's all about marketing (obviously Madonna doesn't hate her), but I think that's enough. A duet would be unnecesary.
  8. frank.war

    We all know that Madonna intended to release Rebel Heart as a double-album but due to the leaks and whatnots, she had to release a porpourri of songs in one or two discs. You can tell she really worked in this album, and the idea of Rebel and Heart divided always intriged me. So, without leaving aside any of the songs she chose for the final album, I have made up a tracklist that, in my opinion, would have been awesome for the Rebel + Heart concept. What are your thoughts? Of course you've got better ideas about it. Share them with me!
  9. I'm still surprised Madonna hasn't worked with Xenomania. They have created incredibly artistic pop songs! Madonna would have another acclaimed album, or another classic single (she hardly needs!) Listen to some of the songs they have produced:
  10. frank.war

    Hay una demo de Spanish Lesson del año 2007 que se filtró hace un tiempo. Incluye letras alternativas y una producción un tanto diferente. Link de descarga Hay algunas demos desconocidas de la era MDNA, las que se pueden observar en una "pizarra de progreso" de una foto de Nicki Minaj y Madonna. IDGA --> I Don't Give A GAYL --> Give Me All Your Luvin' TUTR --> Turn Up the Radio IWBU PACIFIC LAP DANCE I WISH I FILM