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  1. PaperFaces

    Those who find the typewriting scenes excessive or repetitive, I saw it more as her typing the same thing over and over again. All of it as a metaphore for "how many times do we have to say it?". "How many times do we need to go through it?". Over and over again.
  2. PaperFaces

    Why isnt this video up for purchase on ITunes? The others were almost right away.
  3. PaperFaces

    It’s crazy how her visuals always give an already powerful song an even bigger kick.
  4. PaperFaces

    Bravo, Madonna!!! This is what she’s supposed ti be doing as an artist. way to go!!!
  5. PaperFaces

    I already thought the song was powerful. This just takes it to new heights. holy. Fuck.
  6. PaperFaces

    Holy Thunderfuck!!!
  7. PaperFaces

    Thats because charts are a freaking joke now. A freaking joke. Considering what theyre based on.
  8. PaperFaces

    Radio will come up with an excuse not to play it anyway. Might as well be because it’s about gun control this time. Radio is formulaic. This album is not. It’s a shame as it could do wonders to reshape pop music a little and give it a much-needed kick in the ass. Watch pop stars start to be a bit more opiniated and experimental from now on. Just watch.
  9. Hopefully more experimentation with Mirwais. Mike Dean is fine, but he is the pop version of Orbit on this album.
  10. I would love for her to release the instrumentals of this album. That could've been the second cd on the Super Deluxe.
  11. PaperFaces

    Im not gonna stream something a thousand times so she can get a hit. She doesnt need them anymore. She’s Madonna. She’s beyond radio and streaming. Her status, her effect, her music, her message, her impact is there. No matter what. Good Luck hearing Ed Sheeran in 10 years. Charts do not dictate success. Thats why we can have albums like Madame X where there are zero fucks to give about what people have to say or what will chart.
  12. People wouldve had similar reactions to Erotica would it be released today.
  13. Her album is alot more experimental than his, though. But yeah, im surprised she didnt at least beat him the UK.
  14. Maybe she would sell more records if interviewers would focus the discussion on the music as opposed to motherhood and where she lives. Talk about the music, damn it! Talk about the songs, the producers, the songwritting, the meaning behind the songs. Not how it feels to be a mother at 60. Good God!
  15. PaperFaces

    1- Dark Ballet 2-God Control 3- Crave 4- i Dont Search i Find 5- Looking for Mercy