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  1. Madonna has never sounded better live than on the Girlie Show tour. Her musical director, Jai Winding, never produced any of her albums so far but he knew how to masterfully handle and resolve the repertoire he had to work with. He had the best musicians available at the time, some of them had been with her since the Virgin Tour. But the great asset was the drummer Omar Hakim, who replaced Jonathan Moffet, who had collaborated with her from the beginning. Jonathan moffet is a legend, but his drumming is perhaps too stiff (just look at the difference between the Blond Ambition Tour and Girlie Show versions of Vogue). The entire tour is a masterclass in live music. Of course, prerecorded bases on almost all the songs but Louis Conte's drums and percussion were decisive to bring that music to life. Masterful from start to finish. Longtime fans greatly miss Jai Winding as music director.
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