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  1. Foreigner

    Virgin tour <3
  2. Foreigner

    Looking For Mercy, the best song of the Madame X area
  3. all the others, sorry

  4. Foreigner

    See it yesterday, we find all the promotional mini videos of Madonna X posted until then
  5. Foreigner

    how many fans who want to listen to the album now have pre-ordered or are going to buy her album? Very rare fans who are limited to download. It's not a link between them that will change the sales results.
  6. Foreigner

    hmmmm I want this album now :p
  7. Foreigner

    The commercialized tracks are not copyrights concerns ? Maybe more than the unpublished tracks. This is a false reason. The problem is the resellers.
  8. Definitively my best EY version is the remix used for video <3
  9. Foreigner

    Ain't No Big Deal by Madonna (Revenge.../Dress You Up/Papa Don't Preach/True Blueb-side) was recorded for her first album, produced by Reggie Lucas in 1982. I think the first is "Revenge", because DYU was released in japan in December 1985