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  1. To provide balance: Jessica is so sweet she was removed from the Celebrity Big Brother House in the UK for racist statements.
  2. Shed do well to bid rid of him. I haven’t criticised a single element of M’s performance or appearance the other night and have no intention of doing so. I have reserved my ire for the architects of the ridicule she now faces for months of staggeringly awful facial and bodily reconstructions on her Instagram. He has done her no favours and todays offerings are the worst I have ever seen from him. If he doesn’t dial it back or, preferably, stop he’ll be putting out pics of her looking like a fucking fetus.
  3. I watched the performance. I have made no criticism of her physicality, no mention of her styling, no derisory comments about her vocal or performance capabilities. I’m hardwired to avoid speculating about any possible medical or chemical reasons for her recent behaviour. We can’t possibly no so I can’t possibly begin to try. However her team’s insistence on perpetuating this preposterous retouching and reshaping of her is now, I believe, insulting. We know what she looks like - we saw it. These fantasy recreations of a long gone Madonna must assume us all to be fools. This is the thing that riles me. I wish to God they would either show her as she is or not at all. This is precisely why the reality vs the fantasy comes as such an arresting shock when we see it. It’s simply laughable right now.
  4. Please don’t think I’m challenging you, I’m not. Plenty of people seem convinced that she is abusing alcohol, opioids or both but beyond some erratic behaviour of late why are some people so convinced there can be no alternative explanation?
  5. I wish I knew what to think or feel having now seen it. For the first time in all the years of following her I feel lost in terms understanding quite what the future holds for her and her fan base. I just hope she’s happy, that’s my overriding sentiment right now.
  6. Fingers crossed for Julia Garner. I remarked to my mother that she was perfect to play Madonna after seeing her in Ozark and before the biopic was even announced. I know dance and vocal talents are big considerations but as for acting talent she is head and shoulders above Natalia in my opinion.
  7. I have never taken drugs. I have autism and my brain chemistry is funky enough without chemical assistance however I'm not a puritan and references to such in media don't bother me in the slightest. However.... This is a woman who wrote a song cautioning against the use of drugs and alcohol to chase a pseudo state of spiritual enlightenment and that genuine ascetism was the only path to true gnosis and with the chemical route being the road to ruin. She, for the longest time, was the most interesting, insightful, eloquent and formidable persona in pop. I remember watching the Nightline interview way back when in defence of JML and she was untouchable. I remember thinking 'this is why I fucking love you' - she was inspiring and inspired. 'So lucky me...' my favourite 'Madonna being glib moment' of all time. Sure she's been zany, goofy, cranky, oddball - the whole gamut of the human condition and most of us here most likely lived all those moments with her but there was always sustained periods of unrivalled brilliance on the whole. Lately it seems the brilliance is waning and she's floundering in a sea of odd decisions and bizarre online activity. I know she's seizing the opportunities afforded her by a viral hit on Tik Tok and so she should but it's just a shame it all seems so cheap and meaningless right now.
  8. Ultimately it won’t. I’m simply referring to the present time.
  9. She’s free to do as she pleases. I’ve been there from the beginning and I’ll be there at the end come what may. However the longer this persists the less likely I am to ever want to hear Frozen for some considerable time and for me that’s the disappointing thing. Frozen is a masterpiece and to see any part of it surrounded by such infantile dross as she recently posted is tragic.
  10. The more I watch it the more it moves me. Aside from the fact the song already has done emotional significance for me there are some wonderfully tender moments between M and David. An arm across his shoulder, the way he looks at her at one point - you can genuinely see and feel the love between mother and son and it’s delight. A real contrast to some of the zaniness we see from Chez Ciccone sometimes. I would love more of this: gentle, simple and warm.
  11. Never did I think a simple but charming video of a woman and her son singing a song in support of a war ravaged nation would lead to a comment like this? What on earth were you expecting by way of production vales? Why assume she hasn’t donated money privately? She’s been a philanthropist for an age and no doubt many of the causes she donates to remain private affairs between donor and recipient. Of course the clip hasn’t eased the ills of the world. Did you honestly expect that it might? The woman did something to support a cause at the forefront of global consciousness right now. It was simple, sweet and came from a good meaning and well intentioned place on her part. Can we not give her credit where credit is due?
  12. For me, that was perfect. Leave aside the fact it was Madonna it was simply a Mother and Son, sitting by the piano and singing a song (and singing it well) in support of an honourable cause. No gimmicks, no outlandish filters - something sweet and intimate and touching was called for and it’s what she delivered. Well done M! ?? ❤️
  13. I hope she absolutely knocks it out of the park. There’s a lot of big voices taking part in this and we all know M doesn’t have a big voice but neither did Karen Carpenter and she had one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. I’m guessing it will stripped back and intimate, Mother and Son at the piano, if she sings it well (and we know she can) I think it could be quite touching. It’s my favourite song of Elton’s and I know she can do something special with it.
  14. It’s hard to be sure but beneath the song’s title it appears to me it reads ‘something something version’ - I cannot make out the fist two words at all. Makes me wonder if she’s gonna do a version akin to Ellie Goulding or Janet Devlin rather a straight performance of the original song. Could be wrong, some of the words on the page are illegible.
  15. I remember on another forum a wise sage commenting that the highly retouched images of Madonna would lead to future issues. This was back when they first began appearing. Now they have transcended beyond a tweak or two but have become a complete reimagining of her appearance, a virtual Madonna where even the shape of her body, the contours of her face, the size of facial features and more are digitally altered. The member commented that the longer this went on the more reluctant she would be to connect with her fans in the real world, gone would be the interviews, live appearances, candid snaps all hidden behind the veneer of this new, virtual Madonna. The V Magazine shoot clips were the apex of this, it was virtually CGI to my untrained eye. I make no speculation as to her personal issues should any exist. I don’t know her, none of us do but I miss ‘her’. I don’t care what she looks like but as a lifelong fan I loathe to access her world in this complete fantasy image she presents to us. It’s not criticism, I love her and adore her I just miss the real her that’s all. This recent debacle had just proved what happens when she steps out from behind the fantasy and let’s us see her as she truly is. I wish they’d never gone down the route of heavily altering her images. She was, and us, beautiful to me just as she is.
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