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  1. Terri Joe is a "southern homophobic grandma" character of the TikTok comedian "_Psyiconic_", he/she roasts people who join the live stream. Doja Cat was on it a few weeks back.
  2. Probably a fan-repost who blurred out the fake eyes.
  3. http://www.celebzz.com/madonna-as-she-enjoys-a-night-out-at-the-nice-guy-with-a-mystery-man-in-los-angeles/ New photos out in LA. Warning: Ricardo is wearing grills and looks awful
  4. Agreed but I doubt Madonna edits her pictures herself. It's her yes men telling her to her face she looks great then trying to "fix" everything with photoshop and filters afterward because they know she looks a mess.
  5. I actually think her legs look great with some extra weight. It's only the fake butt that looks fucking weird.
  6. Ricardo or whoever is editing her pictures is the worst. The waist in the edited picture is not humanly possible and looks ridiculous.
  7. Ricardo makes too much money not to edit important shit like this out, he probably doesn't even know how to use actual Photoshop - just these stupid selfie apps. Hire me Queen! I'll have you looking right
  8. Faceapp is terrible. You can see it struggling to edit her eyes under the shades and creating a fake eyeball that looks wonky. It often does the same to her grills thinking they're stained teeth. Fix it Jesus!
  9. Can one of y'all message Madonna's team to recommend her try Circle Lens, they'll make her eyes & pupils look bigger and balance out her current face. They're common with Korean popstars.
  10. These pictures don't look human close up.....it's like they're using a Asian Doll face filter to slim her whole head down.
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