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  1. Rescue Me (Demanding Dub) ? Edit: Nope, that was already available on CD.
  2. 1. Ray Of Light - 9 2. Fever - 9 3. Amazing - 5 4. Music - 9 5. Vogue - 10 6. La Isla Bonita - 9 7. Looking For Mercy - 8 8. Over and Over - 8 9. Erotica - 10 10. Love Spent - 7
  3. That "Stop & Go Dubs" is EVERYTHING! I will never get tired of that one!
  4. Hi All! Like a lot of fans lately I do not understand her, and I am in a love/hate relationship with her at the moment. But the only thing that it matters to me is to know if she is happy. We do not know that, but if she is happy with all her choices, that's fine with me. We should never forget how many things she has done to entertain us during the last 4 decades, and she is still there. She might not be the best at taking care of her legacy or her social media, but we should never forget how amazing her career has been. Let's try to focus on the topic of this thread, her possible collaboration with Pat. I am not extremely excited about this, as we know that usually her collaborations with previous producers have not been as great as the first one, but maybe with Pat that could be different... who knows? I guess all this time looking back has maybe inspired her to go back to her roots. It will be interesting to hear a collaboration with Pat again, but I would love her to work with other new people, like as someone said, Brian Eno. She just needs to focus on her creativity side and stop trying to sound like the rest of artists and stop all these featurings. But once again, if she happy making that type of music I am happy. I can always revisit other albums and enjoy them. She is an artist and that's her evolution, if I don't like Madame X, I don't have the right to say she is downgrading her art, she is simply evolving into a different type of artist. We are all growing, and she can't please all of us. I just want her to be happy, she deserves it.
  5. It is a good store, but the guy is a DIVA
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