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  1. danielsevilla

    Not anymore, it was some of these tickets from the balcony... the ones that are for 6 pax for €200. It was on bol.pt
  2. danielsevilla

    There are some tickets for tomorrow on sale now... đŸ™đŸ»đŸ€žđŸ»
  3. danielsevilla

    I am going to Lisbon for the 22nd & 23rd shows... 😞
  4. All the "SEX" book editions sealed.
  5. danielsevilla

    Hi! Selling my Lisbon ticket for the 22nd, 1ÂȘ Plateia Seat A19. PM if you are interested
  6. Hi, I won tickets but I cannot attend. Anybody interested in? PM, please.
  7. danielsevilla

    PM please!
  8. danielsevilla

    FRONT ROW B 14 here for the 1st of March ❀
  9. danielsevilla

    Probably before the 16th... or maybe the 24th đŸ€·đŸ»â€â™‚ïž
  10. danielsevilla

    I have the feeling that more dates for Lisbon will be announced. My presale ticket for Lisbon is still available on my Icon Profile.
  11. danielsevilla

    Same vibes here ❀
  12. danielsevilla

    Guys, do you think that the tickets Cadeiras de Orquestra: 400 € in Lisbon will be also seated?
  13. danielsevilla

    Nipple Crave
  14. danielsevilla

    Where can I watch it?
  15. danielsevilla

    She is singing backwards: "Be alone and I'd rather be alone".