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  1. Thats actually not too far off. Embedded microchips are next.
  2. PaperFaces

    Whats the idea behind trying to discredit someone or prove them wrong. In public. Can you let it go. If hes wrong or lying, then move on. Whatever it is youre trying to prove, no one cares about. Ive had it with discussions turning into wars between people who have never met. Theyre just tidbits of info. if theyre untrue or someone's lying, it doesnt affect how my day goes. Can you use your energy toward something more productive, please?
  3. The video does have a Basquiat feel to it. This song is classic Madonna.
  4. PaperFaces

    Yeah, Dark Ballet shouldve been released this week and either another track next week (or none) and have Dark Ballet be the last preview track. But I dont get why the 2-week gap.
  5. PaperFaces

    @LindebergBoy, the best way to put a stop to people calling out is to stop responding to them. Just post your info, and let people react how they want. Don't. Take. The bait. Besides, no one wants to read pages and pages of two people arguing. I appreciate the info you provide.
  6. The video isnt late. A song used to be sent to radio...3-4 weeks later we'd get a video...a week or two after that, we'd get a cd single....a week after that, the cd-maxi. Nothing is "late". Define "late".
  7. Everything is either a massive success or a flop. Anything in between is ignored or viewed as "wasted". It's ok to have grey areas. It's ok to be "in-between". Why can't something have its own value without being compared to something, or meet outside expectations? Besides, as Madonna once said: "Not everything has to be "Vogue"."
  8. And what's with all these declarations of FLOP! when the video has been out for less than 24 hours? This whole culture of how everything has to be instantaneous or it has no value is really starting to get weird. Holy Shit. lol!
  9. PaperFaces

    Agreed. This shoudlve been the album cover. Wow!
  10. Why is everyone so impatient? Jesus! You cant have it all at once. Give them time.
  11. I have a feeling the audio mixing might have something to do with the way she sounded on TV. A reporter friend of mine was there and she said she sounded just fine, and definitely not like what the media is out to make it.
  12. Madonna is a vehicle for a message, and thats exactly what she did: deliver a message. Her performance was different in tone in comparison to the other contestants because of the message conveyed. It`s like she literally woke people up: everyone feels unsure what to do with her performance, her vocal delivery, her song choice. I mean, bringing Madonna (a political and opiniated artist to begin with) in in the first place is going to be a contrast to song contest participants. Im glad she has an opinion, isnt afraid to express it (most pop artists do not and dont even know that that is what pop music is supposed to do). The contrast between Like a Prayer and Future is interesting as well: a song "just like a dream" versus a call to "being woke"...come on! See the clarity in her message. I think she does. And she sang the way she has always sung: with heart. Blonde Ambition has some cringe-worthy vocals. But that is not how we remember or preceive them today. And that goes for alot of what Madonna does. From the accusations of working with trendy producers (said about Erotica/Ray of Light/Hard Candy,...) to pulling stunts for publicity (Superbowl, Britney kiss, SEX book), to cultural appropriation (Vogue, Madame X, Shanti/Ashtangi)... it`s the same every single time; NOISE. BACKGROUND NOISE. And despite the fact she seems to be one of the few artists we love to dump all these lavish accusations on, she sticks to her guns, her light, her vision. How many of us can say the same?
  13. PaperFaces

    Id rather Madonna’s music be divisive than praised across the board. People who stir up these types of reactions are usually on to something.
  14. Some people have a different recollection of her Blonde Ambiition vocals than i do. Some of those were alot worse than this. i thought she sounded great!! loved future.
  15. She sang LAP the way she she has always sung it. With heart. i really enjoyed the performance.