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  1. Frank

    I love to see the creative process. These little bits are great to look at.
  2. Frank

    I have no idea. Maybe it's just EU. I'm in Spain and it does ship here.
  3. Such a beautiful cover. And the picture inside is gorgeous with the sax!!!!!.
  4. Frank

    That's simple yet beautiful! Preordered!!!!!!.
  5. Just bought it!!! Way better Q and bitrate than the YouTube one, it's gorgeous!!!!!! <3
  6. Will it be for sale on iTunes???
  7. LOL. I opened it on another window so i stop seeing it beside the video. Gives me headache.
  8. She made us think the live event would go on at 6 pm with the questions and then at 6:30 pm the video...
  9. She said on Insta 6 pm London tho, not 6:30 pm...
  10. Frank

    Waiting for the premiere!!!!! <3
  11. Frank

    Seating. The seats are numbered.
  12. Frank

    BILHETES Cadeiras de Orquestra: 400 € 1ª Plateia (AA A L): 300 € 2ª Plateia: 200 € Balcão Central: 125 € Balcão Lateral: 90 € Camarotes de 1ª Frente: 200 € Camarotes de 1ª Lado: 125 € Camarotes de 2ª Frente: 200 € Camarotes de 2ª Lado: 90 € Frisas: 125 € Galeria: 75 €
  13. Frank

    Loving the new pics!!!!!!.
  14. Frank

    Guys, don't worry. I find it hard to believe that it won't be an online sale. Most probably will have it. Good luck to all of u. I'm still shaking with excitement. Ok, so who's going on Saturday 18????? ;-) *_*
  15. Frank

    Yay!!!! Got 'em!!!!! I'll be there 18/01!!!!!!!!!!!.
  16. Frank

    Good luck everybody, and congrats to everyone getting tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  17. Frank

    That's how Lisbon is gonna be.
  18. Frank

    The general sale.
  19. Frank

    It must be 16-18-19, it can't be 23 and 26 London starts... The ICON presale is gonna be on link directly, with a code too.
  20. Frank

    Congrats guys!!!!.
  21. No idea. This very same tiny clip is the only one all over instagram.